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Jefferson County, WV Early Records

From : Jefferson County, WV Genweb

Jefferson County was formed in 1801 from part of Berkeley County in what was then Virginia and was named for Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence and the third president of the United States. The county seat is Charles Town where the county's courthouse was the site of the trial for the abolitionist John Brown after his 1859 raid on the federal armory in Harpers Ferry.

1810 Charles, Jefferson, VA Census
Transcribed by Tracy Hutchison

Jason Gowings – 3 - FPC
1820 Mountain (Blue Ridge), Jefferson, VA Census
Transcribed by Tracy Hutchison

Joseph Goens – FPC
2 males to 14
1 male to 26
1 male 45 +
1 female to 14
1 female to 26
1 female to 45

1830 Jefferson, VA Census
Transcribed by Tracy Hutchison

George Goings - FPC
1 male under 10
1 male 10-24
1 male 36-55
2 females under 10
1 female 24-26

Joseph Goings – FPC
1 male under 10
1 male 10-24
1 male 55-100
1 white female 40-50

1840 Jefferson, VA Census
Transcribed by Tracy Hutchison

Thomas Goings – FPC
4 males under 10
1 male 24-36
1 female under 10
1 female 24-36

1840 Shepherdstown, Jefferson, VA Census
Transcribed by Tracy Hutchison

Luke Goins – FPC
2 males 24-36
1 female under 10
1 female 10-24
1 female 24-36


1850 Jefferson, VA Census
Transcribed by Tracy Hutchison

Charles Town
Goheen, John - 38 - M - W - Coachmaker
Goheen, Anna - 28 - F - W

Goings, Jane - 40 - F - M - VA
Goings, Franklin - 13 - M - M - VA
Goings, Amanda - 8 - F - M- VA
Goings, Georgana - 3 - F - M - VA

28th District
Criswell, Thomas - 38 - M - W - Manufaturer - IRELAND
Criswell, Maria - 25 - F - W - PA
Criswell, Lemuel -4 - M - W - PA
Criswell, Ann E. - 2 -F - W -VA
Scott, John - 21 -M - W - Manufacturer - PA
Scott, George- 19 - M - W - PA
Johnson, David -16 - M - W - VA
Johnson, James - 14 - M - W -VA
Johnson, Benjamin - 11 - M - W -VA
Scott, Ann - 40 - F - W - PA
Goings, Mary - 13 -F - B - VA

Goings, Lawson -48 - M -M - Boatman - VA
Goings, Sally -40 - F - M - VA
Goings, John -16 - M - M -VA
Goings, William -14 -M - M - VA
Goings, Stephen -13 - M - M -VA
Goings, Fanny - 11 - F - M - VA
Goings, Mary - 10 - F - M - VA
Goings, Charles - 6 - M - M -VA
Goings, Joseph - 4 - M - M -VA
Goings, Nancy - 3 - F - M -VA
Goings, Sally - 1 - F - M -VA

Goings, Thomas -50 - M -B -VA
Goings, Lucretia - 50 -F - B -VA
Goings, William -18 -M -B -VA
Goings, George -16 - M - B - VA
Goings, Mary -13 -F - B - VA
Goings, John - 11 - M - B - VA
Goings, Arthur - 9 - M - B - VA
Goings, Betsy - 7 -F -B - VA
Goings, Ann M - 5 -F - B - VA
Goings, Charles - 3 - M - B - VA

1860 Jefferson, VA Census
Transcribed by Tracy Hutchison

Hart, Thomas – 48 – M – M – Stone Mason – VA
Hart, Mary E. – 50 – F – M – VA
Hart, Ann C. – 19 – F – M – VA
Hart, George M. 15 – M – M – VA
Hart, Emily – 13 – F – M – VA
Hart, Martha E. – 11 – F – M – VA
Hart, Thomas M. – 8 – M – M – VA
Stephenson, Mary – 30 – F – M – VA
Goins, Elizabeth – 70 – F – M – VA

Goins, Thomas – 60 – M – B – Farm Laborer – VA
Goins, Lucretia – 45 – F – B – VA
Goins, Charles – 14 – M – B - VA

Milton, James W. – 33- M – VA
Milton, Mary E. – 33 – F – VA
Milton, Anna Mary – 4 – F – VA
Milton, James H S – 1 – M – VA
Rodrick, Phillip – 22 – M – VA
Goins, Elizabeth – 22 – F – B – VA

Goins, Lawson – 53 – M – M – Boatman – VA
Goins, Sarah – 50 – F – M – VA
Goins, John F. – 27 – M – M – VA
Goins, William – 25 – M – M – VA
Goins, Stephen – 23 – M – M – VA
Goins, Fannie – 21 – F – M – VA
Goins, Mary – 19 – F – M – VA
Goins, Charles – 16 – M – M – VA
Goins, Joseph – 13 – M – M – VA
Goins, Nancy – 12 – F – M – VA
Goins, Sallie – 10 – F – M – VA
Goins, Richard – 8 – M – M – VA
Hart, Mary – 45 – F – M – VA
Hart, Phebe – 19 – F – M – VA
Hart, Thomas – 16 – M – M – VA
Hart, Benjamin – 8 – M – M – VA

1860 Charlestown, Jefferson County, VA
Transcribed by Tracy Hutchison

Brown, William – 27 – M – M – VA
Brown, Lucy – 28 – F – M – VA
Brown, Georgianne – 4 – F – M – VA
Goins, Thomas – 34 – M – M – Blacksmith – VA
From: Calendar and Index to Recorded Survey Plats in Jefferson County, West Virginia (Virginia), Courthouse, 1801-1901 by Michael D. Thompson – Jefferson County Historical Society

Plat Number: 270
Deed Book Number: 32
Page Number: 383
Date of Plat: 5/1/1852
Plat of 4 lots adjoining the town alley on the north side of Charlestown, the Leetown Road, the Methodist Church, the School Lot, and Wm. Crow (conveyed to Caroline Blue, T. Goings, J. Brown, L. Hamilton).

Plat Number: 380
Deed Book Number: 38
Page Number: 376
Date of Plat: 2/1/1859
Plat of 29-acre parcel conveyed by Armstead Orem et ux. to Thomas Goens (a free man of color), and adjoining Bushy Ridge, Charles Brooke, James McCurdy heirs and John Kable heirs.

Plat Number: 1052
Deed Book Number: 80
Page Number: 6
Date of Plat: 4/22/1895
Plat of partition and division of the lads of Thomas Goins, and adjoining J. McCurdy, John Kable, and Charles Brooks.

Plat Number: 1113
Deed Book Number: 85
Page Number: 179
Date of Plat: 5/30/1888
Plat of 1/2 –acre lot conveyed by Milton Rouss and Mary C. Rouss to Joseph Goens, and adjoining Shannon Hill, R. P. Chew, Samuel L. Rissler, Milton Rouss, and the Bloomery-Kabletown Turnpike.

ABOVE: a small portion of an 1883 Jefferson County map by S. Howell Brown with the plats of Charles H. Goins, Thomas Goins and the Shannandale Springs Company areas highlighted.
Goen, Goens, Goins, and Goings Family of Jefferson County Virginia and West Virginia
Information provided by Shelley Murphy, Great, Great, Great Granddaughter of Lawson Goens.

Lawson Goens was born free in 1807 in Virginia. His parents or siblings are unknown and it is unknown if he was born in Jefferson County Virginia. It is not known if Jason Goings, free Negro listed in the Jefferson County Personal Property Tax List for years of 1806-1840 on Shirley’s land is related. Lawson was married about 1830 to Sarah Hart who was born April 1, 1810 in Virginia. We do not have any information on the Hart family. The family members are found in the Federal census for the years of 1850, 1860 and 1870. They were in the District 28, Kabletown and Middleway areas of Jefferson County. VA., and as of April 1863 now West Virginia. In some of the censuses they are listed as being white and other census’s they are colored/mulatto/black. Lawson Goens worked as a ferryman for 30 years in Jefferson Co. at the historic Shannondale Springs Resort. He died on July 12, 1874. We do not know where he died or where he is buried. Lawson’s wife Sarah (Hart) died in 1886, we do not know what County she died in, but she was buried in Jefferson County West Virginia, and headstone was at the cemetery in front of St. Pauls’s Church in Kearneysville, but now her headstone is gone. There was a rumor that a car plowed into the cemetery several years ago and some headstones were lost.

After Lawson died, Sarah moved in with her daughter Nancy Johnson. According to Sarah (Hart) Goens’ bible, and there is no S on the Surname, it is written as Goen.

Findings: Jefferson County Virginia does not have the Personal Property for Jefferson County VA records to my knowledge so they were sent to Richmond each year and now on microfilm.

Order Book 8, 19 Nov 1838:
[p. 121] At Ct. of Oyer & Terminer held 19th Nov for trial of Lawson Goins, a free man of colour, charged with felonously stealing, taking & carrying away from a house at the Shannon Dale Springs, divers bank notes of the value of $21 the prop. of Shannon Dale Springs Co. Present Wm. P. Flood, James Griggs, Wm. F. Turner, Wm.
Grantham & Saml. W. Lackland, Gent. Just's. Plead not guilty. Found guilty and sentenced to 5y in public jail and penitentiary. (word for word from the document)

The above court order raises some questions; this is the company that Lawson worked for 30 yrs. So not sure if he did jail or penitentiary time. Mary Catherine one of his daughters was born in 1840 during the jail time. More research has to be done to verify the situation.

11 Children born to Lawson Goens and Sarah (Hart):

**Martha Elizabeth born June 16, 1831, died 1834.

**John Francis, born August 4, 1832. He and his wife lived on Mt. Gilliam in a log cabin and he built caskets.

**William Alexander born March 4, 1834. Married about 1857 to Martha Johnson, daughter of Kitty. Children born if any are unknown at this time.

**Stephen, born Feb 28, 1838. He lived with his brother John and later moved to Pittsburg PA. He died April 4, 1890. H lived with his brother John Francis supposedly on Mt. Gilliam, now known as the Burns property. He died April 4, 1890.

**Frances Virginia “Fannie,” born December 28, 1837, she married James Douglas Roper. Children are: Mary Virginia b. 11/7/1860, George William b. 5/13/1864, Martha E. b. 11/10, 1875 and Nancy Clara b. about 1880.

**Mary Catherine born April 18, 1840. Married George Marsh. George Marsh was from the area as well and was found in the in the 1860s federal census with a John Marsh, living with the Robinson family. Elijah and Sarah Robinson are also found in District 28, 1850 Federal census.
George Marsh was believed to be a slave. George and Mary left Jefferson County right after the civil war and headed to Manistee County Michigan, making a stop in Ohio. George and Mary Catherine’s children are: Nancy Ardella b. 1864, Sarah born in OH- (married Henry Davis), Cora born in Manistee Co. Mi, Frank, Warren, Jesse, Clara (married Henry Davis), Hattie, John and Matthew, George.

**Charles Henry born March 16, 1844, married Louisa Victoria Roper about 1867: children: James Douglas, Rosie, Fanny, Mabel, Florence, Alice Sophy, Eliza, Annie E. Charles and Neva Elrita.

**Josiah (Joseph) born August 17, 1846, married Lucy Sims, 1869 daughter of Eliza Sims.
Children; Arwilda M b. 1871 (married Howard Hart, who is the son of Mascena Hart), Lawson 1873, Charles Austin b. 1875, and Lucy b. 1878.

**Nancy Elizabeth born March 24, 1848. She married Emanuel Johnson around 1868. Children: Eugene b. 1868, Margaret b. 1870, Mary b. 1872, Henry b. 1875, John b. 1878

**Sarah Ann “Sally” born August 9, 1849, married William Henry Roper. Children: Aldridge b. 2/1870, Edwin, Rose, Sallie.

**Richard Peyton b. April 28, 1852.


We believe that Lawson Goens was born in Jefferson County and died in Jefferson County WV. Thomas Goings listed in the 1850 census with wife Lucretia, could be Lawson’s brother.

The Hart family in Kearneysville related to the Goens, Howard Hart, son of Mescent Hart married Joseph and Lucy (Sims) Goens daughter Arwilda McCormick.

The Ropers were another free family along with the Johnson’s. The Ropers come from Nicolas Roper from Suffolk, England, not from Ireland., had a son named James. Three Goens’ children married Ropers’

Two Goens children married Johnson’s.
Emanual Johnson, Nancy Goens husband, his father is John and they were from Page County VA. Emanual Johnson died between 1870-1880, there is no record found regarding his death. We do not know if Martha Johnson (who married William A. Goens) and Emanual Johnson were related.

Marsh and Yates families are related. Emma Marsh married John I. Yates on 8 October 1885, the Yates families descendants are still living in Jefferson County. The Yates family came from Rappahannock County, VA

Batille Muse’s plantation was named Marsh Farm and he had 24 taxable slaves. It is not confirmed if George Marsh’s family was enslaved on the Marsh Farm. Oral history says George Marsh at the age of 4, remembers his father running through the house and out to the barn with white men, neighbors following with guns, he remembers hearing shots and never saw his father again.

Bushey Ridge-I believe the Goens property was located there, but have yet to find out what happen and why did families left the area. Did not find where Lawson Goens owned property.

James Elmer Goens, lived in Kearneysville, his mother was Josephine Goens, daughter of Joseph and Lucy (Sims) referenced in Lucy Sims Goens will.

If you have anything to add or want more information, you can contact me Shelley Murphy at 434-293-2566 or

****Note added by Tracy Hutchison - For a great history and maps of Shannadale Springs visit:


From: St. Louis County Library

File Microcopies of Records in the National Archives: No. 87
Roll 13
Washington: 1946

The volume microc0pied on this roll is labeled on its front cover “List of Claims,” and is numbered 55, the last volume in the numbered volumes of records of the Commissioners of Claims, otherwise known as the Southern Claims Commission. The volume is undated.

It consists of a printed list of claimants, arranged alphabetically by names of States, thereunder by names of counties, and thereunder by names of claimants, with the serial number and amount of each claim presented to the Commissioners. All the claims, totaling 22,298, are included. The sheets of the volume are ruled to permit manuscript annotations. These are confined to “allowed” and “disallowed,” written opposite a few of the claims. The fact that the action taken with respect to most of the claims is not indicated suggests that the volume was not long used as a record of action taken.

The volume is part of a body of records in the National Archives designated as Record Group No. 56, General Records of the Department of the Treasury.

(Note added by Tracy Hutchison: Below is only the portion of the list in regards to Jefferson County. Some of the numbers and names were a little blurry. If you see an error please let me know and I will make the correction. All claims for Jefferson County are listed only to show persons that were in the area during the same time frame as John F Goen)

14,627. Charles Agllonby - 2,936
4,259. Linton N Andrews - 883
15,589. Garrett W Bane - 600
15,980. Moses Baylor - 2,958
17,007. John Beck – 772
15,591. Hector Bell – 923
15,534. G W Boyers – 3,280
13,289. Lee G Brothertou – 247
13,291. Thomas Brown – 560
15,592. Caleb Burns – 1,945
13,207. Isaac V Burns – 657
11,324. Augustine Cain – 440
13,025. John Chamberlain – 687
15,000. Daniel Coalman – 690
14,308. George W Cockrell – 1,200
14,428. John G Cockrell – 224
17,008. Hezekiah Colbert – 1,932
13,211. John Cook – 1,050
13,530. Nathan H Copeland – 339
12,740. Estate of William Crow. – 725
12,726. Randolph Custer – 2,518
21,976. Patrick H Daley – 425
15,593. William A Dixon – 150
11,712. William H Dixon – 1,146
15,594. Isaac Dust – 269
15,595. Benjamin Eckels – 1,040
13,287. Edwin C Engle – 300
12,664. Frederick A Fulk – 1,371
12,727. John F Goen – 1,625
15,319. Phillip Gordou – 1,210
14,628. William Green – 384
14,304. Estate of William Grove – 2,099
5,092. Edward V Haines – 2,089
13,020. Alleria A Hamill – 425
20,179. Elijah Hawk – 386
17,013. James T Hazlewood – 150 – Al.
14,395. John W Hill – 475
14,844. Francis R. Hooff – 3,285
20,076. E C Hopkins – 306
353. Harrison Huff – 130
15,590. Estate of William Hurst – 4,105
14,437. Mary S Jewett – 2,700
13,018. Andrew J Johnson – 190
12,355. John H Kauode – 2,945
20,178. Anna Kennedy – 1,500
12,665. Estate of Mrs A H Kerny – 750
21,767. Adam Kidwiler – 3,914
20,229. Isaac Kidwiler – 1,025
20,175. Thomas Kirwin – 495
14,629. Charles Langdon – 151
13,118. & 13,470. William M Lemen – 939
12,545. Willoughby N Lemen – 112
13,523. Samuel Lewis – 260
13,288. Thomas Licklider – 407
14,845. Dangerfield Lloyd – 1,163
15,984. Remington S Lock – 950 – Allowed $410.
13,481. William Loyd – 4,146
15,987. James W McCloy – 232 – Allowed $157.
14,370. John W McCurdy – 798
13,532. William McSherry – 1,743
17,012. Estate of Joseph Melvin – 583
15,530. Joseph Mcnifee – 1,030
13,019. Jacob Merritt – 2,386
21,619. Thomas H Miles – 11,749
17,507. Edward W Miller – 11,661
13,022. Jacob J Miller – 1,285 – Allowed $505.
14,309. Lydia Miller – 4,020
12,364. Robert M Miller – 2,631
12,191. George W. Mock – 200
1,925. Daniel Moler – 12,892
13,023. Phillip R Moler – 908
15,537. William J Moler – 517
243. & 14,371. Samuel Moreland – 2,588
13,200. James W Myers – 1,665
17,316. Lucinda Myers – 150
14,431. John W Neer – 665
1,000. John Nisewaner – 420
15,538. Estate of Mary Osborne – 278
14,433. Logan Osburn – 1,185
15,185. Estate of Barney Ott – 1,207
14,310. Daniel Ott – 598
12,666. John W Ott – 1,842 – Disallowed
17,317. John W Packett – 837
14,434. John B Packett – 2,076
14,435. William Pane – 1,750
17,318. Jonathan J Pettit – 8,004
1,213. Richard N Pool – 11,637
13,531. William C Ramey – 2,576
18,024. John H Ramsbury – 100
14,548. Henry Reed – 544
14,430. Samuel Ridenour – 5,425
13,017. Joseph L Roberts – 405
14,811. John Rockenbaugh – 701
14,372. Estate of James Roper – 9,929
13,117. & 13,200. Samuel Ruckle – 711
12,723. Estate of Uriah Rutherford – 2,996
11,464. Mary B Seaman – 4,881
13,480. George E Shaull – 530 - D
13,522. John F Shaull – 973
13,482. Nicholas S Shaull – 1,013
13,210. George Show – 1,025
13,021. James W Snyder – 2,340
14,438. George W. Spotts – 962
15,539. Jacob W Staley – 838
12,725. Stephen Staley – 1,702
20,173. Anna Stipes – 162
13,119. John J II Straith – 3,300
21,715. David H Strother – 50,000
1,959. Carey Thompson – 1,886
14,312. John Urton – 1,108
12,546. David A Wageley – 1,488
13,520. James Walker – 300
12,354. John W Ware – 1,533
14,630. John Welcome – 265
14,313. Elizabeth P Welsh – 1,537
13,521. Joseph Welshans – 453
15,596. Thomas West – 3,380
14,545. Francis A Whittington – 880
11,949. Thomas H Willis – 14,050
11,325. Thomas E Woodward – 716
15,507. Frances Yates – 3,999
13,518. George P Zombro – 1,277

Original documents for the above can be viewed at Footnote.
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Transcribed by Tracy Hutchison. Every effort was made to correctly transcribe the document, however, errors may have occured. Please let me know if you notice any corrections that need to be made.

Before the Commissioner of Claims,
Under Act of March 3, 1871.

Jno. F, Goen Col’d
The United States

On this 24 day of April, 1872 at Kerneysville in the County of Jefferson and State of West Virginia personally came John F. Goen (col’d) claimant, and George M. Mock and Michael Souders his witnesses, in a cause now pending before the Commissioners of Claims, in the name of John F. Goen vs. The United States, before me a U.S. Commissioner of Claims.

Present the Claimant and Col G. W. Z. Black Attorney for said Claimant.
The said Claimant, and each of said Witnesses, were first, before any questions were put to them, properly and duly sworn to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth relative to the matters in which they were to testify; and the testimony of the Claimant and sad witnesses were taken down by me or in my presence; and I read over to said Claimant and to each witnesses their respective depositions; and the said depositions were duly signed in my presence.
Thos. S. Hargest
US Commissioner
And Special Commissioner.

Deposition of the Claimant
Answer to First Interrogatory: about 3 miles East of Charlestown in this county, Iwas there in person engaged in farming.
To Question No. 2. Hesays I lived there until the ninth of month of November 1864 when I went to Ohio and remained in Ohio until March 1866, when I returned to summit point at this county.
To Questions 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 & 14 he answerw “no”_in full to each
To Question 15 hesay yes in the fall of 1864 I went to Ohio to get rid of the rebels. I worked in a foundry out there. I remained there until March 1866 as I have already stated.
To Question No 16, 17 & 18 he answers “no” in full to each
To Question 19, he says “yes I was threatened by Mosby himself in the spring of 1864. He threatened that if I did not tell him where the Union army was he would wither take me south or shoot me. He rode off telling me that he would be back in the evening and if I did not tell him all about it there that I would be shot or taken south. When he came be I was very scarce.
To Questions 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 and 32, he answers no in full to each
To Question 33 he says, at the beginning of the rebellion I sympathized with the Union. My feeling and language were for the Union I always expressed myself for the Union I exerted my influence and cast my vote for the Union. I voted to agst the ordinance of secession where ordinance of secession was adopted I adhered to the Union and did not go “with the State”

The atty for the claimant waiving a first examination, the claim’t is here examined by the Com’sr concerning the property charged.
I was present and and saw all the property charged taken from me. The 2 horses charged as the 1st item were taken from me by Capt William Bragg of Gen’l Coles Reg’t I was ploughing in the field near the road where he came in and said he must take the Horses for Artillery use and that if I would come to H. Ferry next day and I could get them back. The next day the blockade was down so tight that I could not get to the Ferry This occurred in the month of October 1864. The took the Horses and I never saw them afterwards. They were large draft horses, in good order, one was six & the other 7 yrs old, were worth $175. each. (note out in the margin – 2’d item) The corn was taken in the month of December 1864, by the commands that were encamped at Charlestown and Halltown. I don’t know the names of the officers who commanded The corn was all hauled away in Gov’t wagons out of my field They took husk & all, not the _____. The wagons numbered 15 or 20, and made two trips. There was 750 bus. taken. I estimated the quantity left in the field now was about 27 acres in the field and about 19 taken. I got from 40 to 50 bus to the acre of what was left, what they took they took clean _left none Corn was worth 90 cts per bus then. The wagon masters who were in charge of the horses said they were just out for _______ and intend to take it wherever the could find it. I asked for receipts but they said they were not ordered to give receipts.
(note in margin – 3rd item) The Hay charged was taken in the month of October 1864 by Dunponts Battery, Crook’s division. The Artillery men came for it themselves. They said they were in the hunt of Hay for their horses and were bound to have it. They said they had no hay for their horses. They took the hay out of the barn and out of stacks in the field. There was 3 ____ with from 8 to 10 loads in each and about 20 tons out of the barn. The hauled some in wagons to the camp and some they carried on horseback in bundles. Hay was worth at that time about $20 per ton All the property charged belonged to me individually.
I know nothing more about it Further saith not
John F Goen

Michael Souders a witness for the clt being duly sworn and examined by the Com’sr swears and says – first examination being waived.
I am 33 years I lived in Charlestown. I have known the claimant Mr Goen since 1862. I was a soldier of the 2d Md Cavalry. I was stationed at Charlestown nearly all the time of the war. I saw him since 1862 during the war nearly every day. when the rebels were about __always came into our lines and stayed there until they were gone. I always heard him say he was a Union man. I have known him to give our Captain (Denton Summers) information concerning the movements of the rebels. He was regarded by and ____ by the officers and soldiers of the camp as a true Unionist.
I did not see the property charged taken from him, but I was there the day before it was taken on a patrol and saw the Hay, and the next day I was by again and it was gone. I don’t know any thing now about the day. I know nothing of the other property. The wagons trains in our camp were nearly always out in the county after ___ for the horses ever wagins were nearly always out for ____ in the community. I don’t know anything now about the matter – further saith not
Michael Souders

G.W. Mock a witness for the clt. being duly sworn and ex’nd by the Court expresses and says – first examination being waived.
Age 45 I reside at Charlestown West Va. My occupation Brick & Stone Mason I have known him since 1833 (or 1855). Was intimate with claimant during the war, lived about 2 ½ miles from him, saw him often every week. Conversed with him frequently about the war its cause and progress. Witness was a union man, and claimant knew him as such, does not recollect – Claimants language but they both often said it (the war) could have been avoided, claimant at all times symphatised with the union case and adhered to the cause of the United States, showed his sympathy in conversation when we were alone. Claimants reputation was that of a loyal man, he was regarded as a loyal man by his loyal neighbors, did not know of his ever contributing any money or property or giving information to the Union cause. The Rebels tried to arrest him at one time on account of his union sentiment but he kept out of their way, does not think he ever contributed any thing in aid of the confederate cause Does not know that he ever served any confederate bonds or ever did to aid the confederate cause., he does not think claimant could have established his loyalty to the confederate government as he was a known union man and further saith not
George W. Mock

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From: Marriages, Jefferson County, Virginia – West Virginia 1801 through 1890, Transcribed and Compiled Alphabetically by J. Lester Link Under The Supervision And Kindeness Of John E. Ott, County Court Clerk, And With the Particular Assistance Of Mrs. Sarah Watson Humpston and Other Office Personnel

Brannam, T. and Lucy Goings – April 4, 1872
Place of marriage, Jefferson County – Age of husband, 42 – Age of wife, 28 – Husband is a Widower – Wife is a Widow – Husband was born at Fairfax, Virginia – Wife was born in Jefferson County, West Virginia – Both reside in Jefferson County, West Virginia – Husband’s parents are Joseph and Lucy – Wife’s parents are Alfred and Annie – Occupation of husband is Farmer.

Goens, C. H. and L. V. Roper (bride) – November 19, 1868
Place of marriage, Jefferson County – Age of husband, 24 – Age of wife, 19 – Both are Single – Both were born in Jefferson County – Both reside in Jefferson County – Husband’s parents are L. and Sarah – Wife’s parents are Osburn and Louise – Occupation of husband is Farmer. (Parent consents.)

Goens, William (cold.) Hatty Washington – May 26, 1886
Place of marriage, Kearneysville – Age of husband, 24 – Age of wife, 21 – Both are Single – Both were born in Jefferson County, West Virginia – Both reside in Jefferson County, West Virginia.

Goings, Harriet and Joseph Hill – January 30, 1806

Goings, Henry (free mixture) Elizabeth Hart – November 26, 1826

Goings, John H. (cold.) Edmonia McCard – December 15, 1885
Place of marriage, Ripon – Age of husband, 45 – Age of wife, 26 – Husband is a Widower – Wife is Single – Both were born in Jefferson County, West Virginia – Both reside in Jefferson County, West Virginia.

Goings, Tom (free negroes) Margaret Alexander – March 29, 1852

Goins, Fanny (free colored) James Douglas – June 13, 1860

Goins, John and Sarah McDaniel – December 28, 1871
Place of marriage – Jefferson County – Age of husband, 34 – Age of wife, 27 – Both are Single – Both were born in Jefferson County – Husband resides in Jefferson – Wife resides in Jefferson County – Husband’s parents are Thomas and Theresa – Wife’s parents are George and Ellen – Occupation of husband is Farmer.

Goins, Joseph (cold.) Lucy Sims – January 23, 1873
Place of marriage, near Kabletown – Age of husband is 27 next august – Age of wife, 24 – Both are Single – Both are born in Jefferson County, West Virginia – Both reside in Jefferson County, West Virginia – Husband’s parents are Lawson and Sarah – Wife’s parents are, mother Eliza – Occupation of husband is Farmer.

Goins, William (free colored) Martha Johnson – February 23, 1863
Time of marriage, Thursday, February 26, 1863 – Place of marriage, Charlestown – Names, William Goins and Martha Johnson (free colored) – Age of husband, 28 years the 4th of next March – Age of wife, 35 years – Both are Single – Both were born in this County – Both live in this County – Names of husband’s parents, Lawson and Sally Goins – Names of wife’s mother, Kitty – Occupation of husband is Farm Hand – License issued, February 23, 1863 – Thomas A. Moore, Clerk.

Johnson, Emanuel (cold.) Nancy E Goyins – September 19, 1867
Place of marriage, Jefferson – Age of husband, 24 – Age of wife, 19 _ Both are Single – Husband was born in Page County, Virginia – Wife was born in Jefferson County – Both reside in Jefferson County – Husband’s parents are John – Wife’s parents are Lawson – Occupation of husband is Farmer. (Father is person gives his consent.)

Roper, William H. and Sarah Goins – July 14, 1873
Place of marriage, Charlestown – Age of husband, 25 – Age of wife, 22 – Both are Single – Both were born in Jefferson County, West Virginia – Both reside in Jefferson County, West Virginia.

From:  “The Black Book”, Jefferson County West Virginia Directory of African-American Facts 1800-2004.  The Jefferson County Black History Preservation Society.

Pg. 6 – Businesses - Barber Shops
Goens’, Lewis……………………Harpers Ferry

Pg. 7 – Businesses – Boatsman
Goins, Lawson………………….Charles Town

Pg. 13 – City, County and Government Officials
Delegates to State and National Convention
Goens, Lawson…..Negro Farmers Congress, San Francisco, 1915, appointed by WV Governor Hatfield

Pg. 33 – John Brown Elks Lodge No. 841 - Chartered 1928 - I.O.P.O.E. of WV - Charles Town, West Virginia – Charter Members, Initiated August 1928
Goens, Shannon S.

Pg. 35 – World War I Negro Veterans
Goens, James E.

Pg. 43 – Page-Jackson High School Graduates 1942-1965
Goens, Lorelia……1957

Tombstone Inscriptions - Jefferson County, W. Va. 1687-1980 - Tombstone Inscriptions and Burial Lots compiled by Bee Line Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution. Published by Walsworth Publishing Company, Marceline, Mo.

Bolivar Cemetery
Goens, William Lawson - b. June 12, 1876 d. Jan. 5, 1922
Goens, Lewis R. - b. Jan 1, 1911 d.Oct. 8, 1967 - PFC Tank Destroyer WWII
Goens, Victoria D. - 1913 -

Burial Ground Next to Boyd Carter for the following:
Goens, William - 1861-1919 Harriet - 1865-1927 wf of William Goens
Goens, Edgar - b. May 11, 1911 d. Aug. 3 1963 - PVT WWII
Goens, Paul R. - b. Mar. 4, 1890 d. May 3, 1932

St. Paul's Baptist (Kearneysville)
Goens, Sarah A. - d. Feb. 8, 1886, aged 75 yrs. 10 mo. 7 da.



  1. Recently there have been several messages relating to a slave, Luke Goins, of the Harpers Ferry area. While reviewing some records of Washington, DC, I came across the following:

    This document (placed on the web by the Washington DC Historical Society) relates to the emancipation of slaves in Washington, DC - and the calculation of their value by a commission set up for that purpose. This value was to be paid to the former owners (or their heirs) as compensation for the emancipation of their slaves. Some 966 petitions for compensation were filed by former owners; these petitions named some 3,100 former slaves. The majority of these claims (909) were allowed; the others were fully or partially disallowed.

    Three of the slaves named were surnamed GOINS:

    Malinda Goins, valued at $350.40

    Rose Goins, valued at $350.40


    George Goins, valued at $328.50

    These slaves were three of the seven named by petitioner Milton Garrett, acting on his own behalf and on behalf of an estate (W. C. Caldwell, Sarah Caldwell, John H. Caldwell, A. M. Caldwell, et al). Milton Garrett is claimant 130 (see page 23).

    Milton Garrett was a prosperous merchant of Washington, DC - but was originally of Harpers Ferry. Born 06 April 1813, Milton was the eldest son of Johnson and Mary (Doyle) Garrett of Harpers Ferry (and, later, Bolivar). Milton married Mary L. Caldwell about 09 November 1839 (date of license issued at Frederick county, MD). In adulthood, Milton moved to Washington; his brother, Mortimore (a blacksmith), moved to Georgetown; and his youngest sister, Mary Arnett Garrett, married Dr. John Ben Johnson of Alexandria, VA (just across the Potomac from DC).

    At the 1860 census of Washington, DC (Series M653, Roll 102, page 384) - i.e. two years before the emancipation claims - the household of Milton Garrett includes his wife, Mary (nee' Caldwell) and their children. Also in the household are Melinda (no surname given, ae 40) and Rose (ae 6); George (Goins) is not in the Garrett household, however.

    Given the Harpers Ferry roots of Milton Garrett, it seems probable that Malinda, Rose and George Goins were related in some manner to Luke Goins of Harpers Ferry.

    I hope this will provide some useful additional information about your GOINS family.

    Richard Irwin

    1. Two awesome links I recommend for those researching Luke Goins:

      According to his obits and other information he was:
      Born Shepherdstown, Virginia, 4 December 1833
      Died Marlborough, Massachusetts, 26 September 1896
      Married Annie Brown in Martinsburg, WV
      Was employed by his master, Mr. Carroll, as a waiter at the Wager Hotel in Harpers Ferry
      Served as a steward aboard sailing vessels during the Civil War
      Referred to as “Pied Piper of Old Marlboro Was a Salve With a Good Ear” by the Worcester Telegram
      Was instrumental in the identification of the John Brown Bell

    2. Update, Luke Goins b. 1740 VA, is in Loudoun, has a son Luke Goins, he moves to Jefferson Co. from Loudoun and lives in Shepherdstown.

  2. Update: Lawson Goens, was born in Loudoun County, Virginia in 1807, his parents are Joseph and Nancy (unknown) Goings. Joseph and family entered Jefferson County, VA by 1820.

  3. Hart-Lucas Cemetery - Jefferson County, WV

    Goens, Charles, no dates
    Goens, Delphia S., b. 1895, d. 1983
    Goens, James Elmer, b. Aug 10 1895, d. May 17 1983, WWI Veteran