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Wilkes County, GA Early Records

Wilkes County was formed in 1777 from the ceded lands of the Cherokee and Creek Indians.

Records Collection Submitted by Anna Going Friedman

Phillip Going a Wilkes County Freeholder who signed a petition to the Continental Congress in 1777 asking for the removal of General McIntosh from command.
Wilkes County, Georgia Deed Books A-VV 1784-1806 by Michal Martin Farmer
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p. 99 15 Apr. 1786, George Lumpkin and Ann his wife, to Moses Going, all of Wilkes Co., for £19, branches of Buffloco fork of Long Creek,… River, adj. N. by vacant land, E. by …., S. by Vinson Greer, W. by John Lumpkin, 200 acres, granted Lumpkin, 15 Aug. 1785.
Wit: Robert Lumpkin, John King, Jno. Cunningham, J.P.

1787 Returns

[1787 LL] Cap^t Bishop’s Dis^t

044 – Moses Goin
Co – Wil
2nd – 200
3rd – 575

044A (A stands for younger) – Moses Goin
Co – Fra
2nd - 648


Wilkes Co., GA Deed Book DD page 91

Be it known by there presents that I Danil or James Goins of the county of Wilks and State Oforesaid have constituted and appointed William Good of the same state and county My attorney for purposes of transacting diverse business for me in the state of South (North) Carolina vigs for collecting a debt due from Stephen Terry deceased formerly of the county of Craven in South (North) Carolina to Henry Gilbert deceased formerly of Hanover county in Virginia, but last of Amherst county in said state and for whom I am acting Excutor which debt the principle of which is twenty eight pounds of the then current money of Virginia is on bond hearing date twetfh day of ____ly (July?) A. D 1773 for collecting debt due me from Charles Sanders dec’d late of the Co. ____________ and state of South Carolina the principile of which was _____ty one pounds four shillings and eight pence sterling pet___noh (petiton?) bearing date the 23 day of March A. D. on 1785 for taking into possession and dispensing as he shall see cause a negro man of mine by the name _____John, who in the winter of the year 177 ___ty (74 or 84) was left in Camden in the care of _________Alexander_______ to be cured of the frost bitten foot. for paying off a note which I gave said Alexander and Brownfield for their account of ____ured and expenditures on said Negro for compromising it ____the Installment or other wise as he shall think fit for paying ______fusing to pay of compromising as he thinks but the final charge brought against me by said Alexander and Brownfield since the date of my note to them above mentioned and for settling with the said Alexander and Brownfield for the damages I have sustained by the said Negroe John, having been so long with out of my service and finally I do impower the said William Good in my behalf to commence and prosecute or to defend any suit or Suits in ________or equity that may be necessary for Carry into full effect the power surely vested in him and I do by these present declare and obligate myself my heirs ____that anything which the said William Goode shall do by virtue of those present shall be te all _____ _____ purposes as effectualy my act and deed, as if done by me in my _____person in witness where of I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 17th day of July A D 1788

Daniel Goins

Sealed and Acknowledged of John Crutchfield (H)
Reg. the 8th of July

Film #0163544 Inferior Court Minutes 1794-1798 Wilkes Co., GA Page 107

We the Jury find for the plantiff forty pounds with Interest & cost which may be discharged with eight thousand weight of Augusta Crop inspected Tobacco & interest on the same Apon the time it became due 12 Jany 1789
L. Coats

Lawrence Vial HCo. Vs Danl. Gaines – Disd
The Wilkes County Papers, 1773-1833, page 73, by Robert Scott Davis Jr.
MOSES GOING Grantor; to John Lumpkin grantee; Deed, 5 Dec 1789, Moses Going of Wilkes County to John Lumpkin 200 acres on Long Creek; adj. Lumpkin, Bankston, and Greer, (s) Moses Going in the presence of (s) Thomas Rutledge, Aron Springfield, George Lumpkin and Jesse Heard, JPWC. Recorded in Book HH, Fos. 312-13, 1 September 1791

Ref: Early Records of Georgia, Wilkes County, page 111 (Page 312) MOSES GOYNE (signed GOING) to John Lumkin, 200 acres on waters of Long Creek adj. said Lumpkin. 5 Dec 1789, Thos. Routledge, Geo. Lumpkin, Aaron Springfield, Test.
Wilkes County, Georgia Deed Books A-VV 1784-1806 by Michal Martin Farmer
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p. 312 5 Dec. 1789, Moses Goyne to John Lumkin, both of Wilkes Co., for £10, 200 acres on Long Creek, adj. W. said Lumkin, S. by Bankston, E. by Greer, N. by Greer & Lumkin. (signed) Moses Going.
Wit: Thomas Rontledge, Ann Springfield, George Lumkin, Jesse Heard, J.P.W.C. Regd. 1 Sept. 1791.

Wilkes County, GA Tax Records, 1785-1805 – Volume One
Compiled and published by Frank Parker Hudson

012 - John Going
013 - Reuben Going
014 - Aaron Going
019 - Moses Going
019A - Moses Going
020 - William Going

Georgia Tax Index 1789-1799
James Going – Capt. Smiths Dist., 1791
1791 Returns

Notes for District LL: Boundaries as of 2 Oct 1793: Georgia Military Affairs, Vol II, Part 1, p.55: Captain Matthew Hubert’s District, 3rd Co., 1st Bn, 4th Reg^t: --Beginning at Goings Mill [on the Ogeechee] running [east] along the [Upper] Trading Road to the ridged between Rocky Comfort and Long Creek, then up leading to Seal’s old place, thence and old road to Powell’s road, then along said road to the head of Clower’s Creek, then down the said creek to the mouth, then down the Oheeechee to the beginning.

[1791 LL] Cap^t Hubbard’s District

016 – Moses Going
Co. – Wil
2nd – 600

016A (A stands for younger) – Moses Going
Co. – Fra
3rd – 684

016B (B stands for one armed) – Moses Going
Co. – Gre
3rd – 100

059 – John Going
060 – William Going
061 – Aaron going
062 – Reubin Going
Wilkes County, Georgia Deed Books A-VV 1784-1806 by Michal Martin Farmer
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p. 71 23 July 1791, Ignatious Few to Robert Abercrumbia, both of Wilkes Co., for £75, on bank of Ogechee River , on bank of Ryals Branch, 225 acres, E. part of 780 acres granted to said Few, 2 Mar. 1791. (signed) I. Few. Wit: Bn. Few, Moses Going. Proved by Moses Going & Benjamin Few, 15 May 1791 before Andw. Burns, J.P. Regd. 18 May 1793.

p. 185 23 July 1791, Ignatius Few to Moses Going, both of Wilkes Co., for £250, west part of 780 acres, granted 2 Mar. 1790, adj. bank of Ryals Branch, Ogeche River, down river to mouth of Ryals Branch, up branch 555 acres. (signed) I. Few Wit: Bn. Few, R. Abercrombie. Proved by Robert Abercromby and Benjamin Few, 15 May 1792, before Andw. Burns, J.P. Regd. Aug. 1792.
1792 Returns

[1792 LL] Cap^t Hubbard’s District
063 – Moses Going
3rd – 500
Co. – Wil
Waters – Ogeechee R (Ogeechee lands from Buckhead [Creek] to the head of Ogeechee)
Who Land Joins – MaCrombey, Rob^t

063A (A stands for younger) Moses Going
3rd – 686
Co. – Fra

[1792 DD] Cap^t McGuire’s District
059 – Aaron Going – Free Mulattoes
2nd – 129
Co – Wil
Waters – Ogeechee R
Who Land Joins – Cone, James

060 – Reuben Going – Free Mulattoes

Walter Harris
Daniel Gains
Debt No. 15. November Term 1792

Wilkes County 1793 early tax digests
Jesse Going – Capt. Smiths Dist. 2

1793 Returns

[1793 LL] Cap^t Hubbert’s Dist^t N^o. 10

014 – Moses Going
2nd – 500
Co. – Wil

014A (A stands for younger) Moses Going
3rd – 684
Co. – Fra
Waters – Flat Creek

014B (B stands for one armed) Moses Going
3rd – 208p
Co. – Gre
Who Land Joins – Smith

[1793 EE] Cap^t John Fluker’s Company
General Note: The area of this district was split in the creation of Olglethrope County from Wilkes County in December 1793. Captain John Fluker continued to command the company of militia in 1794, made up of residents of the two counties. Returns for most of those remaining in Wikes County are identified by a “W” in the Notes. All others can be found in the 1794 Tax Digest of Olglethorpe County in Captain Fuluker’s District, unless they moved out of the district.

077 – Aaron Going – Free Mulattoes
078 – Reubin Going – Free Mulattoes
Ref: Wilkes County, 1793, Early Tax Digest, Capt. Neal’s District; #14, MOSES GOING; County in which the Lands are: Wilkes; 200 acres; 1 Free male white person from the age of 21 and upwards 1/9. Amount of the value of Lands & c. at 8/2 pr. F100; f136.s 4. Amount of each persons tax: s. 12. d. 11; Who the Lands adjoins or what water courses on Crumley (?).

Surviving Copartners of
Telfair Elbert HCo Vs Daniel Gains
Judgment confessed for the sum of one hundred and Sixty nine pounds thirteen Shillings and costs with Six months Stay of Levy, and in case of assignment of one third of the principal and Interest, by that time, then a further Stay of Levy for six months longer and on a payment of one other third part. of the above sum by that time than a further Stay of six months longer for the balance of Said principal and Interest 8th April 1794
D Gaines
Film #0163544 Inferior Court Minutes 1794-1798 Wilkes Co., GA Page 97

William Ramey vs Daniel Gaines & Nathaniel Durkee
On motion Ordered that Nathaniel Coats former high Sheriff of this County – Show cause Tom Morrow Morning at Ten OClock why an attachment Shall not _____ against him for not paying to the plantiff the Sum £44 10____ so much thereof or has been obtained under Execution in the above cause July 7th 1796.

Wilkes County, Georgia Deed Books A-VV 1784-1806 by Michal Martin Farmer
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Wilkes County, Ga., Deed Book ()(), 1795-1797

P112 13 June 1795, Daniel William of Wilkes Co., Ga., to Asa Tindal of Warren Co., Ga., for £50, on Lick Creek waters in Wilkes Co., 100 acres. (signed) Daniel Williams. Test: Isaac Goyne, James Goyne. Proved by James Goyne, 2 Oct. 1796, Micajah Little, J.P.
Regd. 18 Nov. 1796.
Wilkes County, Georgia Deed Books A-VV 1784-1806 by Michal Martin Farmer
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p.146 18 Nov. 1796, Isaac Milligan & Sarah, his wife, to Job Callaway, all of Wilkes Co., for $278, on Clarks Creek waters, 200 acres including plantation & old lines originally surveyed by John Brownfield, adj. John White, Danl. Williams, Moses Milligan, Thomas Lackey, Jasper Crane, part of 300 acres granted to James McCannon & Wm. McCree, Arnald Atkins, Thomas Goans, J.P. Regd, 2 Jan. 1797.

1797 Returns

[1797 MM] Capt^n Meshack Turner’s District
038 – Henry Going
049 – William Going
111 – William Jr Going

1798 Returns

[1798 I] Capt^t Solomon Thornton’s District
021 – Moses Goin, F.M. (Free Mulatto)
3rd – 304
Co. – Wil
Watercourse – Rockey Ck
Who Land Joins – Bell, Jn^o
Granted To – McCarta, Jn^o

088 – Tho^s Going
Emancipation: Be it therefore enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Georgia in General Assembly met, and by the authority of the same, That from and after the passing of this act that the aforesaid Thomas Going of the County of Wilkes, be and is hereby vested with and entitled to all rights and privileges and immunities belonging to a free citizen of this state. Provided nevertheless nothing herein contained shall extend or be considered to extend to entitle the said Thomas Going. to serve in the capacity of a juror in any cause whatever nor to render him a competent witness in any cause or case when the personal rights or property of any white person and or is concerned: nor to entitle the said Thomas Goan to vote at elections nor to have or hold directly or indirectly any office of trust or emolument, civil military, within this state
(signed) David Meriwether, Speaker of the House of Representatives
Robert Walton, President of the Senate
Attested to February 18, 1799 James Jackson Governor’

M1065 Wilkes Co., GA: Superior Court Write 1799
Page 152 Superior Court May term 1799
In an dispute between John Ramey and Walker Richardson of Wilkes/Elbert Co. Ga. Pay to Daniel Gaines Esquire

1799 Returns

[1799 MM] No. 4 Captain Meshack Turner’s District
010 - William Going
3rd – 100
Co. – Wil
Watercourse – Lick Ck
Who Land Joins – Turner, Meshack
Granted To – Stocks, Isaac

122 - John Going

[1799 I] No. 6 Captain Solomon Thornton’s District
051 – Moses Gowan
3rd – 300
Co. Wil
Watercourse – Rocky Ck
Who Land Joins – Bell, Jn^o
Granted To – Bell, Jn^o

051A (A stands for younger) – Moses Gowan
3rd – 352
Co. – Wil
Watercourse – Ogeechee
Who Land Joins – Alexander, S^o
Granted To – Few, Ig^n

1800 Returns

[1800 I] Captain Thompson Coleman’s District
058 - Moses Goens
SL – 2
2nd – 350
Co. – Wil
Watercourse – Ogeeche
Who Land Joins – Bush, J
Book A 1799 Minutes of the Inferior Court 1798-1811 Film #016345

Note***Prior page is not included in this transcription
…….procefs may Issue regairing the said Moses personally or by his Attorney to be and appear before the Honorable the Inferior Court at a Court to be held in and for the County of Wilkes on the fourth monday in february next then and their to answer your Petitioner in an Action on the case and soforth
Amos Wright Plff

State of Georgia
Warren County
Personally appeared before me Amos Wright – one of the Justices of said County and makes Oath that Moses Going Stands Justly indebted to this deponent on a note of hand the sum of One hundred dollars Due the first day of May 1800-
Amos (A his mark) Wright
Sworn before me this 8th December 1800
Gislia Hurt J.P.

Georgia; To the Sheriff of Wilkes County Greeting
Amos Wright vs Moses Going – Case
The Defendant Moses Going is hereby required personally or by his Attorney to be and appear before the Honorable the Inferior Court at a Court to be held in and for the County of Wilkes on the fourth monday in February next then and there to answer the plantiff in an Action on the Case & to his damage two hundred dollars or in default thereof the said Court will proceed thereon as to Justice shall affertain.
Witnefs the Honorable Edward Butler Esq one of Our said Inferior Court Justices this 26th day of December 1800
Natah Willis Clk

Served 2nd Feby 1801 – Bail Taker
Thos. W Goimes Shff.

Know all men by these presents that we Mofses Going, William Sivey and Isaac Bankston are held and firmly bound unto ____ as W Goimes Sheriff of the County of Wilkes and his succefsors in office in the Sum of two hundred dollars for the payment of which sum we bind Our selves Our heirs Executors and Administrators Jointly and Severally firmly by these presents Sealed with our Seals and dated this Second day of February 1801
The Condition of the above obligation is such that if the above boundable Moses Going do make his personal appearances at the next Inferior Court to be held in and for the County of Wilkes on the fourth Monday of this Instant then and there to Answer the Complaint of Amos Wright in an Action on the Case & to his damage two hundred dollars then the Above obligation to be Void – else to Remain in full force and Virtue
Moses Going (seal)
William (his mark) Silvey (seal)
Isaac Bankston (seal)
Agnefs Going

Amos Wright vs. Moses Going
Case. Settene at dependats Cost on information of the Clerk.

1801 Returns

[1801 I] Captain Thompson Coleman^s District
003 - Moses Going
048 – Sam^l Goings

[1801 K] Captain William Coat^s District
General Note: Lot, as in Town Lot, is spelled Lott more often than not. All lots in Town of Washington, unless otherwise noted.

151 - James Goings
153 – Thomas Going
Page 148 (ibid), MOSES GOING PLF vs Joseph Boren Def. Petition of Moses Going for debt due from Joseph Boren to John Henly, Junior, but assigned to Going by Henly, (s) Walton aty. For plff. Papers served 6 July 1801. (s) Thomas W. Gaines. July Term, 1801; Found for the plaintiff; Note of debt to John Hendly, (s) Joseph Boren, 8 August 1799. On reverse side it is signed by John Henly and Moses Going before (s) Peter B. Terrell.
Film #0163546 Ga. Inferior Court 1801-1803, 1807-1858 – Mormon Library

Pg. 292 Georgia
To the Sherriff of Wilkes County Greeting
Moses Going vs Joseph Boren
The defandant Joseph Boren is hereby required personally or by his Attorney to be and appear before this court of Wlikes on the fourth Monday of July,___ the ___ ___ to answer the Plaintff in an action to the case & to his damages one hundred Dollars or difenat there of the said court will proceed thereon and Justice shall apperain
Witness the Honoraabl Edward Butler Esq One of our said Inferior Court this 3 day of July 1801
Nathe Willis Clk

Washington August 8th 1799
On or before the twenty fifth day of December on thousand Eight hundred. I promise to pay __ court 6 lb. paid. Unto John Henly Junior or ___ two dollars and fift Cents for value recd of him this day and Date above written
Joseph Boren

I asign this note to Moses Going for value Rec’d this 10th off October 1800

Received of the ____twenty three dollars
Moses Going

Red three Dollars
Ten on the ___6th day of July 1801
Thomas W Greene Clrk

July Term 1801
And Now at the term (?)\ the defendant by his Attorney ___ ____ came into court and for ____ saith he hath paid the ____ of the Plantiff ___ part thereof And of ____ he put himself off upon this county

Moses Going vs Joseph Boren – Jury
We find for the Plantiff thirty six dollars & fifty cents and Interest

Mose Going vs Joseph Boren – Judgement 35.50 ____ ____ month Interest of 4.38
Rec’d of the above sum of thirty dollars fifty ____ _____ _____ pf 1802
Thomas Going for Moses Going

Page 72
Moses Going vs Joseph Boren – Jury No, 1
We find for the Plantiff thirty six dollars & fifty cents with Interst & cost

Pg 104
Wednesday July 29, 1801
John Goins vs Drury Jones – Attachment Judgement by Default

Amost Wright vs Moses Going – Judgement by Default

Thursday March 11, 1802 – pg 115
Amos Wright vs Moses Going – Case settled at Defendants cost on the Information of the Clerk pg 66

Friday March 12th 1802
Moses Going v Joseph Borne – Jury find for the plantiff $36.50 with Interest

Page 45 Film #0163546 March 1802
Amos Mergar (?) vs Moses Going - Judgement
Film #0163546 Ga. Inferior Court 1801-1803
Moses Going vs Joseph Boren
Judgment $35.50 Cents eighteen months interest 4:38: $40.88 Recd of the above the sum of thirty dollars fifty eight cents Jun 29th 1802
(signed) Thomas Going for Moses Going
Cost$11:50 Paid 7.00

1802 Returns

[1802 MM] No. 6 Captain Wm Ogletree’s District
032 - Jn^o Going

[1802 K] No. 1 Captain William Coat’s District
General Note: All Town Lots in Town of Washington, unless otherwise noted.

116 - Thomas Going

[1802 I] No. 13 Captain T. Coleman’s District
090 - Sam^l Going


Wilkes Co. Deeds 1803-1805 pg 273

Richard Heard
Recorded the 5th of June 1804
Know all men by the present that I James Gowen of the County of Wilkes and the State of living in do nominate constitute and appoint My brother Elijah Gowen of the same county & State to transact all kinds of business for me to collect and ____and_____all manner of ____ _____ ______ which _____ _____ and _____to me and to pay any Just ____ and which maybe brought against me___ I do empowering said Attorney to make and Execute titles in _____ sample for part of a tract of land in Clark Co. granted to me any person my said Attorney shall ____ the said land to also to Execute title for a tract of land in Wilkes County on the waters of Clark Creek containing twenty six Acres to John Pope hereby Ratifing and conforing whats _____ my said Attorney ____ ____ do or cause to be done in an about the premesis and ____ as is I were personally present of the ____ thereof and on the Receipts of money _____ other discharges for me and in my name to give and appoint one or name Attorney if he shall think fit and at pleasure to make the same Interlimony where of I have hereunto set my hands and said seal the 18th day of April 1803
James Gowan
Recorded 5th June 1804

Wilkes County, GA Tax Records, 1785-1805 – Volume One
Compiled and published by Frank Parker Hudson

Capt. Littleberry Little Dist.
John Goyne

John Goyne
William Goyne
Black Registry, Wilkes Co., GA

Georgia, Wilkes County: To any Judge of the Superior Court, Justice of the Inferior Court, Justice of the Peace or Minister of the Gospel, you are hereby authorized to join in the Holy State of Matrimony John Gowen and H____C C Lindsay and for your fo doing this shall be your fufficient license Given under my hand this 1st day of April 1807
(signed) D____
I do hereby certify, that in obedience to the Above Marriage Licence, I have joined in the holy state of Matrimony John Gowen and ___________C C Lindsay
Given under my hand this 2nd day of April 1807
John Lee J.P.


  1. Amos Wright was my gggggfather. I appreciate being able to gather this information and add it to my records.


  2. I have a Lucy Going born about 1789 Georgia, with my gg grandfather Rueben Gaskins? born about 1810 Kentucky and his brother Aaron Gaskins born 1808 and a William Going, Lucy's grandson born about 1845 Georgia.
    I wonder if these are the same Rueben and Aaron Going listed my gg grandfather migrated from Georgia to Butler Co. Kansas in about 1860 per the Butler Co. Census.
    They all have an A. as middle initial. Rueben A./Aaron A.?
    Lucy Going was listed with her sister Mary in Georgia in 1850 in Pulaski, Co. Georgia. Rueben and Aaron were there also.
    Maybe you can shed some light on this for me.