Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rowan County, NC Early Records



The county was formed in 1753 from the northern part of Anson County. It was named for Matthew Rowan, acting governor of North Carolina from 1753 to 1754.

Originally, Rowan County was a vast territory with an indefinite western boundary. Reductions in its extent began in 1770, when the eastern part of it was combined with the western part of Orange County to become Guilford County, North Carolina. In 1771 the northeastern part of what remained of Rowan County became Surry County. In 1777 the western part of Rowan County became Burke County. In 1788 the western part of the now much smaller Rowan County became Iredell County. In 1822 the eastern part of the still shrinking county became Davidson County. Finally, in 1836 the part of Rowan County north of the South Yadkin River became Davie County. The "250 Fest" celebrating the 250th anniversary of Rowan County occurred in 2003.


From World Vital Records

North and Sounth Carolina Marriage Records, From the Earliest Colonial Days to the Civil War by William Montgomery Clemens

Going, Britton and Mary Chambers - 30 April 1791
Goins, Ezekial and Sarah Gunter - 14 July 1779


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