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Grainger County, TN Early Records

Submitted by Cindy Young

Grainger County has a rich history dating back to its creation in 1796 from parts of Hawkins and Knox counties. It later gave up territory to three other counties: Claiborne(1801), Union(1850), Hamblen(1870) and settled into its current boundaries in 1960 when a small amount of territory was returned from Union County. The county is bounded on the Northwest by the Clinch River (and Norris Lake) and on the Southeast by the Holston River (and Cherokee Lake).


1809 Grainger County, Tennessee Tax List,

abstracted by Pat Spurlock Elder, copyright 1987-2005

Used here with her kind permission.

"By the provisions of the act of 1797, the justices were authorized to take lists of taxable property and polls in carious captains' companies of the militia. White polls were "all free males and male servants, between the age of twenty-one and fifty years;" slaves, "all slaves male and female, between the age of twelve and fifty years." On Monday, 3 Nov 1809, the Grainger County Court ordered ten justices to take the list of taxable property and make their returns at the next court session. The returns were made February 19, 20, 21, 1810. The amount of tax was omitted on the copy I abstracted from.

The headers for the following list are 1) on each 100 acres 12.5 cents 2) each town lot 25 cents 3) each free poll 12.5 cents 4) each black poll 25 cents 5) each retail store $5.00. The acreage is listed after item 1.

Polls and Taxable property in Captain William Mayses Company of Militia returned by Moses Hodge

John Goan, 90 acres North Holston, Young's Creek, no polls

Claiborne Goan, 100 acres North Holston, Young's Creek , 1 free poll

James Goan, 1 free poll

List of polls and taxable property in the bounds of Captain Elisha Williamson's Company returned by Henry Boatman

William Goan, 1 free poll

Shaderick Goan, 1 free poll

List of polls and taxable property in the bounds of Captain John Bull's Company, returned by John Moffet

Caleb Gowin, 1 free poll

Captain Samuel Richardson's Company returned by David Tate Captain Samuel Richardson's Company returned by David Tate

William Guynn, 200 acres, 1 free poll

Daniel Goan, 338 acres R. Creek, 1 free poll

Robert Gains, 150 acres R. L. McNabbs, 1 free poll


1810 Grainger County, Tennessee Federal Census

Abstracted by Pat Spurlock Elder, copyright 1987-2005

Used here with her kind permission.

"Edited by Pollyanna Creekmore McClung Historical Collection, 1956. Lawson McGhee Library, Knoxville, TN. AGLL Microfilm Reel # V164-22

Note: A part of this census is missing. It is not known which part. This is not film of the original census, but a film of Ms. Creekmore's abstraction.

Page 8--43. Daniel Goin 4001-1201-1 slave

Page 10--32. Robert Ganes 1001-202

Page 12--37. Joseph Guin 1001-101

Page 13--26. William Guin 0001-1101

Page 14--37. James Goan 0-001-fpc's 3

Page 15--24. John Goan fpc's 9

33. Shadrach Goan fpc's 5

Page 16--17. Claibourn Goan fpc's 8

Page 20--25. Caleb Goan fpc's 61

Digital Library on American Slavery

Petition 11482001 Details
Location: Grainger, Tennessee
Salutation: To the Honorable the General Assembly of The state of Tennessee now in session
Filing Court and Date: Petition, 1820-June-5
Ending Court and Date: No Ending Court Specified
General Petition Information
Abstract: Free black man CLABORN GOWEN complains that he cannot "prove his accounts by his own oath." White men have this privilege, but he cannot act "against a white man." Consequently, he suffers when he is not paid for his work.
Result: No recorded result
# of Petition Pages: 1
Related Documents: Testimonial, William How[ell], et al., 5 June 1820
Pages of Related Documents: 0

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