Saturday, January 16, 2010

Indian Territory, Cherokee Nation


Looking for others to submit records for Indian Territory that they would like to share.

Partial List

1900 Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory Township 22 District 26

Dwelling 98, Family 99
Goins, J.W. 1840 60 married 35 years NC NC NC
Goins, Lucy Ann Aug 1843 57 14 children born 10 living NC NC NC
Goins, Evander Mar 1874 26 NC
Goins, Franklin 1876 24 NC
Goins, Lincoy (son) 1878 22 NC
Goins, John B. 1882 18 NC
Goins, Dolly E. Apr 1885 15 NC
Goins, Becky Ann July 1887 13 NC
Goins, Mattie L. Feb 1889 11 NC

Dwelling 125, Family 126
Goins, Thomas Nov. 1871 28 NC NC NC
Goins, Lizzie Sep 1873 26 4 children born 4 living AR MO MO
Goins, Susan Sep 1894 5 IT
Goins, Nivin Aug 1895 4 IT
Goins, Johny Nov 1898 1 IT
Goins, Laura Dec 1899 6 months IT

Becky Goins married Day McGahey  July 1903    They both were from Echo.

Echo does not exist today. It was covered by water when Grand Lake was filled. 
This is from the book "Heritage of the Hills, a Delaware County History:
Echo was a small village about five miles west of the present Grove, on
the west side of Grand River near the toll bridge.


From the RLDS cards submitted by Cindy Green

Ordained as a Teacher on Apr 1, 1906 Near Grove, Delaware Co., OK by J. D. Kelley

Baptised Aug 8, 1897 by T. J. Sheppard

GOINS, John W.

   Birth:   March 1831
John W. Goins was baptized a member of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on 8 August 1897 by T. J. Sheppard. He was ordained a teacher on 1 April 1906 by J. D. Kelley. He attended the Lamanite, Oklahoma Branch.
   Source:   RLDS Deceased Files
      Lamanite, Oklahoma, RLDS Branch Records


  1. Hey looking for any info for Martine Goins, who had a daughter named Florence Goins in Rosewood, FL. in 1896 or 1897. If you have any info I can be reached at (904)525-1192.

    Thank you,
    Pamela Anderson

  2. My great grandmother was Lou Eliza Goins , born sept. 4th 1865. in Logan Co.Arkansas Died Aug. 8th 1966.She was married to Nelson B. mosher any info. would be appreciated.