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Lincoln County, GA Early Records

Records Collection Submitted by Anna Going Friedman

Frank Parker Hudson – 1800 Census for Lincoln Co., GA
G-75 GOING, Moses; Lincoln Co.; 200 acres; 1 slave.

Georgia. To all whom then presents shall come. I Moses Going of said State & county of Lincoln Send Greeting Whereas said Moses Going by note bearing date The twenty seventh day of Jul seventeen hundred and Ninety nine & payable the first day of January Eighteen hundred with Lawful interest from the Date of said note bring for the sum of one hundred & fifty seven Dollars and eighty one cents with lawful interest from the date aforesaid know ____ that I the said Moses Going for the better securing the above mentioned sum specified in said note with the interest due & may become due thereon to the said Ignatious Few his heirs or asignes have Bargained and sold & by there presents doth Grant Bargain and sell & deliver unto said Iguatious Few his heirs or assigns a negro Woman slave name Sela also one sorrel horse about fourteen hands high Ten years old also a bay mare brand obscure fourteen hands one high or near its about Ten years old also nine head of neat cattle Branded now Marked with a cross off the right ear & half cross in the left also three Feather beds & furniture of every kind, I the said Moses Going Doth hereby warrant and for ever defend the said negro woman Sela the said sorrel horse, Bay mare, nine head of cattle with the three feather Beds & Furniture with all my house hold & kitchen furniture unto the said Ignatious Few his heir Executors, Administrators & assigns to their only proper use & behoof. Provided nevertheless If the said Moses Going doth pay or cause be paid the aforesaid note of one hundred and Fifty seven Dollars & eighty one cents with the interest now & may become due thereon on or before the first day of January next, then this deed of Bargain or mortgage of sale and every part thereof shall cease and be utterly Void and of none Effect anything heretofore to the contrary notwithstanding. It is hereby declared by & between the parties, and the said Moses Going for himself his heirs Executors and administrators do hereby promise and agree to & with the said Ignatious Few his heirs Executors, Administrators and assigns, If their should be default in the payment of the said note and interest due or may come due agreeable to the time as above & Tenor Therof according to the true intenet and meaning of the same then & in such case it may & shall be lawfull for the said Ignatious Few his heirs Admin., Executors, heirs or agents from time and at all times thereafter to take possession of the said negro woman Sela with any Issue she may herafter have said Sorrel Horse, bay mare, nine head of cattle, three feather beds and furniture with all and Singular the house and kitchen furniture aforesaid and every part thereof agreeable to the Law of foreclosure of Mortgages of the State
In Witness whereof the said Moses Going hath here unto set his hand and affixed his seal this 6th day of August 1803
(signed) Moses Going (seal)
(witnessed by) Charles (C. D. his mark) Devernt Ju.
Nath. Durham
William Quinn J.P.

Registered July 21st, 1804
A. Talon clk

Robert Davis Jr. & James Dorsey “Lincoln Co. Genealogy & History”

Moses Going to Ignatious Few. 6 august 1803. Mortgage for slave and personal property. Witnessed: Charles Deverent Junr. (by mark). Nath, Durham, and William Quinn, J.P. Registered July 21, 1804. Pages 121-23.

6. Ferrell and Franham vs. Moses Going.

July Term, 1804
14. Mathew Raybon and William Biggins, Exrs. Of Benjamin Shack vs. Moses Going. (note names are spelled different in the Augusta Chronicle below).

Printed in the Augusta Chronicle & Gazette on August, 1804. (Note: This is only a portion of the article. The last names of a couple persons are spelled different in the record above.) To search for other Augusta Chronicle & Gazette articles visit:

Mathew Raybon and Wm. Beggins, Executors of Benjamin Ship. Vs. Moses Going.

To their honors the Judges of the Inferior Court for the county of Lincoln.
The petition of Mofes Going, humbly sheweth, That He is now confined in the common jail of the faid county, in virtue of a Ca Sa, at the inftance of Mathew Raybon and William Beggins, executors of Benjamin Ship, for a fum of money which he is unable to pay, and that he is willing to give up all his effate, beth real and perfonal for the benefit of his creditors, and therefore prays that he may be discharged from confinement, agreeable to the laws and conftitution of the ftate.

1820 Lincoln County, GA Census
Mark Going – Page 156

1830 Lincoln County, GA Census
Martha Going – Page 062
Moses Going – Page 074

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