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Westmoreland County, VA Early Records

As originally established by the House of Burgesses from Northumberland County, Virginia in 1653, the territory of Westmoreland County encompassed much of what later become the various counties and cities of Northern Virginia, including the city of Alexandria,Arlington County, Fairfax County, and Prince William County. These remained Westmoreland until 1664, when Stafford County, Virginia was formed.
Westmoreland County was the birthplace of George Washington, the first President of the United States (at the former settlement ofBridges Creek, Virginia);[3] James Monroe, the fifth President of the United States; and General Robert E. Lee, commander of theConfederate armies. It was the residence of Col. Nicholas Spencer, who patented the land at Mount Vernon in 1674 with his friend Lt. Col. John Washington, ancestor of George Washington. Spencer, who served as President of the Council and acting Governor of Virginia, was the cousin of and agent for the Barons Colepeper, proprietors of the Northern Neck. Spencer lived at his plantationNomini, which his descendants later sold to Robert Carter I.
From: with permission. Partial list as it relates to the Goins/Goings/Gowens families.

Library of Virginia microfilm reel nos.55-61
Orders 1705-1721 (reel 54), 1721-1731 (reel 55), 1731-1739 (reel 56), 1739-43 & 1743-47 (reel 57), 1747-50, 1750-52 (reel 58), 1752-5 & 1755-8 (reel 59), 1758-61 & 1761-64 (reel 60), 1776-86 & 1787-90 (reel 61)

29 August 1706, p.37
Judgment is granted John Higgins against Thomas Goen for five hundred forty five pounds of tobacco due by bill account ordered hee pay the same with costs.

26 January 1708/9
Thomas Goen being bound by Recognizance to appeare at this Court to answer our Sovereinge Lady the Queen of a certaine force & rescue of a prisoner out of the custody of Wm Chandler Constable for Machotique ptomet? the day appeared to answer the same and upon examination & hearing of the matter alledged agst him the Court do sett upon him the fine or sum of twenty shillings sterl. to bee paid to our Soveraigne Lady the Queen for his sd offence and it is also ordered that the sd Thomas Goen do enter into Recognizance for his personall appeareance at the next Court to answer what may be objected agst him and in the mean tyme to bee of the good behaviour

27 April 1711
p.156 Richard Kenner brought suite against Thomas Goen of the parish of Cople in the County aforesaid Labourer and declared against him for words spoke by the said Thomas against him the said Richard too his damage one hundred pounds sterl: and at a court held for the said County the 20 May 1708 The Defendant aforesaid appeared and prayed Lycence of Imparlence till the then next Court which was granted and by Severall adjournments from thence Continued over till this day and now at this Court the defendant aforesaid being called & faileing to appear upon Mocion of the pltf Judgment is granted him Nihil dicit against the said Thomas Goen, But for that is not known to the Court what damage the pltf had sustained by meanes of the words by the Defendant aforesaid spoke as the pltf in his Declaration hath set forth It is therefore ordered that the sheriff of the county doe cause to come before her Majties. Justices at the next Court to be held for the said County ... the damage may be better known ..

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