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Todd County, KY Early Records

Early history
Todd County, Kentucky consist of two geographical regions known historically as the high country to the north and low country to the south. The northern highlands consist of steep sloped sandstone terrain with forests of oak, walnut and poplar. The landscape features steep bluffs and sharp rises and falls within the terrain. The southern lowlands consist of rolling limestone flatlands void of aquifer sinks and consists of dense but sparse forests of oak, walnut poplar and ash. The first settlers of the region were the Cherokee. The Cherokee used the lands primarily for hunting and gathering. Todd County exist within the lands that was originally in the territory of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Many of the original settlers of the county had become established in what would become Todd County when the state was still in Virginia territory. This area of southern Kentucky, known for its premier agricultural lands was to be gifted to the veterans of those serving Virginia and the United States in the American Revolutionary War.
The earliest known record of settlers in the Todd County region included Edward Shanklin Sr. who was given one of the earliest land grants in the region for his service in theAmerican Revolutionary War. Justinian Cartwright was perhaps the earliest settler in the lands that would become Todd County. The first definite account of permanent immigration to this district is that of Edward Shanklin Jr. (Edward Sr.'s son), Matthew and David Rolston, John Huston and his sons James and Granville. Samuel Davis, father of Jefferson Davis, and John Wilson were also early settlers of the region. Kentucky Governor Greenup granted land man of the first Kentucky grants to William Croghan, David Logan, Edward Shanklin Jr. and John Wilson, among others.
Christian and Logan counties were called upon to contribute to the creation of Todd County due to the outlying population of both Logan and Christian's demand for a "home government" so that travel to the county seats of Logan and Christian was no longer necessary. The county was formed in 1820 by the first magisterial court consisting of membersEdward Shanklin, John Gray, Robert Coleman, Henry Gorin, John Taylor, H. C. Ewing, John S Anderson, William Hopper, John Mann and Joseph Frazer. The petition was created and the legislature of the Commonwealth of Kentucky granted the act of legislature, enacting the creation of the county on April 1, 1820. The legislature designated that the name of the county be in remembrance of Colonel John Todd who died at the Battle of Blue Licks.
1850 US Census, District 1 – Todd County, KY
Dwelling 117 Family 118
Goin, Armstead – 23 – KY
Goin, Permelia – 19 – TN
Haggard, Parthena – 11 – TN

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Todd County, Kentucky Marriages
E.L. Goins to C.M. Goins – Nov. 15, 1857
Allen Goin to Susan Grumbley – Dec, 24, 1863
Thomas C. Goins to Sarah C. Greenfield – Dec. 17, 1872

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