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Northumberland County, VA Early Records

Northumberland County, Virginia
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Northumberland County is a county located on the Northern Neck in the Commonwealth of Virginia, a state in the United States. In 2000, its population was 12,259. Its county seat is Heathsville[1]. The county is located on the Northern Neck peninsula and is part of the Northern Neck George Washington Birthplace AVA winemaking appellation.

The county was created by the Virginia General Assembly in 1648 during a period of rapid population growth and geographic expansion. Settlement began in this area of the Northern Neck around 1635. Originally known as the Indian district Chickacoan, the first appearance of the name Northumberland in the colonial records was in 1644. The following year, John Mottrom served as the first burgess for the territory in the House of Burgesses which met at the capital of the Virginia Colony at Jamestown.
The size of the county was drastically reduced in 1652 and 1653 as Lancaster County and Westmoreland County, respectively, were carved out of Northumberland County.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 286 square miles (740 km²), of which, 192 square miles (498 km²) of it is land and 93 square miles (242 km²) of it (32.68%) is water. The county is located between the Rappahannock River and Potomac River.
Cavaliers And Pioneers Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants 1623-1666 – Abstracted and Indexed by Nell Marion Nugent, Virginia Land Office, Richmond, VA. – Volume One.

****Note added by Tracy Hutchison – Since Lancaster and Westmoreland counties were not established until a later date, I have opted to place some of the early records with no county listed in Northumberland County until further research proves otherwise.

CAPT. SAMUEL MATHEWES, 4000 acs. a neck of land on the N. side of Rappanhannock River, bounded on the W. by Cassatawoman Cr. which runs E. N. E. towards head of Wiccokomocca River, on N. by Wiccocomocco Riv., on S. by Rappa. Riv. & on the E. with the main bay. Aug. 1, 1643, Page 882. Trans of fowerscore pers:
John Loyd, John Davis, Tho. Chambers, Edw. Clarke, Hen. Townson, Robert Graves, Joseph Jolly, Fr. Dowling, Henry Cosen, Fr. Rosser, Hopkin Griffin, Wm. Peake, John Drewett, Jon. Seager, Jon. Carrow. Jon. Lewis, Junr., Walter Powell, John Roch, Robert Walcoke, John Knighton, James Kate, Arthur Mackworth, Jossy (Jessy (?) Lasting, Silvester Smith, Henry Sanders, Jon. Bathropp (or Lathropp), Walter Jackson, Jon. Pooly, Rich. Vanson, Wm. Thomas, Richard Bradshaw, John Thomas, Jr., John Phillips, Walter Langford, Andrew Hallack, Thomas Clocke, John Robins, Kather. Tresilian, Richard Stephens, Geor. Dowson (or Dawson), Geo. Browson, Christ. Chamberlin, Geo. Austin, Robert Ives, Tho. Beedle, Mathew Biscoe, Richard Christian, Richard Woodruffe, Walter Bowman, Richard Williams, Robert Parrey, Tho. Methold, Peter Fletcher, Georg Harleston, James Jones, Christ. Evans, John Turner, Isaac Hack, Tho. Evans, Junr., Geo. Read, Edward Harrington, Jon. Moore, Georg Austin, Benard Gaying, Jon. Figg, Jon. Smith, Jon. King, Jon. Williams, Jon. Williamson, Thomas -------, &c.

ROBERT BIRD, 1400 acs. lyeing on N. side of Rappa. Riv., next above land of Silvester Thacker & Thomas Whitlock, 29 July 1650, p. 218. Trans of 28 pers: Perregrine Williams, Thomas Paine, William Edmonds, Robert Clerke, Wm. Banister, Eliza. Clubb, Hum. Clarke, Hen. Draper, Anne Guyne (or Gayne), Tho. Goardon, Wm. James, John Lane, Hugh Powell, James Davis, Richd. Steevens, Henry Barlye, Anne White, Wm. Wood, Geo. Ashall, Maselin Bennett, Ann Deany, William Goddin, Hester Carrar, Mary Pitcher, Walter Heard, Robert Medley, Richd. Dowing, Jane Williams.

JOHN COX, 1000 acs., 150 acs. being marsh, on S. side of Rappa. Riv., 22 May 1650, p. 220. Standing on a point of an island running to the mouth of Cedar Creek, etc. Trans. of 20 pers: John Cox twice, Eliza. Cox, Francis Stankey, Robert Lewis, Fra. Little, Richard Hickes, Edward Britton, Allen Mackbitt, Samll. Farmer, his wife ----, Hester Brown, James Goninon (or Gonnion), Mary Wilson, John Greene, Mary Rassell, Richard Shipp, Robert Gonnyon, Bennett Cooper, Xtophr. Holleman, Judeth Halloman, Ellis Newman.

ANDREW GILSON, 600 acs. in Rappa. Riv. On the S. side of Tigners Cr. 22 May 1650, p. 243. Trans. of 12 pers: Watt the Plowman, Ann Price, John Charles, Samll. Sloper, Wm. Wignall, Geo. Whitle, Jane Gaynes, Tho. Carter, Andrew Gilson, Mary Gilson, Wm. Spooner, Tho. Baylye, Elizabeth Peter, land due for the last name.

EDWARD WALKER, 900 acs. Northumberland Co., 20 Sept. 1650, p. 248. abutting Ely. upon Potomeck Riv., Nly. upon land of Thomas Hoyles (or Hoyley), Sly. towards Yeacomico Riv. & Wly. upon a br. issuing out of River. Trans. of 18 pers: Himself, Sarah his wife, John Walker, Tho. Foote, Edw. Gaynes, Tho. Kerbys wife, Tho. Ball, Wm. Wood, Richd. Taylor, Richd. Hopkins, Nat. Moore, Jno. Greenfield, Richd. Holding, Grace his wife, Wm. Hinam, Mary Batts, Geo. Smith, Wm. Garnett.

WALTER BROADHURST, Gent., 500 acs. on S. side of Potomeck Riv., beg. at a point on the W. side of Poore Jack Cr., extending nigh the main river course N. W. to a point on the mouth of Conawoman Cr., which divides same from land of William Hardigg etc. to an Indian cleerefield, etc. 18 Oct . 1650, p. 249. Trans of 10 pers: Robert Beard, William Enson, Ann Knowles, Richard Broadman, Hump. Farmer, John Piper, John Goane, Richard Sabrell, 2 Indians.

R. (ROWLAND) LAWSON, 400 acs. upon S. side of Rappa. Riv., beg. at Eastmost extent of the land of Geo. Eaton, etc. unto sd. Lawson’s former grant &c. 6 Oct. 1654, p. 299. Trans. of 8 pers: Bernard Geines, Eliz. Geines, Mary Palmet, Rose Love, Fra. Plumer, Thomas Jones, Roger Clatworth, Dennis Foard.

RICE JONES & ANTHONY JACKMAN, 1040 acs. Rappa. Co., on S. side of Rappa. Riv. , 17 May 1658, p. 277, (378). Beg. nigh the edge of the great swampe or main pocoson, part of same bounded with marked trees belonging to Mr. Miles Dixon, nigh Mattapany path, near head of Dedmans Cr. &c. Trans. of 21 pers: Edward Howgrave, John Anderton, James Payne, Christian Gorein, James Fossett, Tho. Bowman, Prescilla Hollaway, Alice Kinge, Mary Floyd, Mary ----, Eliz. Farme, Edward Allen, Tho. Gill, Robert Doore, John Cox, Fra. Overton, Susanna Nurse, Wm. Mathewes, Gran. Morgans, Doris (?) Williams, Adam Higgison. Renewed 13 Jan. 1661.

**** Note for the above record – The old Rappahannock County was founded 1656 from part of Lancaster County (formed from Northumbeland County), and became extinct in 1692 when it was separated to form Essex and Richmond Counties. The currently existing Rappahannock County was founded by an act of the Virginia General Assembly in 1833. The county's land was carved from Culpeper County. The county was named for the river that separates it from Fauquier County.

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