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Montgomery County, NC Early Records



The county was formed in 1779 from Anson County. It was named in honor and respect of Richard Montgomery, an American Revolutionary War general killed in 1775 while attempting to capture Quebec CityCanada. In 1841 the part of Montgomery County west of the Pee Dee River became Stanly County.

Tax List ( via
Montgomery Co
1779 – Thomas Gower

Tax List ( via
Montgomery Co

Tax List
Montgomery Co

Mar, 1782 Ct, Montgomery Co. Thomas Ward to admr WILLIAM GOING estate. Sec: Joseph Moore, Bedenago Moore. (Brandley, Stephen E., Jr. Early Records of NC, Vol I, Probates, Adms, Inv, 1753-1790, 1992, p 83)

Sept 1782, Montgomery Co. Intestate: WILLIAM GOING. Adm: Thomas Ward. Security: Joseph Moore, Bedenago Moore. Montgomery Co NC Wills &
Administrations. (Bradley, Dr Stephen E Jr. Early Records of NC, Vol I, Probates, Adms, Inventories, 1753-1790)

Mar 1782 Ct, Montgomery Co:
Thomas Ward to admr WILLIAM GOING estate. Sec: Joseph Moore, Bedenago Moore.
(Bradley, Stephen E, Jr. Vol II, Wills, Adms, Invent, Deeds, 1677-1790, 1992, p 83)

Sep 1782. Montgomery Co Wills and Administration:
Intestate: WILLIAM GOING; Administration: Thomas Ward (Ad); Security: Joseph Moore, Bedenago Moore.
(Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr. Early Records of NC, Vol I, Probates, Admirs, Inventories, 1753-1790, 1992, p 45)

Entered Nov 20, 1782 and Issued Nov 17, 1790 300 acres on Big Creek waters of Little River to Thomas GOWEN (NC Archives

1790 US Census – Salisbury district, Montgomery Co., NC
Mathew Gowen – 1 male 16 and over; 2 males up to 16 and 2 females
Thomas Gowen – 1 male 16 and over; 1 male up to 16 and 5 females

Entered on May 29, 1796 and issued Dec 15, 1802 100 acres on waters of Cedar Creek to William GOWEN (NC Archives

1800 US Census Index:
William Goin Montgomery Co, p 469 - 01201 11010 01

Entered on Aug 17, 1801 and issued Aug 20, 1803 250 acres beginning at a stake amongst 3 post oaks pointers to William Gowin.(NC Archives

Entered on Nov 12, 1803 Montgomery Co., NC 350 acres in both sides of Cabbin Creek to William GOWING (NC Archives

1810 US Census
William Gainey – 00001 00001 33

Jan 2, 1821 – Montgomery Co., NC Burten GOINS 50 acres on Uwharrie River (NC Archives

1820 Index to NC Census, supplemented from tax lists and other sources:
WILL GOIN -fcp. 1830 Montgomery Census – 10 persons ?
MATHEW GOINGS – fcp. 1830 Montgomery Census (East of the Peed Dee and Yadkin River)
HENRY GOINGS - fcp. 1830 Montgomery Census (East of the Pee Dee and Yadkin River) 7 persons ?
BURGESS GOINGS – 1830 Montgomery Census (East of the Pee Dee and Yadkin River) 1 male under 5; 1 male 10-15; 1 male 15-20; 1 male 40-50; a female under 5; 1 female 40-50

Entered Sept 5, 1837 and issued Jan 29, 1838 Montgomery Co., NC Burgers GOIN 100 acres adj. to Abrahan LUTHER and Thos. SHAW and his own line.
(NC Archives

1840 census of Montgomery County, page 237, living on the east side of the Yadkin River.
Goings, Burgess white male 50-60
white female 40-50
white female 30-40
white female 15-20
white male 10-15
white female 10-15
white male 0-5
white female 0-5
white female 0-5

1850 Montgomery Co., NC Census

Wallace, Eramus S 25 NC
Wallace, Folaney 18 NC
Wallace, William L 3mo NC
Goins, Nelson 10 NC

Hall, Haley 60 NC
Hall, Fady 30 NC
Goins, Eliza 5 NC

We do know that Burgess Goins/Goings was the son of Thomas Goings who was born about 1730. Thomas' will was filed in Randolph in 1797 and leaving his estate to his five youngest children: Vini, Burgess, Burton, Hali and Elizabeth. Burgess died in 1849 in Montgomery County.
Submitted by Cathy Cranford

Aaron H. Sanders Adm. To A. G. Cranford

Aaron H. Sanders Adm. To A. G. Cranford
This Indenture, made on the 1st day of September A.D. 1852 between Aaron H. Sanders Adm. Of Burgess Goings dec’d of the County of Montgomery on the one part, and Alson G. Cranford of the County of Randolph on the other part and both of the State of N. Carolina, Witnesseth that whereas the said Burgess Goings dec’d in his lifetime, to wit, on the first day of August A.D. 1849 bonafide sold to the aforesaid Alson G. Cranford a certain tract of Land herein after described and entered into bond in the penalty of four hundred dollars for making a conveyance for the same with full covinants on the payment of the sum of one hundred dollars that bring the amount of the purchase money and the said Alson G. Cranford having paid the sd purchase money according to the contract. The rect is hereby acknowledged in full. Now therefore This Indenture witnesseth that for & in consideration of the proving the sd Aron H. Sanders Adm of Burgess Goings dec’d as aforesaid hath given granted bargained and sold and by this Indenture doth give grant bargain and sell convey to the said Alson G. Cranford his heirs & assigns forever all the parcel or tract of Land above mentioned lying & being on the waters of Uharie in the County of Randolph & State aforesaid bounded as follows viz. Beginning at a red oak in the County line between Randolph & Montgomery, thence North 31 chains & sixty three links to a hickory, thence East 31 ½ chains & 13 links to a stake thence So to the County Line, thence West to the first station Beginning to the estate of the sd Burgess Goings on half of the spring and a half of an acre of the said Land at the spring for privileges of using water continuing one hundred acres or the same more or less to have & to hold together with al and singular the woods, way, waters, mines, minerals, privileges and appurtenances thereunto belonging or in any use appertaining to him the sd Alson G. Cranford his heirs & assigns in fee simple forever free and discharged of any and all encumbrances whatsoever to be done, caused or defend by the said Aaron H. Sanders Adm or afsd or any other person by his order comment or procumbent & the sd Aaron H. Sanders Adm. As aforesaid hath covenanted & by this Indenture doth covinant to & with the sd Alson G. Cranford his heirs and assigns to warrant & forever defend the title hereby conveyed from the lawful claim of any and all persons so far forth as his office & duty as Admn shall admit or rescind & no further. In testimony whereof the sd Aaron H. Sanders Admin doth hereunto set his hand & seal the day & year first above written, signed sealed & delivered in the presence of J. M. A. Drake
A. H. Sanders Adm (Seal)

North Carolina
Randolph CountyCourt of Pleas & Quarters Sessions
May Term 1856
The due execution of this deed is proved by the oath of J. M. A. Drake a subscribing witness to the same records and ordered to be registered.B. J. Hoover CCC(N.246)

Registered May 30th 1856
North Carolina
Randolph County
This deed is duly registered in Book 30th on page 243 by Jesse (unreadable) CR

State of N. Carolina
Montgomery County
June 27th 1859
This due examination of this deed is acknowledged by the grantor & records & ordered to be registered.John McLennan C.C.C.


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