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Nacogdoches, TX Early Records

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Digital Library on American Slavery

Petition 21583702 Details
Location: Nacogdoches, Texas
Salutation: To the honorable Shelby Cozine district Judge holding Session in and for the County and republic aforesaid (CORZINE, Shelby)
Filing Court and Date: District, 1837-March-7
Ending Court and Date: District, circa 1838-March-5
General Petition Information
Abstract: William Loyd maintains that he is the sole heir of Elijah Loyd, who "died in Louisiana Intestate possesed of a large estate." The petitioner claims that WILLIAM GOINGS, a free man of color, possesses and "unjustly detains" six slaves, who were part of Elijah Loyd's estate. Contending that the slaves are worth $3,000, Loyd fears Goings will remove the slaves from the court's jurisdiction. The petitioner asks the court to issue a writ of sequestration to protect his property and to order Goings to deliver the slaves to him. In his answer, WILLIAM GOINGS asserts that he acquired the slaves "in a fair and open course of trade and for a valueable consideration." In March Term 1838, Loyd applied for and received a change of venue in the case, and the case was moved to San Augustine County, where it was eventually dismissed.
Result: partially granted; continued; dismissed
# of Petition Pages: 2
Related Documents: Order, ca. 8 March 1837; Certifications of Bond, 8 March 1837; Copy of Issue, 7 March 1837; Issue, 7 March 1837; Sheriff's Returns, 8 March 1837; Issue, 9 March 1837; Copies of Petition, 7 March 1837; Copy of Order, 8 March 1837; District Court Transcript, September Term 1837--March Term 1838; includes Answer, WILLIAM H. GOING, September Term 1837; Order of Continuation, September Term; Prayer for Change of Venue, 5 March 1838; Order, ca. 5 March 1838; Clerk's Certification, 23 March 1838; Bill of Costs, ca. March 1838
Pages of Related Documents: 18

Petition 11583803 Details
Location: Nacogdoches, Texas
Salutation: To the Hon: the Senate and House of Representatives of Republick of Texas in Congress Assembled
Filing Court and Date: Archives, 1838-May-21
Ending Court and Date: No Ending Court Specified
General Petition Information
Abstract: WILIAM GOYENS states that "he is unfortunately a man of colour," who emigrated to Texas in 1830. Since that time, Goyens professes that he has "ever been identified with the feelings and interests of the Anglo American population and has born his humble part in their struggle." For the last five years, he has worked "in publick Services connected with the Indians," and "for the last two years he has the honour to have been appointed a regular Indian Agent -- for the Cherokee Tribe." He further notes that during the War for Texas Independence, he furnished "horses, provisions, and money - small as may have been these services they were at least equal to his ability." Stating that the Colonization Law entitles him to land, Goyens asks that a "League & Labor of Land may be granted him as a Head Right and that a Law may be passed to that effect in his favour."
Result: referred to Select Committee
# of Petition Pages: 4
Related Documents: See #11584002; Certificate, W. L. Underwood, 5 May 1838
Pages of Related Documents: 0
Petition 11584002 Details
Location: Nacogdoches, Texas
Salutation: To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of the Republic of Texas in Congress assembled
Filing Court and Date: Petition, 1840-November-25
Ending Court and Date: No Ending Court Specified
General Petition Information
Abstract: Fifty-five citizens of Nacogdoches County ask the legislature to exempt WILLIAM GOYENS, a free man of color, from the law requiring free people of color to emigrate. Goyens "has conducted himself as an honest industrious citizen has accumulated considerable property in lands &c and has been of great Service to the Country in our Indian difficulties." They therefore pray that a law be passed "authorizing the said William Goyens to reside permanently in the Republic and enjoy such privileges as are usual in like cases."
Result: referred to committees; provided for by law
# of Petition Pages: 3
Related Documents: See PAR #11583803
Pages of Related Documents: 0

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