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Stokes County, North Carolina Early Records

This collection of records was emailed to the blog by Cindy Young.

Stokes County, North Carolina (formed from Surry County, North Carolina 1789)

Stokes County, NC Marriage Bonds Index Danbury, NC
Groom Bride Date of Bond/Md Bondsman & Witness

Going, Anderson Frazer, Parkey 07/17/1845 Joseph Richardson
(w) C.H. Nelson

Going, Frederic C. Beazly, Sally 12/05/1860 William S. Jessup
md. 12/06/1860 (w) Jno. Hill, C.C.C.

Going, Gilbery ??? 09/14/1839 Luis –x- Going
(w) William Ward

Going, James Going, Emizet 12/14/1858 Federick –x- Going
md 22/12/1858 (w) James M. Dearmin

Going, John Bolton, Cieley 05/10/1838 Ruben Folger
(w) D. Stockton

Going, William A. Riddle, Nancy E. 09/11/1866 Wm. P. –x- Riddle
md 09/14/1866 (w) J.G.H. Mitchell

Goins, Jeamy Roetch, Sally 05/16/1799 Thomas –x- Roetch


Marriage Licenses of Stokes County, NC 1839-1887 by Harvey L. Lineback

Goin, John 21 son of Frederick Goin & Sallie (dead) Pike, Mintie 19 daughter of (blank) & Susan Pike Lic# 2161 dated 17 Oct 1886; married on 17 Oct 1886 by C.T. Christian, JP in Quaker Gap Township. Wit: Sylvester Christian, James H. Goin, Jane Goin

Goin, John K. 26 son of unknown & Rinda Goin Hickman, Malissa A. 21 daughter of Lan Hickman (blank)(dead) Lic# 1169 dated 9 Feb 1879; married on 16 Feb 1879 by Z.S. Alley, JP in Snow Creek Township. Wit: J.H. Hunley, Caleb Amos, E.H. Amos. Black

Goin, Sam 21 son of unknown (dead) & Lethy Goin Franklin, Margaret 18 daughter of George Franklin & Mary Franklin Lic# 2110 dated 25 Mar 1886; married on 25 Mar 1886 by Chas. T. Christian, JP in Quaker Gap Township. Wit: J.W. Dearmin, R.H.L. Smith, Milton Smith Jr. Black

Goin, William Columbus son of Preston Goin (dead) & Cinda Goin
Hickman, Francina 20 daughter of Landers Hickman & Sally Hickman (dead)in
Lic# 1136 dated 17 Dec 1878; married on 17 Dec 1878 by Z.S. Alley, JP in Snow Creek Township. Wit: Henry W. Baughan, J.B. Alley, Mattie Alley. Black (no age given for groom)

Going, George T. son of Anderson Going & Parka Going

Going, Francis E. daughter of Carn Going & Polly Going
Lic# 44 dated 7 Oct 1868; married on 8 Oct 1868 by J.F. Johnson, JP.

Going, Leeborn 22 son of James Going & Elizabeth Going (dead)
Pike, Susan 22 daughter of Isaac Pike (dead) & Sally Pike
Lic# 504 dated 6 Oct 1873; married 28 Oct 1873 by J.T. Joyce, JP in Quaker Gap Township at the residence of Thomas Beasley. Wit: J.T. Beasley, Alex Owens, Tim Robertson.

Going, Monrow 24 son of Anderson Goin (dead) & Parky Goin of Rockingham Co. Rickmon, Mazzy 22 daughter of John Rickmon & Mariah Rickmon Lic# 1396 dated 7 Dec 1880; married 9 Dec 1880 by Z.S. Alley, JP in Snow Creek Township. Wit: J.G. Penn, J.T. Penn, P.N. Scales

Going, Samuel 21 son of Josiah Going & Mary Going Varnum, Nanny 18 daughter of unknown & Jinny Varnum Lic# 468 dated 5 Mar 1873; married 6 Mar 1873 by G.W. Andrews, JP in Snow Creek Township. Wit: J.H. Nelson, G.S. Rhodes, A.J. Brown. Black

Goings, Jefferson son of George Goings & Sarha Goings McKinney, Martha A. daughter of (blank) & Lucy McKinney Lic# 129 dated 23 Oct 1869; married 24 Oct 1869 by Julius Terrill, Min. at Hooker's on Big Creek.


Branch, Flourney 21 son of Joshua Branch & Luvenia Branch Goin, Mary Elizabeth 22 daughter of Morgan Goin & Nancy Jane Goin Lic# 2002 dated 18 Oct 1885; married 18 Oct 1885 by A.J. Pringle, JP in Quaker Gap Township. Wit: J.H. Hudson, John Manring, John W. Pruitt

Hickman, John 22 son of Peter Hickman (dead) & Eliza Hickman Goins, Nannie 21 daughter of Andrew Goins & Elizabeth Goins Lic# 1886 dated 11 Dec 1884; married 18 Dec 1884 by Z.S. Alley, JP in Snow Creek Township (Sandy Ridge, NC) Wit: Elizabeth Hanes, Calven Hanes, Wm. Hickman. "White or colored" for both bride & groom.

Hudson, George W. 25 son of George W. Hudson & Elizabeth Hudson Gowin, Avery L. 18 daughter of Jefferson Gowin & Martha A. Gowin Lic# 2257 dated 15 Sep 1887; married 29 Sep 1887 by John C. Clark, JP in Quaker Gap Township. Wit: Milton Smith Jr., John B. Hudson, Jefferson Gowin.

1790 Census
Salisbury District
Gains, James 2-3-7-0-3
Goans, Joseph 1-3-3-0-2
Gains, Thomas 1-5-4-0-3
Guin, Alman 1-1-3-0-10
Gains, Robert 2-0-6-0-4


Stokes County, NC County Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, Vol. I, 1790-1793 by Carol L. Snow

Friday, March 10, 1791
John Cooper & wife vs Joseph Goin. No 6 The jury whose names are underwritten being impaneled and sworn. Verd 1d & 6d cost. Joel Nelson, Thomas Hamm, James Matthews, Jesse McAnnally, John Evans, John McAnnally, Daniel Evans, John Morgan, David Davis, Gottlieb Earnest, David Flynt, and Gray Bynum.


Stokes County, NC County Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, Vol. I, 1790-1793 by Carol L. Snow

Thursday, March 6, 1793
Deed from John Lankford to Joseph Goin was proved by the oath of William Cloud and ordered to be Registered. 2/pd only.


Stokes County, NC Deeds Book 2 page 222
4 Dec 1794
Joseph Goin Patrick Co. VA, yeoman to Abner Eules…65 pds. VA. Money…150 acres on Peters Creek…being part of John Lankford's old survey…Matthew Deatherage Signed/Joseph Goin
Malcom McCurry

Stokes County, NC Deeds Book 2 page 358
30 Nov 1796
N.C. Grant William Boyls…100 acres…adjoining Valentine Gibson (now said Boyls' line)….
John Williams' former line, said Boyls' line (formerly James Goins)…& Thomas Ship


Submitted by Marilyn Fair

Transcribed by Cindy Young. This is only the follow up interview and not the entire pension testimony

Jonathan Gowen
United States Pension Application, Louisville, Kentucky
Jan. 22, 1906
Certificate # 324,757 Class: Invalid
Service: Pvt. Co. G, 37th, KY, M.Vol.
The Commissioner of Pensions: Sir: I have the honor to report that the above-named pensioner who was last paid at $24.00, May 4, 1905, has been dropped because of death, July 1905. Very Respectfully, A.F. Wood

Deposition: Case of Jonathan Gowen No. 324,757, on this 13th day of Dec., 1898, at Gradyville, Ky. Occupation has been that of a farmer. I am not able to do anything now.
I served in Co. G, 37th KY, Mt? Inf. From Aug. 1863 until Dec. 1864. This was the only military service I ever saw and I was never in the Naval service. I was never in the Confederate Army except as a prisoner or war. I enlisted from this neighborhood and had lived here about two years before I enlisted. I came here from North Carolina, Stokes Co. near Francisco and lived 10 or 12 miles from Mt. Airy in Surry Co. I have two brothers living in N.C. James Gowen and Lee Gowen. James P.O. was Francisco, Stokes Co. and Lee’s P.O. was White Plains Patrick Co. VA. the last I knew. I was a farmer before I left N.C. I hired no one to work for me. Robt. Hines?, Henderson Dingman, and Ira Jessup was my near neighbors and will know as much as any one else about me. I had an attack of dyspepsia in N.C. is all the sickness I had then. I had no sickness after coming to this county until my enlistment in the above named organization. My intimate friends and associates in KY for the two years before my enlistment were James O. Nelson, W.R. Moss, Pyrrhus? Nelson, and T.J. Kellner. These are all the ones living now who was close neighbors before the war.
Q. Were you a sound healthy man when you enlisted?
A. Yes sir, I was.
Q. Did you have anything the matter with your legs at any time before your enlistment.
A. I did not, I had no sores on my legs until after my enlistment. No, I had no spell of fever before enlistment. We were not stripped & examined at enlistment or M.J. but were just asked a few questions. I wore boots while in the service. No, I did not wear shoes. No, I did not tell any one that I could not wear boots on account of sore legs for I did wear boots all the time while I was in the service. I have often complained since the war that I could not wear boots because my legs were sore but I never made such a complaint before my service, I was living on the farm of Elizabeth Kemp (dead) at enlistment and had lived there most all the time after coming from N.C.. She had two sons, George and Tom. George P.O. Columbia and I don’t know Tom’s P.O. I did not work wiste? any body but my children the two years before enlistment, my daughters names Frances Moor (Gowen marked out), Sarah J. Pike, P.O. Columbus, MO. and A.J. Gowen, a son.
Q. Did you have any difficulty with a man named John Wauf at any time?
A. Some time after the close of the war I was riding along the road and John Wauf came along drunk and hit me on the head with a club. It did not hurt me at all only cut a hole in my hat. No, he did not hit me on the leg at all. No, he did not strike me with a rock on the leg or any place else. My legs began to be sore about two months before I was M O of the service. This was at Lexington KY. My legs both swelled up while I was in the service and I could press my thumb on the flesh of my legs and it would make a dent that I could lay a hen egg in and then the legs broke out in yellow blisters. Dr. J.G. Taylor (dead) who lived in Columbia examined me before I was mustered out of the service and he said the condition of my legs was a result of the jaundice which I had in the service while camped at Glasgow, KY, I got a furlough and came home. No, I did not make a crop while at home but my wife and children made a crop while I was at home. No, my legs were not sore while I was at home that time. No, my legs were never injured in any way before the war. I have hurt my legs often since they got sore, that is __? accidentally knock the scab off and make the sore bleed. I recollect that I was at work on the road 15 or 20 years ago and a piece of rock flew and struck right in the sore on the right leg and made it bleed a good deal. This is the worst hurt I have had since my legs were sore.
My bunk mates during the war were Billy Coomer (dead) and Chas Coomer P.O. Gradyville, KY. I do not recollect any other bunk mates. I was cook for the Captain Logan Strange P.O. Burksville, KY. Our ord? Sergt was Peter Releford P.O. unknown.
I cannot say who knew of my legs being sore while in the army. It has been so long and they were not sore until a short time before my muster out of the service.
Q. By whom can you prove that you were sound at your enlistment?
A. T.J. Kellner, Pyrrhus Nelson, and those already named herein. I hear you read this statement, I have understood your questions and my answers are correctly recorded herein. I am not able to go with you to see the witnesses but want S.A. Harful? present to represent me while the witnesses testify, but will be present when James O. Nelson testifies. This is correct. I am so feeble that I cannot write my name any more and I am obliged to sign by mark. This is correct.
Attest S.A. Harful? Jonathan (x) Gowen
C. Gowen

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 13th day of December, 1898 and I certify that the contents were fully made known to ___? Before signing.
R.J. Austin Special Examiner


1800 Census
Salisbury District
Going, Jacob
Going, James


1810 Census
No Goins or variant spelling


1820 Census of Stokes County, NC by Dorothy W. Potter
Pg 26
Going, Gerusha Free Colored Person
Guine, Nathan Free Colored Person


1830 Census
Going, John


1840 Census
Going, John

Going, Thomas


1850 Census
Peters Creek District
Dwelling 48 Family 48
Going, Johnathan 28 VA
Going, Hannah 24 VA
Going, Mary F 2 NC
Going, Sarah J 1 NC

Dwelling 49 Family 49
Going, James 26 VA
Going, Betsey 27 NC
Going, Polly 2 NC
Going, Liburn 1 NC

Dwelling 51 Family 51
Going, John 60 VA
Going, Margaret 60 NC
Going, Leroy 15 NC

Dwelling 61 Family 61
Going, Thomas 55 VA
Going, Jane 50 VA
Going, Ruthy 30 VA
Going, Becca 21 VA
Going, Frederick 16 NC
Going, Emyette 14 VA
Going, Amanda 9 NC

Snow Creek District
Dwelling 941 Family 968
Joyce, William 53 NC
Joyce, Jincy 61 VA
Joyce, Eliza 21 NC
Joyce, William 17 NC
Lyon, Nancy 35 VA
Joyce, Thomas 77 VA
Goen, Agnes 60 VA
Goen, Shadrach 9 VA

Dwelling 953 Family 981
Tilly, Edmund 62 NC
Tilly, Sarah 52 NC
Tilly, Brice 21 NC
Goen, Alfred 11 NC
Goen, Edward 9 NC

Beaver Island District
Dwelling 1187 Family 1222
Going, Winney 44 NC

Dwelling 1188 Family 1223
Going, Peter 18 NC
Going, Dotia 22 NC


1860 Census
Microfilm Copy # 653, Roll # 914
Entire census was listed as Danbury Post Office, with no breakdown of Townships. Nor was there a division between western and eastern districts.
In most cases place of birth left vacant unless some other state.

Dwelling 428 Family 428
Gowing, John 70
Margaret 65

Dwelling 429 Family 429
Gowing, James 37 VA
Gowing, Polly 13
Gowing, Seabourn 10
Gowing, Margaret 7
Gowing, Leah 4

Dwelling 795 Family 795
Gowing, James 26
Gowing, Emezet 24

Dwelling 796 Family 796
Gowing, Fred 26
Gowing, Ginsey 62
Gowing, Amanda 19

Dwelling 940 Family 940
Joyce, Hamilton 50
Joyce, Caroline 44
Joyce, George 18
Joyce, Thomas 15
Joyce, James 14
Joyce, Sarah 12
Joyce, Robert 10
Joyce, Virginia 7
Joyce, Caroline 4
Joyce, Nancy 1
Gowing, Agness 65
Gowing, Shadrak 19

Dwelling 1009 Family 1009
Griffin, Thomas 34
Griffin, Bettie 29
Griffin, Sarah 4
Griffin, Calvin 9
Griffin, Infant 3/12
Gowing, S. 19
Gowing, Agnes 60

Dwelling, 1440 Family 1440
Gowing, John 36 VA
Gowing, Mary 48 VA
Gowing, Mary Ann 28
Gowing, William 21
Gowing, Jertrude 16

1870 Census of Stokes County, North Carolina by James Hunter Chapter National Society
Daughters of American Revolution, Madison, NC

Quaker Gap Township
Pg 124
#22/22 Going, Morgan 23mw farmer leased VA
Going, Nancy J. 30fw keeping house NC
Pruit, Ursley 14fw home NC
Pruit, John W. 11mw home NC
Going, Jeff 2mw home NC

Pg 132
#98/98 George, Ruth 54fw farmer NC $300/100
George, James A. 19mw farm laborer NC
Going, Malessa 10fw domestic NC

Pg 155
#299/303 Goen, Elizabeth 32fw house keeping NC
Goen, Perrin 12mw home VA
Goen, Franey 10fw home VA
Goen, John H. 7 mw home NC

#303/307 Goen, Frederick 28mw farmer leased NC $75/115
Goen, Mary A. 21fw keeping house NC
Goen, Martha 9 fw home NC
Goen, John 7mw home NC
Goen, Myra 5fw home NC
Goen, Samgea? 20fw home NC
Goen, Susa 2fw home NC
Goen, Jinsey 60fw home NC

Pg 157
#316/320 Goen, James 48mw farmer leased NC $275/175
Goen, Millie J. 30fw keeping house VA
Goen, Albathata 10fw home VA
Goen, Iowa 8fw home VA
Goen, John W. 3mw home NC
Goen, Leborn 21mm home NC
Goen, Margarett 18fm home NC
Goen, Leah 14fm home NC
Goen, Samirah 1fw home NC

#317/321 Goen, Margarett 80fw house keeping NC $40/90

Peters Creek Township
Pg 107
#148/149 Going, Morgan 65mw farmer VA $100/0
Going, Sally A. 28fw keeping house VA
Going, Catherine 35fw home VA

Snow Creek Township
Pg 174
#144/144 Hutchinson, Peter 51mw farmer NC $750/760
Hutchinson, Mary 53fw keeping house NC
Hutchinson, Sarah F. 17fw home NC
Hutchinson, Mary Ann 15fw home NC
Hutchinson, John 22mw blacksmith NC
Hutchinson, Nath'l 24mw harness maker NC
Hutchinson, Nancy 92fw home NC
Elson, Joseph R. 16mw working in blacksmith sh NC
Going, Shade 24mm working in blacksmith sh NC

Pg 180
#191/191 Going, Anderson 28mm farmer leased NC $80/100
Going, Nancy E. 20fm keeping house NC
Going, Rosa 2fm home NC
Going, Nancy A. 1fm home NC

Pg 184
#226/226 Going, Elizabeth 30fm farm laborer NC
Going, William R. 15mm farm laborer NC
Going, Joe Henry 13mm farm laborer NC
Going, Nancy J. 10fm farm laborer NC
Going, Mary Ann 8fm farm laborer NC
Going, Madison 5mm farm laborer NC
Going, Jim 2mm farm laborer NC


Will Book 7 Page 172

Stokes County, North Carolina 1906

I James Goin of the aforesaid county and state being of sound mind but considering the uncertainty of my earthly existence do make and declare this my last will and testament.

First. My executors hereinafter named shall give my body a decent burial suitable to the wishes of my friendes and relatives and pay all funeral expenses together with all my just debts out of the first moneys which may come into his hands belonging to my estate.

Second. I give and devise to my beloved wife, Millie Jane Goen the tract of land on which I now reside containing one hundred acres for her natural life in satisfaction of her surport and mantanance.

Third. I give and bequeath to my son James Lee Goin my tract of land wher I now live, when he becomes twenty one years of age. Nina Lee Hart?, my grandchild shall have hur surport until she becomes sixtee year of age out of my landes in this case (I apoint my friend Ira E. Jessup to be my exetes to atend to selelein up my estate.

Third. I give and bequeath to my daughter Poley, the wife of Jack Wilson, the sum of one dolar.

Fourth. I give and bequeath to my son Leaborn Goin to (two) children, James Goen, Mary Goen, fifty centes each.

Fifth. I give to my daughter Leah Beasley the wife of I.M. Beasley one dolar.

Sixth. I give to my two grandchildren being the childrern of my daughter Margret Wood fifty sents each.

Seventh. I give to my daughter Semira? Willard one dollar, the wife of John Willard.

Eight. I give to my daughter Survoner? Goin one dolar, the wife of L.V. Goin.

Ninth. I give to my daughter Persia? Hooker one dolar, the wife of Jessy M. Hooker.

Tenth. I give to my daughter Leonora? Goin one doalr, the wife of George Goins.

Leventh. I give to my grandaughter, Nina Lee Hart? one dolar. Isebell Hart the wife of Oscar Hart.

Twelth. I hereby constitute and appoint my trusty friend Ira E. Jessup my lawful executor to all intents and purposes, execute this my last will and testament according to the ? intend and meaning of the same, all other wills revoaked and declared void by me in witness whereof I the said James Goin do herunto set my hand and seal this 25 day of January 1902.

James (x) Goin seal Signed sealed published and declard bt the said James Goin to be his last will and testament in the presence of us who at his request and in his presence do subscribe our names as witness thereto.

A.N. Chilton Ira E. Jessup


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  1. Hello, My name is Andrea Patton. i Have located some of my relatives on your blog and was wondering if you had any more information. anything would help thanks. to get in touch with my e-mail is
    James Goin relative

  2. http://library.uncg.edu/slavery/index.aspx?s=3

    PAR Number 21282001
    Location: Stokes County, North Carolina; Year: 1820

    Abstract: James Larimore seeks a divorce from his wife Catharine, a woman with "abandoned" habits who engaged in "adulterous intercourse with diverse individuals." He accused her of having sex with a mulatto man named William Goings during the night she sat up with the dying wife of a neighbor; he accused her of having an affair with one of his slaves in their kitchen; and he accused her of having illicit connections with a white man named Joseph Pane. In addition, she had "gone off to the State of Indianna."

  3. Hello, my name is Mandy Anderson and I too have come across some relatives on your blog. My great-great-great grandma was Texanna Goins. I am interested in any information that you may have about her or her family. Please email me at theoldecrow@yahoo.com. Thanks so much!!!

  4. Cindy Goins YoungApril 30, 2009 at 9:21 PM

    Stokes County, North Carolina Clerk's Office has a web site with images ao ALL deeds from the formation of the county to date:

  5. Stokes County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office
    Grantors List only

    Deed Book 1 Page 79
    14 Nov. 1787
    James Gains/Goins of Surry County, North Carolina to Richard Goode
    357 acres of land on Peters Creek

    Deed Book 2 Page 123
    28 Mar. 1791
    James Gains/Goins and Elizabeth his wife of Stokes County, NC to
    James Gibson of Stokes County, NC
    2--? (200 +) acres on both sides of Peters Creek
    Tract surveyed for Joseph Tate and adjoining Lankford

    Deed Book 2 Page 123
    28 Mar. 1791
    James Gains/Goins and Elizabeth his wife of Stokes County, NC to
    James Gibson of Stokes County, NC
    150 acres on both sides of Peters Creek

    Deed Book 2 Page 214
    27 Apr. 1791
    James Gains/Goins and Elizabeth his wife of Stokes County, NC to
    Jason Isbell of Stokes County, NC
    216 acres on Baker Branch
    Survey of James Tilley

    Deed Book 2 Page 222
    4 Dec. 1794
    Joseph Goin of Patrick County, VA to Abner Ecles
    150 acres on Peters Creek
    Part of John Lankford’s old survey and adjoining John Lankford’s back line

    Deed Book 3 Page 286
    26 Nov. 1799
    Joseph Going of Patrick County, VA to Abner Eckols of Franklin County, Georgia
    120 acres on Peters Creek a branch of the Dan River
    Part of a 350 acre survey for John Lankford

    Deed Book 5 Page 660
    15 Dec. 1814
    Henry P. Goins of Stokes County, NC to Johnson Clements of Stokes County, NC
    182-1/2 acres on west bank of Dan River adjoining John Dyke’s line
    15 acres on Dan River adjoining Deatherage line
    (very difficult to read)

    Deed Book 6 Page 189
    7 Jan. 1817
    William P.? Gains/Goins of Patrick County, VA to John Simmons of Stokes County, NC
    250 acres on both side of Dan River
    Corner survey 200 acres for George Deatherage
    Edgeman’s former line and adjoining William Lankford’s line

    Deed Book 8 Page 348
    8 Feb 1822
    Henry P. Gaines/Goines of Green County, Alabama to
    George W. Gaines/Goines of Stokes County, NC
    90 acres being part of a 100 acre survey for John William,
    adjoining Joseph Shepp? Now William Boyles and also a
    piece of land adjoining the old 50 acre tract of Thomas Gaines/Goines, dec’d
    adjoining Hughes, John Deatherage and John Williams, for a total of 140 acres.

    Deed Book 8 Page 349/350
    26 Nov. 1822
    Henry P. Gaines/Goines of Green County, Alabama to George W. Gaines/Goines of Stokes County, NC
    140 acres on both sides of Peters Creek
    part of a 550 acre tract surveyed for Joseph Tate

    Deed Book 8 Page 357
    8 Feb. 1822
    Henry P. Gains/Goins of Green County, Alabama to George W. Gains/Goins of Stokes County, NC
    40 acres and corner of tract formerly owned by Thomas Gains/Goins dec’d.
    Formerly owned by John Williams and adjoining John Deatherages old line now Lee Hughes.

    Deed Book 8 Page 358
    8 Feb. 1822
    Henry P. Gains/Goins of Green County, Alabama to George W. Gains/Goins of Stokes County, NC
    170 acres on both sides of Peters Creek
    Survey of Joseph Tate

    Deed Book 12 Page 470 & 471
    Susan Arnold wife of Hezekiah Arnold of Stokes County, NC
    She died leaving an estate---next of kin:
    Thomas Garth, Jesse Garth, and Richard Gains/Goins all of Albemarle County, VA
    Appointed Garland Garth and Willis D. Garth of Stokes County, NC their attorney.

    Deed Book 17 Page 515
    21 Feb. 1833
    George E. Gains/Goins of Patrick County, VA to William Boyles of Stokes County, NC
    455 acres on both sides of Peters Creek being lands formerly owned by Thomas Gains/Goins dec’d. adjoining lands of W.H. Lyons? And Lea Hughes.

    Deed Book 19 Page 206 &207
    20 Nov. 1858
    Jonathan Going of Stokes County, NC is indebted to John Vawter and Robert Hines of Stokes County, NC in the amount of $133.34 by note. Secured by land, 4 head of cattle, 15 hogs, and 1 set of milk__?100 acres of land on the waters of Big Creek adjoining John Goings and James Goings line. Payment is due 20 May 1859.

    Deed Book 21 Page 72
    19 Mar. 1872
    Chattel Mortgage
    William P. Going of Stokes County, NC is indebted to R.D. Hay of Stokes County, NC in the amount of $175.00, secured by kitchen household items, 7 hogs, 2 cows, 1 yearling and all crops, due 19 Oct., 1872.

    Deed Book 26 Page 377 & 378
    12 Jan. 1885
    Anderson Goin and wife Elizabeth is indebted to O.H. Simmons in the amount of $150.00, secured by a tract of land in Snow Creek Township, 2 tracts on Buffalo Creek, tracts total 150 acres. Due 1 Jan., 1886.

    Deed Book 30 Page 33 & 34
    26 Jun. 1886
    Anderson Goin and wife Nancy Elizabeth Goin of Stokes County, NC to Richard Martin
    5 acres on waters of Crooked Creek, adjoining Watkins.

    Deed Book 50 Page 241 & 242
    30 Apr. 1888
    James Goin and wife Permelia J. Goin to Ira E. Jessup all of Stokes County, NC
    17 acres on the waters of Big Breek, adjoining James Chilton, Jessup and Slate heirs, R.W. Georges line and Pells corner.

    Deed Book 35 Page 195 & 196
    20 Jun. 1893
    Elizabeth Goin leased to James Southern of East Palestine, Ohio all mineral rights on a 137 acre tract situated in Snow Creek Township. Minerals include mica, gold, silver, and tin that may be found on her land for 10% of value for a term of 15 years. Land adjoins Alex Goin, H.M. Martin, R. Martin, J. Richardson and Josh Amos.

    Deed Book 37 Page 167
    14 Feb. 1896
    Joseph H. Goings and wife Nancy J. Goings of Rockingham County, NC to
    G.W. Rakestraw of Stokes County, NC
    40 acres, being lot #2 formerly owned by Obediah Claybrook.

  6. My name is Robert Burwell and my Grandfather was John W. Burwell of Stokes County, born 02/28/1868. His second wife was Edna Rebecca Page and they had 12 children, one of which was my father. None of my aunts or uncles knew anything about grandpa's parents, not even their names. I recently found a marriage certificate for his first wife, Texas L. Wright, and on it, he listed his parents as W.A.Burwell and Millie Jane Goin, both of Virginia. My research shows a W.A. Burwell of Patrick Co. virginia, a lawyer who was never married, but in the 1860 census was 33 and listed a Joseph Going bm age 18 as a laborer in his household. The only info on a Millie Jane Goin shows her married 1870 to a James Goin of Quaker Gap Twn. in Stokes County, the same township that my Grandfather lived. Would you have any information that could help.

  7. Mr. Burwell, please email me at young719@embarqmail.com concerning Millie Jane Goin and William Burwell. Look forward to hearing from you. Cindy Goins Young

  8. Hi Cindy,

    My name is Stacie. My great grandparents were George and Leonora Goins, interested as well in any info you have on this line. Thanks!

  9. To anyone:
    My name is Joanna Goins Beard and my father was Powell Levi Goins Jr.(born Nov. 14, 1954) His parents were Alma Lee Goins & Powell Levi Goins. They had several children: Catherine, Marie & George Goins. Any info. about my family prior to my grandparents would be greatly appreciated or about my grandfather or grandmother. I heard that my grandfather died in a car accident (in Derby-Richmond Co.) when my dad was 12 or 13ish. gabssweetp@yahoo.com

    1. Name: Powell Levi Goins
      Gender: Male
      Race: White
      Age: 50
      Birth Date: 13 Oct 1918
      Birth Place: North Carolina, United States
      Death Date: 16 Aug 1969
      Death Location: Jackson Springs, Richmond
      Spouse's Name: Alma Goins
      Father's Name: Joseph R Goins
      Mother's Name: Nancy Goins
      Residence: Jackson Springs, Richmond, North Carolina

    2. Check Surry County page on this blog for Joseph R. & Nancy Goins records.

      WWII Draft Card
      Name: Powell Leevy Goins
      Race: White
      Birth Date: 13 Oct 1918
      Birth Place: Surry, North Carolina
      Residence: Mount Airy, Surry, North Carolina
      Registration Year: 1940
      Relationship: Self (Head)
      Household Members:
      Powell Leevy Goins
      Alma Lee Goins

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  11. Need to know location of George Deatherage farm near Va. line at Peters Creek, Snow Creek & Dan River area. Contains 640 acres that
    he received in 1789. Is there a cemetery on old property?. earldeatherage@yahoo.com He was my 7th grandfather.