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Shenandoah County, VA Early Records

Shenandoah County was established in 1772, it was originally named Dunmore County for Virginia Governor Lord Dunmore. The county was renamed Shenandoah in 1778, named for the Senedos Indian tribe. During the Civil War the Battle of New Market took place May 15, 1864.
From:  A History of Shenandoah County Virginia by John W. Wayland, PH. D.; Baltimore Regional Publishing Co., 1980.

Pg. 418
Lutheran Pastors at Woodstock
The congregation had no regular pastor from 1776 to 1806, a period of 30 years. During this long interval the congregation was kept alive by visiting Lutheran pastors……
..in 1786 Rev. Jacob Goeing

This is only a partial list as it relates to the Going’s family.

Shenandoah County Personal Property Tax List
1782-1799, 1800-1818
Library of Virginia microfilm reels 315-6

Michael Going 1 tithe 2 horses, 5 cattle [frame 438]
Sidney a free Negro 1 tithe 1 horse [frame 446]

1789 A, List of Wm Headley
John Chaviss 1 tithe 3 horses [frame 479]

1789 B, List of Taverner Beale
Patten, Richard: Thomas a free Negro
Zachariah (a free Negro) 1 tithe 1 horse

1790 B, List of Wm Headley
Going, Michal 2 tithes 1 horse [frame 526]

1791 A,
Going, Michal 1 tithe 2 horses [frame 538]

1791 B
Grayham, James 1 tithe [frame 551]
Kenneday Wm 1 tithe 1 slave 12-16, 3 horses [frame 553]

1792 A
Michal Going 1 tithe 2 horses [frame 564]

1793 A, List of Wm Headley
Bundy, Thomas 1 tithe [frame 590]
Going, Michal 1 tithe 2 horses [frame 592]

1794 A, 2nd Battalion
Bundy, Thomas 1 tithe 1 slave over 16, 1 horse [frame 617]
Goings, Michael 1 tithe 1 horse [frame 619]
Goings, Henry 1 tithe

1795 2nd Battalion
Bunday, Thomas 1 tithe 1 slave over 16, 1 horse [frame 647]
Free Joel 1 tithe 2 horses [frame 649]
Going, Michael 1 tithe 1 horse

From:  Shenandoah County Virginia Marriage Bonds 1772-1850, Compiled by Bernice M. Ashby, Virginia Book Company – Berryville, Virginia, 1967

Pg. 21
McCollester, James --- Taylor, Rebecca. G. Jan 2, 1788. Bondsman:  Merd Going.

Pg. 40
Goings, Henry --- Blackwell, Lucy.  Dau of Nilly. July 19, 1792.


From:  Abstracts of Shenandoah County, VA, Deed Books AA-HH, 1820-1830 by Dee Ann Buck

Pg. 160
MCCOLLISTER, JAMES & his wife MARGARET, JACOB SPIDLER & his wife ANNA (of Fairfield Co. OH) and JOHN METZ & his wife KATHERINE (of Shenandoah Co. VA) – 1 Oct 1814, 7 May 1821 – Sale of Property – sold to John PRINCE for $.........?(not given) all their rights to a tract containing 110a with all its appurtenances, lying on Blue Ridge on the drain of The Big Hawksbill Creek, at the corner of Jacob Shaver in the line of J. Griffith at the top of The Piney Mountain, it being the same granted to Elizabeth Snider (now dec’d, widow of George Snider) and said James McCollister as tenants in common on 5th May 1802, said James & Margaret McCollister therefore possess ½ of the above tract and whereas on the death of said Elizabeth SNIDER (dec’d) the other ½ which consists of 55a the said Elizabeth Snider died intestate and the court & suit directed to be divided among her five children: Elizabeth formerly the wife of George Prince Sr., now dec’d , the now dec’d Mary the wife of Michael Gowen, Anna the wife of the said Jacob Spidler, Catherine the wife of said John Metz and Margaret the wife of the said James McCollister, which the said Elizabeth, Mary, Anna, Catherine & Margaret are the children & heirs of law of the said Elizabeth Snider (now dec’d), signed by James “X” McCollister, Margaret “X” McCollister, Jacob Spidler, Anna Spidler, John Metz & Katherine Metz Wit: Abram Strickler JP & Isaac Strickler JP both of Shenandoah Co., VA questioned said Katherine Metz if she freely agreed with the sale of the said property, Wit: Hugh Boyle CC, Wm. Wilson CC, John McMuller & Elisha L. Bonham JP all of Fairfield Co. OH questioned said Anna Spidler if she freely agreed with the sale of said property, received by P. Williams CC; Book AA, 526.

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