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Accomack County, VA Early Records

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Accomac Shire was established in 1634 as one of the original eight shires of Virginia. The shire's name comes from the Native American word Accawmack, meaning "on the other side".[2]. In 1642 the named was changed to Northampton by the British, to eliminate "heathen" names in the New World. Northampton was split into two counties in 1663. The northern section assumed the original Accomac name, the southern, Northampton. In 1670, the Virginia Colony's Royal Governor William Berkeley abolished Accomac County, but the Virginia General Assembly re-created it in 1671. Unlike most of Virginia, during the Civil War, the county was not under Confederate control, but held by the forces of the United States government. In 1940, the General Assembly officially added a "k" to the end of the county's name to arrive at its current spelling. The very first Sheriff in the United States, William Stone, was appointed to serve Accomack County in 1634.

Cavaliers And Pioneers Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants 1623-1666 – Abstracted and Indexed by Nell Marion Nugent, Virginia Land Office, Richmond, VA. – Volume One.

CAPT. WILLIAM EPES, of Accomacke, 450 acs. on the Easterne Shoare of the Bay of Chesepeiacke, nere unto the plantation of Accomacke, 3 Feb. 1626, p. 49. Nly. on the mouth of Kings Cr. Parting this from the land belonging to the place of Secretary, Sly. towards the pursimond ponds, Ely. along the shore of the sd. Bay of Chesepeyacke &c. Due for trans. of 9 men: William Gones, (or Jones) William Gallaway, John Baker, Edward Rogers & Thomas Warden, whoe all arrived in the Anne 1623; Nicholas Raynbeare (or Raynbeard) in thw Swann in 1624, Henry Carter in the James in 1624 & assigned over to him by William Streate Marriner: & Richard Reeve (or Reene); & John Robbins in the Returne 1625.

MR. SOUTHBY LITTLETON, 850 acs. Accomack Co., 12 Sept. 1664, p. 181, (71). At Occocomson, bounded on E. by the seaboard side, N. by land of Samll. Taylor & S. by Edward Smith. Trans. of 17 pers: Peter Luevell, Jno. Goring, Thomas Dule (or Diche), Jno. Steward, Thomas Gray, Ralph Carr, Henry Chown, Henry Bill, Edward May, Stephen Elphich (?), Jno. Churle, (or Charle), Jno. Charles, Wm. Rye, Edward Nott, Robt. Stroller, Lawrence Marsh, James Austin.

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