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Butts County, GA Early Records




Butts County was formed on December 24, 1825 as the sixty-fourth county in Georgia from portions of Henry County and Monroe County. It was named by the Georgia General Assembly in honor of Samuel Butts, an officer who was killed in the Creek War in 1814.[4][5] A year later, Jackson was created as the first city in the new county and became the county seat. Other towns followed, including Indian Springs (1837); Flovilla (1883); Jenkinsburg (1889); and Pepperton (1897). Indian Springs later became unincorporated and Pepperton was merged with Jackson in 1966, leaving 3 incorporated cities in Butts County. In recent years, Indian Springs has again become a tourist destination including many historic sites, shops, eating establishment and the famous Indian Springs Hotel as its centerpiece.

Much of Butts County and its cities were destroyed by the army of General William T. Sherman in its infamous March to the Seaduring the American Civil War. Butts County struggled for decades afterwards to become economically stable again. The arrival of the first railroad train on May 5, 1882 started the resurgence and growth followed. In 1898, caught up in the post-reconstruction fervor that had infected most Georgia counties, Butts County erected a monumental courthouse as a sign of its new prosperity. This building is still in use as a courthouse to this day. The construction of the Lloyd Shoals dam in 1910 created Jackson Lake, a prime recreational lake located primarily in Butts County.

Progress milestones in Butts County include the first telephones in 1884; first waterworks in 1905; electric lights on February 19, 1907; and traffic lights in 1926.

1830 Federal Census
Going, Hugh


Contributed by Bill Fletcher and posted with permission

Waters of Ocmulgee River
Written: 1834

Butts County Georgia
Superior Court
Waters of Oakmulgee River

1834, January 7—This Indenture made between Benjamin Harrison unto Jane Goen, both of Butts County.  For and in consideration of the sum of $500 dollars,
100 acres, the same being part of lot number 93 and part of lot number 94,undivided the line to run parallel with the west lines of said lots 93 and 4 in the 14th District of Monroe County formerly, now Butts County on the waters of the Oakmulgee River.
Recorded 30th day of January 1834

6/71                       Butts County Deed Book                  
       C: 365

[NOT on Oakmulgee River]

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