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Montgomery County, TN Early Records

From: with permission from Stacy R. Webb

Early AL, AR, and MI Settlers, 1700s-1800s

Goyne, James Book : Index to Alabama Wills, 1808-1870
Page # : 62
Goyne, John Book : Index to Alabama Wills, 1808-1870
Page # : 62

James Goyne will-probated in Tusaculoosa, Alabama-Montgomery Tennessee

Collected and transcribed by Stacy R Webb

Original on file

Montgomery county Tennefsee March 12th day 1837

The last will and testament of James Goyne of said county and state

First my will is that all my just debts be paid out of my parishable property and that my executor sell of enough of said property to do so

Second my will is that my wife Elizabethe Goyne have all the rest and residue of my estate during her natural life, upon the following terms that is to clothe, raise and school my three children that is under age Marthae Cordilia, James Robt and Isaac Newtone Goyne, and to give to each of said no aged children if the interest of said estate is sufficient to do so the same amount that I have hereto fore given my other children that is of age a reference to a written obligation between myself and said children of age will fully show. But if the interest of my estate is not suffiencent to give the non age children as above, that at the death of my wife they be made equal out of the principel of my estate, and then at the death of my wife as above that if any remain that it be equally divided between all of my children

Third my will is that my wife have liberty to sell any part or all of my estate either real or personal with exception of the negroes that belong to my estate to wit America, Henry, Ned and Siller the increase of said America and Siller but that my wife keep them during her life and then dispose of by sale for division amongst all my children

Fourth, and lastly my will is and I do hereby appoint my wife Elizabethe Goyne my lawful executrix to this my last will and testament in witnefs were of I do here unto set my hand and seal the day and date first written to said executrix is released by me from security

James Goyne (seal)
signed sealed and delivered in presence of William Davis 2nd April 1838
John T Bell 4 of May 1838
State of Tennefsee
Mongomery County

I Saml M. Fall clerk of the county of Montgomery certify that the foregoing is a true copy of the last will and testament of James Goyne decd. as recorded in my office in book H page 93 and 94 and that said will was duly proven in open court according to the law and order to be recorded in witnefs whereof I have here unto set my hand and affix the seal of our said court at office in the town of Clarksville this 28th day of June 1838 and 62 year of the independence of the United States Saml. Mcfall

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