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Halifax County, NC Early Records


The county was formed in 1758 from Edgecombe County. It was named for George Montague-Dunk, 2nd Earl of Halifax, President of the Board of Trade from 1748 to 1761 (Halifax, Nova Scotia was also named after him).
In 1774 the southeastern part of Halifax County was combined with part of Tyrrell County to form Martin County.


Records collection submitted by Jamison Graff

Paul Heinegg traces the mulatto Goins families of Halifax Co NC to Thomas Going of Greensville Co VA and his wife Sarah Jones, for whom he proposes 4 sons: Frederick, Drury, H(e)artwell, and Jerry. Other genealogists see Jerry as a shortening of Jeremiah, a name used by some of his grandsons.

1810 Census (Locality not stated)
Thomas Going. 6 free colored persons.
1820 Census (Halifax)

P148L15. Drew Goings. 8 male fcp <14 14-25="" 1="" 26-44.="" 26-44="" fcp="" female="" male="" span="">

P148L34. Fred’k Goven. 2 male fcp <14 14="" 1="" 26-44="" 3="" 45="" fcp="" female="" male="" span="">
1830 Census (Locality not stated)

P303. A.B. Govan. 1 male slave 55-99.
P306. Sally Going. 3 male fcp 10-23, 1 female fcp<10 10-23="" 1="" 36-54.="" fcp="" female="" span="">

P318. Drew Going. 1 male fcp<10 10-23="" 1="" 2="" 36-54="" fcp="" female="" male="" span="">

Pg 322. Addison Going. 1 male fcp 10-23, 1 female fcp 24-35

1840 Census (Locality not stated)

P2L-1. Sally Gowins Jnr. 2 female fcp 10-23, 1 female fcp 55-99.

P3L15. Sally Gowins Sr. 1 female fcp 10-23, 1 female fcp 55-99.

P3L16. Berry Gowin 1 male fcp <10 1="" 24-35="" 36-54="" 3="" fcp="" female="" in="" involved="" male="" navigation="" of="" person="" span="" waterways.="">

P4L11. Fedric [sic] Gowen. 1 male fcp <10 10-23="" 1="" 2="" 36-54.="" 36-54="" 3="" 6="" agriculture.="" fcp="" female="" in="" male="" persons="" span="">

P14L17. Jerry Gowins. 1 male fcp <10 10-23="" 1="" 24-35="" agriculture.="" fcp="" female="" in="" male="" person="" span="">


1850 Census
Jerry Goens, dwelling 354

·       Jerry Goens 43 m farmer, $64 real estate
·       Lavinia Goens 43 f
·       Mary Monford 13 f
·       Josh Monford 12 m
·       Caroline Goens 10 f
·       Anderson Goens 8 m
·       Hilliard Goens 7 m
·       Henry Goens 6 m
·       Saphony Goens 2 f
·       Emma Goens 4 f
·       Lem Goens 4 m

All mulatto, all born Halifax.
Dan Goens, dwelling 422
·       Dan Goens 65, m, farmer
·       Harriet Bauser, 30

Both mulatto, both b Halifax. 

Julia Goens, dwelling 468
·       Kinchen Toney 65 m farmer $140 real estate
·       Julia Goens 35 f [transcribed as Gaeng]

Both mulatto, both born Halifax.
Berry Goens, dwelling 476
·       Berry Goens 40, m, miller
·       Isah Goens 12, m
·       Tempy Goens 3, f
·       Frances Goens 10, f

All mulatto, b Halifax.
Jobe Goens, dwelling 477

·       Jobe Goens 30 m boatman b Halifax [possibly “Jabe” or even “John”]
·       Polly Goens 38 f b Halifax
·       Aderline Lones 17 f b VA
·       Robet Jones 23 m b Halifax
·       Cosby Goens 4 m b Halifax

All mulatto.
Polly Goens, dwelling 478
·       Polly Goens 30
·       Almeter Goens 10
·       Wm Goens 6
·       Long Goens 4
·       Henry Goens 1

All mulatto, b Halifax.
Preery Goens, dwelling 517

·       Preery Goens 47 f, farmer $1000 real estate [possibly “Prury”]
·       John Jarrell 21 m
·       Aderline Jarrell 17 f
·       Nat Jarral 15
·       Edmund Jarral 12

All mulatto, b Halifax.
Frances Goens, dwelling 534
·       James Mills, 33, mm, Farmer, $40 real estate
·       Louisa Bauser, 33, mf
·       Frances Goens, 13, mf 

1860 Census

Polly Goings, Western District, Littleton, dwelling 48
·       Polly Goings 40 f
·       William Goings 16 m fireman
·       Nathaniel Goings 3 m

All mulatto, all b NC.
Plura Going, Western District, Littleton, dwelling 82

·       Plura Going 50 mf farmer $200 real estate b VA
[living alone]

Jerry Going, Western District, Littleton, dwelling 292
·       Jerry Going 51 m farmer
·       Louvenia Going 50 f spinner
·       Caroline Going 20 f spinner
·       Anderson Going 18 m farm lab
·       Hilliard Going 16 m farm lab
·       Henry Going 13 m
·       Lemuel Going 12 m
·       Emma Going 12 f
·       Safronia Going 11 f
·       James Going 10 m
·       Margarett Going 9 f
·       Jeramiah Going 8 m
·       Louann Going 3 f
·       Joshua Monford 21 m “train hand” [transcribed as “farm hand”]

All mulatto, all born North Carolina.
Frederick Going, Western District, Littleton, dwelling 328

·       Frederick Going 66 mm farmer $100 real estate $148 personal estate b VA
·       Roda Going 70 mf spinner b NC

Henry Going, Western District, Littleton, dwelling 350
·       Henry Going 45 m farmer.$560 real estate $207 personal estate, cannot read/write
·       Mary Going 26 f  spinner, cannot read/write
·       Madd Going 7 m
·       Henry Going 5 m
·       Sarah Going 3 f

All b NC. 

Mary Going, Western District, Brinkleyville, dwelling 425
·       Jas J Lynch 20 mm farm lab, $40 personal estate, cannot read or write
·       Emerline Lynch 23 mf spinner, cannot read or write
·       Mary Going 6 bf [occupation illegible]

All born NC.
Hamlin Going, Western District, Weldon, dwelling 20
·       Hamlin Going 8 mm b NC

[living alone]

1832 Halifax Co NC Court May Term Please and Quarter Sessions

The following Deeds, Deeds in trust, and bills of sales &c were exhibited in open Court and duly proved or acknowledged…

·       Deed Fred'k Goin to James Shaw proved by Thos. C. Willis.
Ordered that the following persons be paid by the County for services…

·       Hartwell Going, his ticket, State vs the same, Four 43/100 Dollars…

·       Fed Going, his ticket, State vs the same, Four 43/100 Dollars


Halifax Co NC Marriage Records to 1870
Adeline Goens m Freeman Thompson, 01 Dec 1852, Halifax Co NC,

Henry C Goings m Roan Jefferson 22 Dec 1866, Halifax Co NC,
 “Hjesse” W. Goan m Ralinda F Arrrington 29 Nov 1860, Halifax Co NC, [originals available at make clear the husband is Jesse Green, not Goan]

Jane Goings and Peter Baker, mrg lic, bondsman Jno. Edwards, 23 Dec 1858, Halifax Co NC,; married 24 Dec 1858,

Julia Going and Lawson Jones, mrg lic, 08 Feb 1833, bondsman Gideon H Allen, Halifax Co NC,

Francis Gowin and William Jones, mrg lic, bondsman W. Wiliams, 24 Sep 1836, Halifax Co NC, Another record at this site seems to be an alternative reading of this one, with Frances Going marring Wm Jones on 27 Sep 1856, Halifax Co NC,

Mary Going m Gideon H Allen, Halifax Co NC, 23 Apr 1833.

Sally Goins and Guilford Mills, mrg lic, bondsman John Jordan, 13 Jan 1834, Halifax Co NC, [the 1850 census shows them with a 7yo son Isham Mills, possibly indicating that Guilford is the son of the Isham Mills who bought land from Frederick Goins in 1836, cf.]

Information about pre-1870 Goins from Halifax Co Death Records
Becky Going. Byrd Jeffres, age 80y4m, colored, farmer, widow, b Halifax Co NC, d 05 Jul 1930 Littleton, Halifax Co NC; s/o John Jeffres and Becky Going, both b Halifax Co NC, [20yo Bird appears in 1870 in the household of John Jeffries, 61, and Rebecca Jeffries, 48, dwelling 168 at Etrusia, Halifax Co NC; the couple were already married in the 1850 census. On 13 Apr 1890, Rebecca, 62yo, appears to remarry to Aaron Mills, 77, at Littleton, Halifax Co NC, per, North Carolina, Marriage Records, 1741-2011]
Easter Goins, colored widow, d/o Randal Lockett and Sallie Long, b Halifax Co NC, d 26 Mar 1932 Littleton, Halifax Co NC,  [Appears as Esther,b Mar 1855, w/o Jerry Goins, b Dec 1850, at Littleton, Halifax Co NC, dwelling 220, in 1900, both mulatto.]

Malissia C Goins, 75yo, colored, widow, b Halifax Co NC, d 21 Apr 1939 Littleton, Halifax Co NC,

Halifax. 03 Jul 1909. Hillard Gowen, 73yo of Littleton. Enlisted A Co 14th NC 15 Jan 1862. Shot in ankle  at Gettysburg Apr 1863. Signed own name. The examining physician confirmed his gunshot wound and found he was less than 75% disabled. Written on the form submitted by the Halifax County pension board is “Colored !! Did he enlist?!!!” The pension was approved (“4th class”). [The 14th did fight at Gettysburg and suffered a 20% casualty rate, but I have not found any record for this man in the Fold3 Compiled Service Records, and he does not appear in the 14th regiment’s listing in the Roster of North Carolina Troops in the War between the States.]

 Hillard was living with his father Jerry before the war (1860 Census, Western District, Littleton post office, Halifax Co NC, dwelling 292). 

 In 1870 he was living in "Etrusia Township," a short-lived entity created by the Reconstruction commissioners, with his wife Adelia (dwelling 76).

• Hillard Gowins 26, mm, farmer, $80 real estate, $12 personal estate

• Itelia Gowins, 24, mf, K.H

• Emma Gowins, 1 mf

All b NC, none can read or write.

In 1900 we find the family in Littleton Twp, dwelling 220:

Hiliard Goings 57, h, mbm, b Jan 1848, married 18 yrs, farmer

Adelia Goings 42, w, mbf, b Jun 1853, married 18 yrs, mother of 7 children of whom 7 living

·       John G Goings 20, s, sbm, b Jun 1879, farm lab

·       Charles Goings 14, s, sbf, b June 1885, farm lab

·       Elizabeth Goings 48, d [sic], sbf, b May 1852, farm lab

Home owned with mortgage. None can read or write. All born NC, parents b NC.

 1910 Census Littleton, Halifax, North Carolina, dwelling 168.

• Hilliard Goins 70, h, mmm, married 20yrs, general farmer on own account

• Elisabeth Goins 65, w, mmf, married 20yrs, mother of 3 children of whom 2 living, wage earning farm hand on home farm [sic]

Both married 20 years and in their first marriage [seems untrue], both b NC pa b NC.


Another Confederate veteran, Thomas R Goin, who died 12 Oct 1862, is commemorated in the Weldon Confederate Cemetery on a marker for those who died at the Wayside Hospital there. His compiled service record indicates he was in Company I of Holcombe's Legion, raised in Spartanburg, NC, where his widow Mary Ann Goin received her widow's benefits; a letter from the Quarter Master's clerk indicates that he was found laying outside one morning, having apparently been too ill to reach the hospital from the train (

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