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Wythe County, VA Early Records

Wythe County was formed from Montgomery County in 1790. It was named after George Wythe, the first Virginian signer of theDeclaration of Independence. During the Civil War the Battle of Cove Mountain was fought in the county.
Wythe County is also home to the Austinville community which was founded by Stephen and his brother Moses Austin, father of the famous Stephen F. Austin. In the 1790s the Austins took over the mines that produced lead and zinc; the town was named for the Austin surname, and not for any one particular Austin of the brothers who bore that surname. Lead was mined and shipped throughout the fledgling country; lead shot was also produced. Located near Fosters Falls, Jackson Ferry Shot Tower still stands as a testament to the citizens of Wythe County. Lead was hoisted to the top of the tower using block and tackle and oxen. The lead was melted in a retort and then poured through a sieve at the top of the tower. The droplets of molten lead would become round during the 150-foot descent. The shot would collect in a kettle of water and workers would enter through a 110-foot access tunnel located near the bank of the New River to retrieve the shot from the kettle.
The lead mines closed in 1982 due to new United States Environmental Protection Agency‎ standards and the lack of market for lead. The mines have since filled with water; the main shaft extended in excess of 1100 feet straight down.
Another notable area within the county is the unincorporated community of Fort Chiswell - named for a French and Indian War era fort. The fort and its surrounding buildings served as the county seat until the incorporated town of Wytheville was established approximately 10 miles to the west. The fort fell into disrepair and its ruins were covered over when the intersection of I-77 and I-81was constructed in the 1970s. A pyramid marker now stands in the approximate location of the former fort. The community was named for Colonel John Chiswell who helped establish the lead mines (1757) prior to the Austin's purchase.

Wythe County Personal Property Tax List


Library of Virginia microfilm no. 351

1802 [nothing]

1803 B, List of John Crockett
Moses Emancipate 1 tithe [frame 48]

1807 A, List of John Stanger
Isaac Maxwel (free Mulatto) 1 tithe 2 horses [frame 137]

1809 A, List of John Stanger
Isaac Maxwell (free mulatto) 1 tithe 4 horses [frame 162]

1810 B, List of John Sanders
Thomas Garner a free negro 1 tithe [frame 198]
Nepton Peters 1 tithe [frame 202]

1811 B, List of James Newell
David Gowen 2 tithes 2 horses [frame 223]

1812 A, List of James Newell
Dudley Gowin 1 tithe 1 horse [frame 236]
David Gowin 1 tithe 2 horses

1813 A, List of James R. Kent
column for "Free Negroes and Mullatoes" written here as "FN"
Jessee Cox 0 white tithes, 2 horses, 1 FN [frame 262]
Dudley Goens (a free Negro) [writing is partially erased] 2 white tithes, 1 horse 2 FN [frame 266]
Same David Goens 2 white tithes, 1 horse, 1 FN
A free Negro Senty 0 white tithes, 1 horse, 1 FN [frame 276]
A free negro Lewis 1 FN [frame 277]
Daniel Whitacre 1 white tithe 1 FN [frame 279]

1814 A, List of James R. Kent
column for "Free Negroes & Mullatoes" written here as "FN"
Jessee Cox 1 horse 1 FN [frame 298]
David Going 1 white tithe 1 horse [frame 302]
Dudly Going 1 white tithe 1 horse
Neption a free Negro 1 horse, 1 FN [frame 306]
Sauntee a free Negro 1 horse, 1 FN [frame 308]
Lewis a free Negro 1 horse, 1 FN [frame 309]
Daniel Whitacre 1 white tithe [frame 311]

1815 List of John Stanger
List of taxable property, within the new Boundaries, added to my precinct:
List of free negroes and mullattoes [frame 347]
Pat a free negro
Cox a free mulatto

1815 B, List of John A. Sanders
column for Free male negroes above 16 Years old
John Canady a free Negro 1 FN [frame 356]
Santy How (a free Negro) 1 slave over 16, 2 horses 1 FN [frame 364]
Charles Hunt (a free Negro) 1 horse, 1 cattle, 1 FN [frame 366]
Lewis a free Negro 1 FN [frame 368]
Neptune Peters (a free Neg) 1 FN [frame 372]

1816 A, List of John A. Sanders
David Gown 2 tithe 2 horses [frame 393]
Absolem Goen 1 tithe
Dudley Goen 1 tithe 1 horse

1816 B, List of Granville Wade
List of Free Negroes [frame 415]
Jesse Cox in Staleys Town
Free Jack at Henry Hambletons

1817 A, List of John A. Sanders
Dudley Goin 1 tithe [frame 424]
David Goen 2 tithes 2 horses
Absolem Goen 1 tithe

1818 A, List of John Stanger
Jesse Cox 1 tithe [frame 453]

1818, List of John Stanger
Dudley Goen 1 tithe 1 horse [frame 471]
Absolem Goen 1 tithe 1 horse
David Goen Sr 1 tithe 2 horses
David Goen Jr 1 tithe
Charles Hunt (a free Negro) 1 horse
Lewis Stephens (a free Negro) 1 horse [frame 475]

1819 B, List of John Stanger
Thomas Garner (free Negro) 1 tithe [frame 502]
Charles Hunt (free negro) 1 tithe

1820 List of John Stagner
Jesse Cox (mulatto) 1 tithe 1 horse [frame 512]
Joseph Dale (mulatto) 1 tithe
Jacob (a free negro) 1 tithe [frame 515]

1820, List of John A. Sanders
David Goen Sr 1 tithe 2 horses [frame 528]
David Goen Jr 1 tithe
Absolem Goen 1 tithe 1 horse
Santy Howe (a free negro) 1 tithe, 1 slave over 16, 1 horse [frame 29]
Jacob Lash (a free negro) 1 tithe [frame 530]
Jamse Nus (a free negro) 1 tithe 1 horse [frame 531]
John Wilson (a free negro) 1 tithe [frame 533]

David Gowen was head of Wythe County, Virginia household of 8 "other free" in 1810. He was about seventy-six years old on 26 February 1834 when he appeared in Hamilton County, Tennessee Court to apply for a pension for his services in the Revolution. He testified that he entered the service in Halifax County, Virginia, moved to Grayson County, Virginia, for three years, then to Wythe County for ten years, then to Grainger County, Tennessee, for fourteen years and lived in Hamilton County for one year. His younger brother Laban Goens testified on his behalf [M805-362, frames 27-30].

See added note below.

Additional note to the above record for David Gowen.

From Melungeons: And Other Pioneer Families by Jack H. Goins

David Smith Going stated in his Revolutionary War Pension that he was born in Hanover County.

You may also view his pension testimony at:

From the Library of Virginia
URL (Click on link)
Gen. note
Part of index to pension applications filed by Virginia Confederate veterans and their widows.
Subject - Personal
Subject - Topical
Subject -Geographic
Added Entry
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NOTE added by Tracy Hudgins - Application states that her husband was Enoch Goine/Goins and that Enoch was in Company G, 22nd Regiment VA Calvery.  States that Enoch was captured in the fall of 1864 and died at Point Look Out being in prison at the time. States that Sallie and Enoch were married about 1847 in Mt. Airy NC

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