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Charleston, SC Early Records

Records submitted by Joanne Pezzullo. Joanne has lost some records over the years and is not sure exactly of the sources. Several websites contain the some of the same records.

1785. Will of Moses Bass of Prince Georges Parish, George Town Dist, Province of SC, being indisposed in Body.... to MOURNING GOING, dau of JACOB GOING, one cow marked with a cross & over bit & undr bit in one ear and cross & whole under nick in the other ear; to SARAH GOING, dau of JACOB GOING, one cow marked in the above mentioned mark; to ELIZABETH GOING, dau of JACOB GOING, one cow marked with a cross & undr bit & over bit in each ear and branded ME; to ANNE GOING, dau of JACOB GOING, one heifer marked with a cross and under bit & over bit in each ear branded ME; to CYNTHA GOING, dau of JACOB GOING, one heifer yearling marked with a cross & over bit & under bit in each ear & branded ME; to my beloved cousin Jeremiah Bass, tract of 100 ac granted to John Smith, and one negro named Peter, one negro woman named Fann, one negro boy named Jack with their increase; my wife Elizabeth Bass to have the use of said plantation & tract of land granted to John Smith her lifetime and the use of negroes Peter, Fann & Jack & their increase her life time; to my beloved cousin Wright Bass, the plantation, mill, & tract of land containing 444 ac that I now live on, one negro woman Jane, my wife Elizabeth Bass to have the use of the plantation, mill & tract of land and negro woman her lifetime; to Henry Harison, son of James Harison, one negro woman Cate & increase, my wife to have the use of the negro woman her lifetime; to JOSEPH GOING, JUNR, one negro girl named Judah & increase, my wife to have the use her life time; to my beloved wife Elizabeth Bass, one negro man named Jack, one woman named Florah, one woman named Nan, one boy named Isum, one boy named Roger, and my cattle, about 110 head, branded ME, all my stock of horses & mares, all my household furniture & plantation tools, 26 head of sheep, and my hogs, also negro girl Violet; to JACOB GOING, a plantation of 50 ac granted to John Crawford; I appoint my wife Elizabeth Bass and my friend Luke Whitefield and James Harison, executors, dated 28 Feb 1777. Moses Bass (M) (LS), Wit: Malachi Murfee, Jeremiah Bass (x), Right Bass. A true copy taken from the original and examined by Hugh Horry, Ordinary G Town Dist. Whereas I, the within named Right Bass, am the eldest son of Edward Bass deceased, who was eldest brother of the within named Testator Moses Bass, which said Moses Bass departed this life without issue, whereby I, said Right Bass became his heir at law, and I am willing that all the several devises & bequests in the said will should have full effect, for the memory of my deceased uncle Moses Bass and for the several devisees in the within will, and five shillings, I confirm all the devises, legacies and bequests, 9 Nov 1785. Right Bass (LS), Wit: Chas Cotesworth Pinckney, Wm Smith. Proved in Charleston Dist by the oath of Charles Cotesworth Pinckney 28 Jun 1786 before Dl. Mazyck, JP. Rec 28 Jun 1786. S-5, 283-284. (Holcomb, SC Deed Abstracts, 1783-1788, Bks I-5 thru Z-5, 1996. SML 975.7 Hol)

Submitted by Cindy Young

Digital Library on American Slavery

Petition 21381302 Details
Location: Charleston, South Carolina
Salutation: To the Honourable W. D. James, Waddy Thompson, Theodore Gaillard and Henry W. Dessaussure Judges of the Court of Equity (JAMES, William Dobein)
Filing Court and Date: Equity, 1813-February-17
Ending Court and Date: No Ending Court Specified
General Petition Information
Abstract: Massy Paine, executrix of the estate of her late aunt, Dinah Johnston, a free woman of color, seeks permission to sell land in the estate. Johnston's will directed that her estate, which contained a plantation and two slaves, be equally divided between the petitioner and Johnston's nephew, PETER PAUL GOINGS. Paine explains that Goings, "a Seaman," has been "absent from the City of Charleston for more than four years last past." The plantation has fallen into disrepair, with the buildings "decaying for want of repairs and some one to take care thereof." The slaves are "old and infirm and produce no benefit to your Oratrix as Executrix." She asks the court to make an order for sale and offers her bond with security that she will pay to Goings "the Moiety of the proceeds ... which may be Decreed to belong to the said Peter Paul Goings, or his Representatives." She also asks for a subpoena for Goings or for newspaper announcements telling Goings "and all concerned" with the estate to appear before the court.
# of Petition Pages: 5
Related Documents: Copy of Last Will and Testament, Dinah Johnston, 28 June 1811; Ordinary's Certification, 7 February 1812; Deposition, Foster Burnet, 23 February 1813
Pages of Related Documents: 3

Petition 21383924 Details
Location: Charleston, South Carolina
Salutation: To The Honorable The Chancellors of the said State (, )
Filing Court and Date: Equity, 1839-October-10
Ending Court and Date: Equity, 1841-February-2
General Petition Information
Abstract: PETER GOWAN, James Peters, and Peter Lalane, the executors of the estate of Rose Guenveur Roumillat, ask the court to decide how they should divide the estate among the widow's heirs. In her will, Rose Roumillat disposed of various property. She also directed her executors to permit slaves Nancy and Mary Jane "to have [their] own time" and to emancipate Mary Jane "as soon as the laws will permit." The executors point out, however, that Roumillat did not even list "the mulatto woman Mary Jane" as a slave when she administered her husband's estate years before. They disclose that "there are conflicting claims, which require the judgment of this Honorable Court," because the Roumillats married under French laws of community property, and the directions in Mr. Roumillat's 1821 will contradict those in his wife's will. The petitioners ask the court to determine the rights of the heirs and to protect the executors "in the execution of the will of the Testatrix."
Result: granted
# of Petition Pages: 7
Related Documents: Inventory, Estate of Marie Rose Roumillat, 16 September 1839; Marriage Contract [in French], Jaques Roumillat and Marie Rose Guenveur, 2 May 1794; Decree, 2 February 1841; Assent of Parties' Solicitors to Decree, ca. 2 February 1841
Pages of Related Documents: 9

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