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Chatham County, NC Early Records

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Some of the first settlers of what would become the county were English Quakers, who settled along the Haw and Eno Rivers.[2] The county was formed in 1771 from Orange County. It was named, like PittsburghPennsylvania in 1758, for William Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham, who served as British Prime Minister from 1766 to 1768 and opposed harsh colonial policies.
In 1907, parts of Chatham County and Moore County were combined to form Lee County. The award-winning[3] PBS documentaryFamily Name[4] notes Chatham County as the place the relationship between the African-American and European-American branches of the Alston family originated.[5] George Moses Horton, Historic Poet Laureate of Chatham County, (1797?-1883) lived most of his life in Chatham County and is among the few slaves to have published material while still a slave.[6][7]
Moncure once served as the western-most inland port in the state, linked all the way to the coast by steamships. [8]
On March 25, 2010, the Chatham County Courthouse, built in 1881, caught fire while undergoing renovations. For more information, see Pittsboro, North Carolina.

Chatham County, NC came from Orange County in 1771

1870 Chatham County map with the names of the land owners placed.


ORANGE CO. TAX LIST - 1755 This is the first tax list for the county.
© Extracted & Transcribed by Sue Ashby

McGown, James, Sr. - 1 - 0
McGown, James, Jr. - 1 - 0
Goans (Goins/Goings?), Richard - 2 - 0


This is just a partial list.

Taken from Chatham Co. Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions- 1774-1800
NC State Archives film # C.022.30001
Updated 11-21-2000
Copyright 2000 - Sue Ashby
From http://www.ncgenweb.us/chatham/orphan.htm
This is just a partial list.

Pg. 52B - Nov., 1783 NANCY GOING, O_______ (probably Orphan), of WILLIAM GOING be bound to WILLIAM CAPE, untill she comes to lawfull age to learn the business of House Wifery she now being adjudg'd to be thirteen years of age.

Pg. 52B - Nov., 1783 WILLIAM GOING, Orphan of WILLIAM GOING be bound to GEORGE DISMUKES untill he come of lawfull age to learn the Art of farming, he now being adjudged Eight Years of age.

pg. 53A - Nov., 1783 JOHN GOING Orphan of WILLIAM GOING, dec'd be bound to WILLIAM RIDDLE to learn the art of farming untill he come to lawful age, he now being adjudged to be Twelve Years of age.

Pg. 68B - May, 1784 MARY GOING, Orphan of WILLIAM GOING being heretofore bound to WILLIAM CAPE be removed from the said CAPE

Pg. 90A - Nov., 1784 ELIZABETH GOWING, and orphan of WILLIAM GOWING, dec'd be bound to WILLIAM DOUGLASS, Esq., untill she come to lawfull age, she being now about twelve years to learn the mistry of housewifery.

Pg. 90A - Nov., 1784 ANN GOWIN, an orphan of WILLIAM GOWING be bound unto JAMES HOWARD, untill she come to lawfull age to learn the mistry of housewifery. She being on or about 10 years of age.

Pg. 99B - Feb., 1785 Any further proceeding to be stopped as to binding out ELIZABETH GOWING to WILLIAM DOUGLASS & that WILLIAM DOUGLASS have notice to show cause why the order should not be discharged.

Pg. 110A - May, 1785 JOHN GOWING, orphan of WILLIAM GOWING, be bound unto JAMES SUTTEN, the said GOWIN being given up by WM. RIDDLE, to whom he was formerly bound, untill lawfull age he being judged twelve years now, to learn the trade of a planter.

C.022.8001- Chatham County Wills (Originals) Vol A - 1798-1819 Pg. 6b (144)

State of North Carolina} Chatham County }
Know all men by these presents that I Richard Dowd for and in consideration of the sum of two hundred and (and marked out) Spanish Milled Dollars to me in hand paid by Aaron Aldridge of the county and state aforesaid the recpt. thereof hereby acknowledged has bargained sold and delivered unto the aforesaid Aaron Aldridge one certain Negro boy named Joe about the age of thirteen which Negro Joe, I do for myself my heirs etc. warrant to him and his heirs to be his or his good and lawful property and will for myself my heirs etc. warrant forever defend the same in witness whereof I the sd Richard Dowd have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 14th day July 1799
Richard Dowd {Seal}
Wit: Wm. H. Williams ? James? Gaines/Grimes/Goins? (proved by the same James , May 1799



Extracted & Transcribed by Sue Ashby, with permission From Anne Powell
© Anne Powell-2001

Malcom Nicholson was a blacksmith (and a tanner?) in Chatham Co. These people were customers of his and these are the accounts they had, with him. Anne Powell, one of his gggg-grandaughters has possession of this book and kindly allowed me to copy, extract and transcribe it, so that all of you may share in the information. There are entries that don't make sense or are unreadable; many scribbles, numbers and words that are archaic. Mostly, it is repair of farm equipment, shoeing of horses and tanning of hides.

Mostly, this will just help you place your ancestor in this place at this time and some of these names are not found very often in Chatham Co. records. On the Moore County website there is a link to Malcom Nicholson's Account Book for Chatham County transcribed by Sue Ashby. Malcom was a blacksmith and the people in his book had business with him mostly to fix farm equipment.


This is just a partial list.

March 14, 1850
Thos. Bele
John Goins

October 17, 1850
Jack Beale
Leroy Goins
John Goins
1850 Census Free Blacks – Transcribed by Sue Ashby
Dwelling/Family: 1030/1031
Pg. 420 B
Barber, Tempe 60 F Not given
Barber, Arch'd 26 M Hatter Not given
Barber, Eliza 19 F Not given
Barber, Martha B. 0/12 F Not given
Barber, Wesley 24 M Hatter Not given
Goins, Daniel 20 M M Farmer Not given
Beal, Rebecca 9 F Not given

Dwelling/Family: 1037/1038
Pg. 421 A
Reid, Bartlett 58 M Farmer Not given
Reid, Tracey 54 F Not given
Goins, Edward 65 M M Carpenter Not given

Dwelling/Family: 1044/1045
Pg. 421 B
Goins, Matthew 46 M M Farmer
Goins, Chany 30 F M Not given
Goins, James 20 M M Not given
Goins, Susanna 15 F M Not given
Goins, William J. 13 M M Not given
Goins, Martha J. 8 F M Not given
Goins, Mary 5 ? F M Not given
Goins, Levina 4 F M Not given
Goins, Oran T. 1 M M Not given

Dwelling/Family: 1231/1232
Pg. 434 B
Goens, Wm. 38 M M Miller Not given
Goens, Kissy 35 F M Not given
Goens, Duncan 12 M M Not given
Goens, Margaret 11 F M Not given
Goens, Ellsmond 9 M M Not given
Goens, Thomas 7 M M Not given
Goens, Reid 4 M M Not given
Goens, George 2 M M Not given


From The Goins-Walden Settlements On Pocket Creek 1764-1910, A Disintegrated Indian Community by Forest Hazel.

Guion Miller Applications filed in 1907 by members of the Glover's Chapel Community
Application #30495 - Malinda Goins Walden (wife of Marshall Walden)
Malinda Goins, the daughter of John and Eliza Goins Goins, had been born in Moore County and moved to Chatham. She claimed through both her Goins lines, and also through her paternal granmother Sally Goins, who was the "daughter of Henry Walden who was all said to be Cherokee Indians and the Goins was all said to be Cherokee Indians".

1910 – Elothy Goins married Becky Goins in Chatham County, their race was given as Croatan.. They are buried at Glover’s Chapel.

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  1. I am in shock, just by trying to look up my maiden name, I found this info about my ancestors, Malinda Goins and Elothy Goins, ALL who are buried at my church in Bennett, NC in Chatham County. We were always told that we had Indian blood in us, but always kinda brushed it off, but i am so grateful to finally see that it is true. Thank God! Bless you all

  2. Two of the sons of William Goins in the 1850 census above, Duncan and Edward (not Ellsmond) enlisted in Company H of the 30th NC Infantry, which was organized in Sep 1861.

    The Compiled Service Record of Duncan Goins, available at fold3.com, shows that he was a 24yo volunteer from Chatham Co NC who enlisted 15 Aug 1861 at Jonesboro [now Lee Co] NC for 1 year. He appears on muster rolls Aug 1861-Mar 1862, then was admitted to the General Hospital at Wilmington NC 08 Mar 1862 for "febris remittens" (malaria), dying two days later with a diagnosis of typhoid fever. A claim was 03 Jun 1863 by his father Wm. Goins. FindAGrave shows his Lee County grave marker, which attests his Confederate service (https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/61336852).

    Edward Goins, sometimes called Edwin, enlisted at Jonesboro 10 Sep 1861 at age 21. He appears on the rolls through Apr 1862 as a private, then after a gap in the records, he reappears Nov 1862 - Oct 1864 as a teamster; he was paroled with the Army of Northern Virginia at Appomattox 09 Apr 1865.

    After the war, the family relocated to Neosho, Coffey Co KS, dwelling 52 (in the process, their race changed from mulatto to white).
    • William Gowen 58 farmer, cannot write
    • Edward Gowen 29 farmer, cannot read/write
    • Mary Gowen 25 K.H. , cannot read/write
    • Reed Gowen 24 farmhand, cannot read/write
    • Harriet Gowen 26 K.H.
    • Alice Gowen 13
    • Joseph Gowen 11
    • Colon Gowen 19
    • William Gowen 17 laborer
    All b NC.

    Of these, the veteran Edward Goins and his brother Reed pushed on to Oregon, appearing in Albany, Linn Co OR in 1880 (dwelling 285). The family left Kansas between 1873 and 1877; since they do not appear to be listed in the 1875 Kansas territorial census, the early date is favored.
    • Edward D. Goings 38, mwm, h, flour miller, b NC par b NC
    • Clara Goings 22, mwf, w, K.H. b OR fath b OH moth b KY
    • Annie Bell Goings 8, swf, d, b KS par b NC
    • Samuel Goings 7, swm, s, at school, b KS par b NC
    • John Goings 4, swm, s, at school, b OR par b NC
    • Lizie Goings 3, swf, d, b OR fath b NC moth b OR
    • Archie Goings 1, swm, s, b OR fath b NC moth b OR
    • Read Goings 33, swm, b, laborer, b NC par b NC