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Caswell County, NC Early Records

Caswell County, NC Map Submitted By Cindy Young. Click On Picture To Enlarge Image.

Records Collected by Cindy Young

Caswell County, North Carolina was formed from the northern part of Orange County in 1777. It is bounded on the West by Rockingham County, Person County on the East, Orange and Alamance Counties on the South, and State of Virginia on the North, Pittsylvania and Halifax Counties, Virginia.

Caswell County, North Carolina Tax List 1777, 1780, 1784
By T.L.C. Genealogy

Page 4
1777-Caswell District
GOWIN, JESSE n/a, n/a, n/a, n/a, 0

Page 12
1777-Richmond District
GOWIN, ALEXANDER n/a, n/a, n/a, n/a, 0
GOWIN, JOHN n/a, n/a, n/a, n/a, 0

Images of 1777 Tax List Submitted By Shirley Ann Barham Include a Daniel and Sythia Gowin.
See Shirley's Family's Timeline in the Comments Sections Below for This County.

More Records from Cindy Young

Page 35
1780-Richmond District
GOING, JESSE n/a, n/a, n/a, n/a, 139.16.0
GOING, JOHN n/a, n/a, n/a, n/a, 295.11.4
GOING, SUFFIAH n/a, n/a, n/a, n/a, 4546.17.8

Page 67
1784-St. Lawrence District
GOING, GUTRICK 1, 0.175, Cane Creek 158.6.8

Page 70
1784- St. Luke’s District
GAINS, EDWARD 1, 0.100, Hico Waters 133.6.8

Surname, Given name. White polls, Black polls. Number of acres, location of property, property valuation. { Property valuation is listed as £.shillings. pence.}

The following records were found at the North Carolina State Archives in Raleigh, NC, July 2012
                     submitted by Elizabeth Carruth

Caswell County List of Taxables, Volume 1, NC State Archives, Raleigh NC

1784 St Lawrence District  
Going, Gutrich    175 acres  Cane Creek   1 white poll   - black polls    amt. of property 158.6.8

1785 St Lawrence  Dist
Going, Goodrich       1 white poll       - slaves      175 acres     total value  158.6.8

1786  St Lawrence Dist
Gowing, Guthridge   1 white        - black      175 acres    
Gowing, William      1 white        - black           - acres

1787  St Lawrence District
Gutrich Going         175 acres       1 white poll      - black  polls

Caswell County List of Taxables, Volume 2, NC State Archives, Raleigh NC

1788 St Lawrence District
Going, Gutridge   175 acres   2 white  0 black                                                 

1789 St Lawrence District
Going, Goodrich    - acres      1 white
Going, William      - acres      1 white

1790 St Lawrence District
Going, Gutridge    0 acres  2 white  0 black                                                        

The following records were found in the Loose Records for Caswell County, NC State Archives,
         Raleigh NC

Folder 1 - 1779-1780
1779­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­  Richmond District  “Inventory of the Taxable property Richmond District 1779”
       dated 28/29 Octo 1779      see photos below
First page: Atkinson, Roger  “248 acres Going”  (appears to be land formerly owned by Goings)

“G” page:        Going, Widow  Horses  L 350/-/-
                        20 Cattle    200/-/-
                        4 Horses  (see above)
                        8 negroes of which 4 is under 10   4400/-/-
                        112 Dollars 15/- Silver    45/11/-
                                                (Total)    4995/11.-
             Going Allexr.                        
                        1 Horse  L (100)/-/-
                        (2) Cattle     20/-/-
                        L 122.9.0    122/9/-  

“P & G” page:   Going, Daniel  Horses 470/-/-
                           546 1/4 Dollars     218/10/-
                           3 Horses   (see above)
                           3 Cattle          30/-/-
                           7 Fellow   700/-/-
                                                (Total)     1418/10/-

Going, John      Horses  700/-/-
                          2  Horses  (see above)
              7 Dollars  2/16/-

Richmond District, Caswell County NC   1779

From Loose Tax Records, Caswell County NC, State Archives, Raleigh NC  

1780 Richmond District   “A List of Taxable Property Return’d by the Inhabitants of Richmond District for the year 1780”         see photo

“A” page:   Atkinson, Roger List      Land on Dan River etc.  Gowings, Mayo’s, Lumkin’s, Hollins,
            Shackelfords – supposed to be 2050 acres

EFG” page:
Gowing, Suffiah, 4 Negroes above 10 & under 40 years,
1 between 40 & 50 years & Ditto under 5 yr. 
                        6 head of horses & 8 head of Cattle
Cash in hand L  336..7.8                      (total)   4546.17.0

Gowing, Jesse   one mare
                        Cash L19..16                                      (total)     129.16.0

Gowing, John  (3?) head of horses  
                        Cash L6..11..4                                     (total)    206.11.4

Folder 3 -  1784-1786
1784 St Lawrence District
Gowen, Gutridge  175 acres  1 male white “pole”  - Blacks from 12-50   158.6.8 tax for the whole

1785 St Lawrence District
Going, Goodrich  1 white “pole”    - slaves   175 acres of land           158.6.8 total value

1786 St Lawrence District  “A List of the Taxable property of the District of St. Lawrance taken 
          for the year 1786 by (Mr.) T Douglass… signed Thos Douglas”
Gowing, Gutridg  1 /- /175   (white / black / acres)
Gowing, William  1 /- /-

More records submitted by Cindy Young

Caswell County, North Carolina Deeds 1777-1817
By Katherine K. Kendall

Page 3l
Deed Book A, Page 38
25 Nov. 1775
John Dismukes of Orange County to Samuel Paul, for 100 lbs, 311 acres on both sides Moon’s Creek a part of larger tract granted unto William Gladen the 7 June 1761 which Gladen sold to ALEXANDER GOING the 7 April 1762. Wit: Samuel Haynie, Obadiah Holloway, James Stringer, Ephraim Dismukes.

Page 8
Deed Book A, Page 116
27 Mar. 1779
James Roberts of Pittsylvania County, Virginia to John Ingram of North Carolina, for 100 lbs, 311 acres on both sides Moons Creek, a part of 623 acres deeded to William Glading by Earl Granville and sold by Glading to WILLIAM GOING and GOING to John Wood, and by Wood to James Roberts and by him to Ingram. Wit: Will Tunstall, John Cox, Charles Calaway, Hugh James, Fred Hix, Saml Roberts, Jacob Hubbard, John Hubbard, Thos Bucknell, Daniel Willson, George Hundley, Wm. Quine, Richd Pigg, Wm. Witcher.

Page 17
Deed Book A, Page 279
18 Sept. 1779
Samuel Paul of Caswell County to William Leak of same, for 300 lbs, 230 acres on both sides Moon’s Creek, part of a larger tract granted to William Gladding 7 June 1761 and which Gladden sold to ALEX GOWEN on 17 April 1762. Wit: Hezekiah Fanning, Robert Paul, William Leek.

Page 61
Deed Book C, Page 3
1 Nov. 1784
James Fletcher of Caswell County to GOODRICH GOING, for 112 lbs, 175 acres on Cain Creek part of larger tract granted Fletcher by State adjoining Thos Miles, James Robertson, Arch Murphey’s line. Wit: Archd Murphey, D. Mackfort, William Smith.

Page 64
Deed Book C, Page 66
10 Jan. 1785
James Fletcher Junior of Caswell County to William Smith of same, for 200 lbs, 308 acres on middle prong of Cain Creek adjoining Thomas Miles, GOODRICH GOING, James Robinson, Rachel Gold, Archd Campbell. Wit: Archd Murphey, Richd Currier.
Page 89
Deed Book E, Page 49
10 July 1786
James Robinson (Robertson) of Caswell County to Frederick Deboe of same, for 50 lbs. 67 ½ acres on Cain Creek of Hico adjoining GUTRIDGE GOING, Deboe’s line. Wit: Ad. Murphey.

Page 101
Deed Book E, Page 252
25 Oct. 1787
William Smith of Caswell County to Patrick Carnal of same, for 160 lbs., 280 acres on middle fork Cain Creek, adjoining Carnal’s line, GOODRICH GOING, James Robertson, Rachel Gold. Wit: Ad Murphey, H. Haralson.

Page 101
Deed Book E, Page 257
6 Dec. 1787
Moses Walker of Caswell County to Robert Brooks of same, for 20 lbs., 30 acres east side Castle Creek adjoining Atkinson. Wit: JOHN GUIN, Artha Brooks.

Page 110
Deed Book F, Page 153-4
4 Jan. 1789
GUTRIDGE GOING of Caswell County to Stephen Oliver of same, for 100 lbs., 175 acres on Cain Creek adjoining Patrick Carnal, James Robertson, Archibald Murphey. Wit: H. Haralson, Benj. Debo.

Page 121
Deed Book G, Page 59-60
30 June 1790
Roger Atkinson the elder of Dinwiddie County, Virginia to Roger Atkinson, Jr. his son of Chesterfield County, Virginia for 100 lbs., 1330 acres north side Dan River in Caswell County consisting of 2 tracts adjoining each other, 1000 acres conveyed to Atkinson by Mayo by deed 17 Aug. 1778; also 228 acres conveyed by ALEXANDER GOING 1 Aug. 1765 and recorded in Orange County; and 82 acres purchased of Moses Hollis. Wit: Joseph Jones, James Hinton, John Dixon.

Page 123
Deed Book G, Page 94
22 Mar. 1790
William Leak of Caswell County to Charleton Ingram of same, for 300 lbs., 230 acres both sides Moon’s Creek being part of larger tract granted William Gladden 7 June 1761 and which Gladden sold to ALEX GOWEN 7 Apr. 1762. Also signed by Providence Leak. Wit: Wm. Donoho, William Quine.

Page 301
Deed Book Q, Page 118
3 Nov. 1808
Nathaniel Shaw of Pittsylvania County, Virginia to William Dix of same, for $25, 17.75 acres north side Dan River on State line adjoining land allotted to George Crittendon of estate of Philip Cox dec’d, Rachel Cox. Wit: Achilles Whitlock, Absolem Shackleford, JESSE GOING, Lewis Cox.

Caswell County, North Carolina Marriage Bonds 1778-1868
By Katherine Kerr Kendall

Page 37
Groom Bride Date Witness
GOIN, JOHN Betsey Hickman 24 Nov 1795 BURBAGE GOING
& William Rainey
GOING, GOODRICH Betsey Matthews 6 Sep 1791 ALLEN GOING
GOING, JESSE Selley Bairding 9 Jun 1784 JOHN GOING
GOING, JESSE Polly Draper 12 Nov 1807 VINCENT GOING
GOING, JOHN Seeley Bairding 9 Jun 1784 JESSE GOING
GOING, SHERWOOD Ruth Bennett 30 Apr 1793 James Gillaspy
GOING, SHERWOOD Betsey Coventon 31 Dec 1804 James Gillaspy

Mathews, Exekial Sarah Cumbo 7 May 1791 ALLEN GOING
Tulloh, William ALSEY GOING 3 Jan 1809 JOHN GOING
Pryor, William HEATY GOING 19 Jul 1803 JESSE GOING
& Nathl. Pass
Loughgin, David LITHE GOING 18 Nov 1783 JESSE GOING
Warf, Roger Betsey Gilaspy 5 Jan 1802 JESSE GOING
Mason, Patrick PATSEY GOING 3 Dec 1790 Zachary Hill
Stephens, George RHODA GOING 28 Jul 1806 Joseph Flippa
Chapman, Richard SALLY GOING 21 Jun 1806 James Vaughan
Marriage Bond for David Loughgin (Logan) and Lithe Going Submitted by Shirley Ann Barham.

See Shirley's Family's Timeline in the Comments Sections Below for This County.

More Records Collection Submitted by Cindy Young

Caswell County, North Carolina Marriage Bonds 1778-1876
By Frances T. Ingmire

GOWIN, RICHARD Polly Bennett 4 July 1807
GOWING, VINCENT Nancy Reed 30 Dec 1806

Caswell County, North Carolina Will Books 1777-1814
By Katherine Kerr Kendall

Page 69
April Court 1800
Book C, Page 446
Deed of Gift: Robert Burton to Wm. B. Burton, gifts of livestock & household furniture for to discharge any debts against his estate. Wit: John McAden, RICHARD GOIN, Richard Kiggins.

Page 98
July Court 1805
Book E, Page 197
Insolvents for 1804 given by Samuel Johnston high Sheriff.

Page 103
July Court 1806
Book E, Page 275
Insolvents for 1804.

Page 141
1784 Tax List
St. Lawrence District
GOING, GUTRICH 175 acres, Cane Creek, 1wp

St. Luke’s District
GOINS, EDWARD 100 acres, Hico Creek, 1wp

Page 126
April Court 1812
Book F, Page 272
Inventory Estate of William Richardson, dec’d, taken 21 Mar. 1812. Bonds due estate from John Dix, SHEROD GOWEN, William Gattis, Joshua Wall, James Ware, Terry Dickerson, Fendal Roland, Ebans Knight, Rich R. Kennon, Wm. Quine, James Paul, John Fargerson, Edmund Richardson, et al.

Caswell County, North Carolina Wills 1814-1843
By Katherine Kerr Kendall

Page 47
Book H, Page 389
28 July 1820
Sales property of Peggy Nealey to: John Lay, Penny Cox, Edward Busey, Robert Ware, Samuel White, Lucinda Dudley, Greenbury Willson, James Swan, Polly Carver, William Walker, Brockman Nichols, Obediah Owen, John Shields, James Burns, Pleasant Voss, Hezekiah P. Smithson, Nathan Duncan, Jesse Abel, Elijah Sims, David A. Browder, Benjamin Loafman, Charles Sims, William Crews, Henry Ruark, Henry Baldwin, Elizabeth Nighton, James Durham, Robert Alverson, John Badget, William Trigg, Major Price, Matthew Mills, Jonathan Foxdale, James Roberts, John Nichols, Peggy Nighton, Peter Stibblefield, David Lay, Thomas Eudaley, Caleb Anglin, John W. Grant, RICHARD GOING, at al.

Page 52
Book I, Page 10
1 Dec 1820
Inventory Estate of Benjamin Norman on 17 July 1820. Note on John Gibson. Sales Estate on 1 Dec 1820 by Westley Norman exec to: Roseman Norman, Brockman Nichols, Hannah Bastin, John Ford, John Bastin, William Crews, Smith Overby, Westley Norman, Nathan Norman, Thomas Bastin, Judith Norman, Thomas Henderson, Peter B. Stubblefield, James Abels, Sally Russell, George Harden, Reuben Cannon, Lewis Whitemore, Caron Norman, RICHARD GOING, et al.

Page 72
Book K, Page 27
List of notes and inventory of estate of Stephen Moore dec’d. Notes on: Edmund Alley, Absolem Amos, Mary Bason, Joel Fogg, Andrew Joyce, John C. Overton, Elias Potter, Joseph Scales, George Tucker, Wm. M. Wall, Lewis White, Phillip Alley, Lyde Bacon, John Baker, Noah Cardwell, Philip Gates, Theophilus Lacy, William Pratt, Elizabeth Phillips, John Seal, Jr., Reuben Thacker, Saml Welsh, William Whitworth, Samuel Ayers, Pleasant Black, Robert Boze, Thomas Dalton, William Goff, Nicholas McMillon, Clement Nance, Thomas Reed, A.M. Scales, Tavender Thacker, Pleasant Webster, Richard Gentry, Richard C. Alley, Chiby Barnes, Henry Botts, David Ellick, Calvin Gossett, Edward Murphey, Charles Plummer, Mark Sharp, Beverly Thacker, John Thacker, Jas Webb, JOHNSON GOWING.

Page 88
Book L, Page 243
JOHN GOIN orphan now age of 11 years bound to Charles Willson.

Page 100
Book L, Page 554
July Court 1830
JOHN GOIN orphan now age of 15 years bound to John J. Oliver.

Page 102
Book S, Page 73
Sale of negroes of Richard R. Kennon dec’d sold by Will B. Swann and C. Strader adm on 12 Aug 1858. A long inventory of bonds. Sales to: Dr. Allen Gunn, Henry Badgett, Joshua Glass, F.B. Blair, John D. Keesee, Hiram A. Wright, J.F. Moses, Sally Mangum, Wm. Lockhart, Samuel H. Smith, Crawford Sledge, George Yates, et al. Largest bonds on S.W. Lanier, G.W. & A.K. Pinnix, Franklin Graves, Evins Cook, Newbill Ratliff, Sanford Lanier, Thomas Hatchett, L.W. GOINS (desperate), David Walker, Smith Overby, et al.

Page 105
Book M, Page 23
July Court 1831
Thomas Bennett-Will-w. 22 Jan. 1831. Sons Dodson and Tarpley Bennett; daughters Nancy Worsham and POLLEY GOIN. Sons John, Mumford, Thomas, William Moore Bennett. Wife Milley to have all estate during her life then divided to 3 youngest children: Eluta Elizabeth Bennett, Louisiana Jackson Bennett, and Edward Warren Bennett. Exec: friend Doctor C. Williams Esq. and William Lyon. Wit: Edward Rudder, Alexander Gillespy, Labon M. Gillespie, James S. Nunnally. William Lyon qualified.

Will of William Richmond 14 April 1832Will Book M Page 222, Caswell Co., North CarolinaContributed by Cindy Horace
In the name of God Amen, I William Richmond Senior of the County of Caswell and the State of North Carolina being in a low state of health but of sound mind and memory blessed be God do this fourteenth day of April in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty two make and publish this my last will and testament in the manner following (viz) Item) I give to my son John Richmond one Negro woman named Judah and her four boys, Romalas, Henry, GOINS, Nash. Item) I give to my son William Richmond five Negrows Sam, Dinah, Barbery, Liza and her child Averline. Item) I give to my son Daniel Richmond five Negrows Sampson, Amy and her child Aziah, Lily and her child Mariah. Item) I give to my son Adams S. Richmond three Negrows Aron fill and Sinah. Item) I give to my daughter Sally Rice one Negrow woman and her five children Francis, Iverson, Jim, Jance and Allin. Item) I give to my grandson Sanders Carney one hundred and fifty dollars. Item) I give to my grandson Smith Carney fifty dollars. Item) my will is that my heirs choose men and have each tol of Negrows valued and then that have the value establish lots pay to the others till all is made equal. Item) my will is that my land be divided amongs my four sons according to quality and quantity. Item) my will is that my servant Ginny have twenty seven dollars out of my estate yearly her lifetime for his support. Item) my will is that all my property not willed away be sold to make up two hundred dollars for my two grandsons before named. Lastly I do appoint my four sons John, William, Daniel and Adam s Richmond executors to this my last will and testament hereby revoking disannulize and making void all other will or wills by me heretofor made ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament in ?? whereof I have set my hand and seal the day and year above written signed sealed in presence of us.
William Benjamin Mattock his mark Richmond Sr. his mark Jos. Langley J. Wiley
Transcribed by Tracy Hutchison
See Hawkins County, TN for the full record for William Going's pension claim.
State of Tennessee
Hawkins County

Personally appeared before me the under signed as Justice of the Peace in & for said County Peter Goings and Agga Goings who being first duly sworn according to law deposith I saith as following towit Agga goings declares that she is about fifty years of age, that she has been well acquainted with the late William Goings as Pensioner of the United States and also with his widow Elizabeth Goings, that the said William and Elizabeth were married in Caswell county North Carolina about the time stated by the said Elizabeth in her said declaration wich is the month of October 1793 and that they ever afterwards lived together as man & wife until the time of said Williams death. Which took place on the 23rd day of august 1827 – and that his said widow has not been married since – And the said Peter Goings states that he has been acquainted with the said William & Elizabeth ever since he was a small boy, applicant being man aged about thirty years, and he believes said William & Elizabeth were married as she states, in Caswell County North Carolina and at the time stated, and ever since he was acquainted with them they lived together as man & wife and were so until?? By their neighbours the said William died in his house in Hawkins County on or about the 23 day of August 1827 – and that his said widow has not been married since the death of her said husband, and further depnant (???) say not.
Agga X (her mark) Goings
Peter X (his mark) Goings
Sworn to & subscribed before me this 8 day of June 1839
David Reynolds JP
Extraction from Nancy Lemmons Testimony on September 25, 1839

On the 25th day of September 1839 testimony was given by Nancy Lemmons stating that she was 69 years old and that she was well acquainted with William and Elizabeth Goings and that she was present when they did get married in Caswell at the house of William Rainey in the month of September or October in the year 1793. She further stated that she lived about twelve miles from the Goings when he died and her husband said that neither one of them could read or write and did not have a family bible and they kept no word of their marriage or births of their children.

Original documents for the above can be viewed at Footnote.
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1810 Census
John GOING Caswell Co, p 477

1850 Census Caswell County, North Carolina
By Mike K. Williams

Page 11
GUIN, JAMES M. 27m, farmer

Page 12
GUIN (or Gunn) RICHARD 63 farmer, VA

GUIN, (or Gunn) JOHN W. 32m, farmer


  1. Digital Library on American Slavery

    Petition 21283309 Details
    Location: Caswell, North Carolina
    Salutation: To the Honorable Judge of the Superior court of Law for Caswell county
    Filing Court and Date: Superior, 1833-February-18
    Ending Court and Date: No Ending Court Specified
    General Petition Information
    Abstract: Andrew Whittington seeks a divorce from his wife Lucy Loftis Whittington for engaging in "criminal intercourse with both whites and mulattos" and for having "three illegitimate children, one of which is a coloured child."
    Document mentions the name of Mulatto NED GOINS
    Result: No recorded result
    # of Petition Pages: 4
    Related Documents: PAR #21283003; Depositions, Lucresay Sprout, ca. 1834; Joseph Whittington, Guilford County, 13 February 1834; Thomas Underwood, ca. 1834; David Clark, M. Arthur, Guilford County, 7 November 1835; Aaron Clymer, Guilford County, 3 November 1834
    Pages of Related Documents: 16

  2. Can ANYONE help me locate where this Samuel Paul (named below) came from? I have been stuck on him for 20 years.....point me in a direction as I have exhausted every Paul name before and after him seemingly.... email:

    John Dismukes of Orange County to Samuel Paul, for 100 lbs, 311 acres on both sides Moon’s Creek a part of larger tract granted unto William Gladen the 7 June 1761 which Gladen sold to ALEXANDER GOING the 7 April 1762. Wit: Samuel Haynie, Obadiah Holloway, James Stringer, Ephraim Dismukes.

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    Born about 1750 died about 1825 Pittylvania County, VA (age 75)

    Children and grandchildren:
    Benjamen Harrison - born about 1773
    Jane Harrison
    Elizabeth Logan - born about 1776
    William Logan
    Jane Logan
    Jane/Jenny Going Bennett - born about 1780
    1. Sarah - born 1800 VA married William Thornton
    2. Lewis - born 1802 VA married Elizabeth _____ died Arkansas
    3. Hazel George - born 1806 NC married Margaret Wise
    died before 1860 Georgia
    4. Martha - born 1810 never married died Georgia
    5. Benjamen Jackson - born 1816 VA married Margaret Harrison died October 1897 Butts Co GA
    6. Thomas T. (Travis ?) - born 1812 VA married Mary ________ died

    1777 Tax Caswell County NC
    Daniel & Sythia Gowin 1486 acres

    Extracted from: Abstracts of Pittsylvania County, VA. Deed 1783-1790, compiled by Gayle Austin
    Page 546
    Gowing from Gowing Deed
    September 24, 1781 between Daniel Gowing of the stat of So Carolina and Suffiah Gowing of P for 30 pounds, a parcel of land containing 400 acres
    Bounded: the county line
    s/ Daniel (X) Gowing
    Wit: James Gillasby, James Landon, William (X) Gilliasby

    1783 November 18 - Caswell County NC Marriages 1778-1868
    Loughlin, David - Litha Going
    Jessie Going, Bondsmen

    1798 May 29 - Pittsylvania County VA Marriages 1786 - 1850 page 25
    Marriage of Jenney Going to Travis Bennett
    Lilly Logan (her mother) signs Certificate

    1808 Caswell County NC
    Litha Logan, buyer - Estate Sale of Phillip Cox

    1817 October 11 - Deed
    Sitha Logan alis Sitha Goins buys 58 acres from Wm. Simm
    bordering property of Sophia Goins dec.
    Pittsylvania County, Virginia

    1800 Pittsylvania County VA Census
    Lythia Logan

    1824/Pro August 21, 1826 Will of Sytha Logan
    Pttisylvania County VA

    1. I was just wondering if you have any additional info on the first daughter of Jane/Jenny Going Bennett, Sarah Bennett and her husband William Thornton? I am trying to link my great grandmother, Sarah Catherine Thornton (b.1835 VA) with them. I can be reached via