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Delaware County, OK Early Records

1900 Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory Township 22 District 26 

Dwelling 98, Family 99
Goins, J.W. 1840 60 married 35 years NC NC NC
Goins, Lucy Ann Aug 1843 57 14 children born 10 living NC NC NC
Goins, Evander Mar 1874 26 NC
Goins, Franklin 1876 24 NC
Goins, Lincoy (son) 1878 22 NC
Goins, John B. 1882 18 NC
Goins, Dolly E. Apr 1885 15 NC
Goins, Becky Ann July 1887 13 NC
Goins, Mattie L. Feb 1889 11 NC

Dwelling 125, Family 126
Goins, Thomas Nov. 1871 28 NC NC NC
Goins, Lizzie Sep 1873 26 4 children born 4 living AR MO MO
Goins, Susan Sep 1894 5 IT
Goins, Nivin Aug 1895 4 IT
Goins, Johny Nov 1898 1 IT
Goins, Laura Dec 1899 6 months IT

Becky Goins married Day McGahey  July 1903    They both were from Echo.

Echo does not exist today. It was covered by water when Grand Lake was filled. 
This is from the book "Heritage of the Hills, a Delaware County History:
Echo was a small village about five miles west of the present Grove, on
the west side of Grand River near the toll bridge.

From the RLDS cards submitted by Cindy Green

Ordained as a Teacher on Apr 1, 1906 Near Grove, Delaware Co., OK by J. D. Kelley

Baptised Aug 8, 1897 by T. J. Sheppard

GOINS, John W.

Birth:   March 1831
John W. Goins was baptized a member of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on 8 August 1897 by T. J. Sheppard. He was ordained a teacher on 1 April 1906 by J. D. Kelley. He attended the Lamanite, Oklahoma Branch.
Source:   RLDS Deceased Files
Lamanite, Oklahoma, RLDS Branch Records

Notes from Connie Schofield, Craig County Genealogical Society:
Here is what I found on Buzzard Springs removals.

GOING, Chloey               1906   J.L. GOING    Dennis, OK  father  
pnuemonia         Rolston Cem.
GOINS, Annie  age 78     1916   George Mason  Dennis, OK  grandson          
New Buzzard
GOINS, Dovie   age 38    1918   Mack Goins       Grove, OK   brother 
malerial fever  New Buzzard
GOINS, James S. age 83  1922   Mack Goins       Grove, OK   son       
cancer         New Buzzard

Submitted by Tracy Hutchison
Transcribed by Cindy Young

Form A No. 2453
Applicant John Goins
Delaware County
Post Office-Grove
Filed 8-28-15
Approved 7-3-17
Amount of Pension allowed 5.00
Pension allowed from 7-1-17
Rejected Oct. 7, 1915
Wm. D. Matthews, Chairman
Application of Indigent Soldier or Sailor of the Confederacy for pension under the Act of February 25, 1915.
The State of Oklahoma, County of Delaware.
I, John Goins, do hereby make application to the Board of Pension Commissioners for a pension to be granted me under the Act passed by the Fifth Legislature of the State of Oklahoma, and approved February 25, 1915 on the following grounds: I enlisted and servied in the military service of the Confederate States during the war between the States of the United States, and that I did not desert the Confederate service, but during said war I was loyal and true to my duty, and never at any time voluntarily abandoned my post of duty in the said service; that I was honorably discharged or surrendered: Surrendered with General Lee. And I have been a bona fide citizen of this State for over 12 months prior to the passage and approval of the Pension Act, approved February 25, 1915. I do further state that I do not hold and National, State, city or county office which pays me a salary or fees of $180.00 per annum, nor have I had an income from any other employment, nor do I receive from any source whatsoever, money or other means of support amounting in value to the sum of $180.00 per annum, nor do I own in my own right, nor does any one hold in trust for my benefit or use, nor does my wife own, nor does any one hold in trust for my wife, estate or property either real, personal or mixed, either in fee or for life, of the assessed value of over One Thousand Dollars, household goods and wearing apparel excluded, nor do I receive any aid or pension from any other State or from any other source, and that I am not an inmate of the Confederate Home, or any other benevolent or penal institution, and I do further state that the answers given to the following questions are true:

1. What is your age? Eighty years.
2. Where were you born? Moore County, N.C.
3. How long have you resided in Oklahoma? Three years.
4. In what county do you reside? Delaware.
5. What is your postoffice address? Grove, Okla.
6. Have you applied for a pension under the Confederate Pension Law and been
rejected? If rejected, state when and where. No.
7. What is your occupation, if able to engage in one? Farmer.
8. What is your physical condition? Poor.
9. In what state was the command in which you served organized? N.C.
10. How long did you serve; give, if possible, the date of enlistment and discharge.
Four years, can’t give date of enlistment.
11. What was the letter of your company, number of regiment, Battalion, or Battery?
Company C. 35th R. N.C.
12. If transferred from one command to another, give time of transfer, name of
command and time of service. Not transferred.
13. What branch of the service did you enlist in, infantry, cavalry, artillery, or navy?
14. If commissioned direct by the President, what was your rank and line of duty?
I hold no commission.
15. If detailed for special service, under the law of conscription, what was the nature?
of your service and how long did you serve? No special service.
16. What is the assessed value of your home, if you own a home?
Don’t own any home.
17. What is the assessed value of your other property?
Don’t own any personal property.
18. Have you ever transferred your property to anyone with the understanding that you
were to be cared for during your life time? No.
19. Have you transferred to others any property of any kind for the purpose of becoming
beneficiary under this law? No.

(Signature of Applicant) x John Goins
Sworn to and subscribed before me this 5 day of August A.D. 1915.
H.L. Marshall (County Judge) of Delaware County, State of Oklahoma, on this day personally appeared H. Christian and W.E. Jones known to me to be credible citizens, who, being by me duly sworn, on oath state that they personally know John Goins the above named applicant for a pension, and that they personally know that the said John Goins has been a bona fide resident citizen of the State of Oklahoma, twelve months prior to February 25, 1915, and that they have no interest in his claim.
(Signature of Witness) H. Christian
(Signature of Witness) W.E. Jones
Sworn to and subscribed before me this 5 day of August A.D. 1915.
My commission expires August 7, 1915. J.W. Wood, Notary Public
Wm. D. Matthews, Chairman
W.L. Clark, Secretary
Office of Board of Pension Commissioners
Oklahoma City, Aug. 28, 1915
H.P. McCain, Adjutant General
No. 2453
Dear Sir:
JOHN GAINS, who is an applicant for a Pension made to the Board of Pension Commissioners of the State of Oklahoma, claims to have been a member of Company C, Regiment 35th N.C. Inf. Vol. C.S.A., and to have been………….(blank)
Please give this record to this soldier.

Wm. D. Matthews, Chairman
Letter from H.P. McCain (The Adjutant General) to Chairman, Oklahoma Board of Pension Commissioners:
War Department.
The Adjutant General’s Office
Washington. Sept. 1, 1915.
Respectfully returned to the Chairman, Oklahoma Board of Pension Commissioners,
Oklahoma City.

The records show that one JOHN W. GOINS (name also borne as JOHN GOINS but not found as JOHN GAINS), private, Company C, 35th Regiment North Carolina Infantry, C.S.A., enlisted September 12, 1861. His name appears on an undated roll of honor, on which he was reported wounded at Fredericksburg, date not shown. No later record of him has been found.
(Signed) H.P. MCain
The Adjutant General.
(Front of Envelope)

Co. C., 35 North Carolina Inf.
Private Private
Card Numbers
1. 48778383
2. 8471
3. 8556
4. 8632
5. 8702
6. 8770
7. 47----715
G 35 N.C.
Pvt. Company C (Moore County Scotch Riflemen), 35 Reg’t North Carolina Infantry
(State Troops).
Appears on Company Muster-in and Descriptive Roll of the organization named above, from Moore County, Roll dated
Camp of Instruction near Raleigh, Nov. 6, 1861
Mustered into service of State of North Carolina, Nov. 6, 1861
Where born; Moore, N.C. Age; 22 years, occupation; farmer, height 5 feet 10 ½ inches
Enrolled for active service:
When; Sept. 12, 186-.
Where; Carthage
By Whom; Capt. Kelly
Oath of allegiance to State of North Carolina:
Signature John x (his mark) Goins
Mustered into service:
When; Nov. 6, 1861
Where; Cp of Instruction near Raleigh
By Whom; Maj. James A. Iredell
Period; 1 year
Company Muster Roll for:
John Goins: Jan-Feb 1862 Present
John Goins: Mar-Apr 1862 Present
John W. Goins: Nov-Dec 1864 Present
Jno W. Goins: Jan-Feb 1865 Present

Company Receipt Roll for
John Goins: May 28, 1862 So on Roll

Roll of Honor
John Goins; Wounded at Fredericksburg

J. Goins, Appears on a Register of C.S.A. General Hospital, Farmville, Va.
Complaint: Vul. Sclofr.?
Admitted: Jan 16, 1863
Furloughed 30 days, Feb 13, 1863
Confed. Arch., Chap. 6, File No. 41, Page 59.
C. Kline, Copyist

J. Goings, Appears on a Report of the Medical Examining Board at C.S.A. General Hospital, Farmville, Va.
Date: Feb 12, 1863
Disease: Vulnus Sclopeticum right hand
Remarks: Furlough 30 days
Confed. Arch., Chap. 6, File No. 520 ½ , Page 54.
O.A. Royce, Copyist

John Goin; Appears on a Register of C.S.A. General Hospital under the head of “clothing issued”
Date: Jan 24, 1863
Confed. Arch., Chap. 6, File No. 522, Page 128, J. Brown, Copyist

John Goins; Appears on a Register of Medical Director’s Office, Richmond, VA
Hospital: Winder Div. 3
Admitted: Dec. 18, 1862
Transferred to Farmville, Virginia, Jan. 15, 1863
Remarks: Name appears on page 420 as J. Goin, 25 Regt.
Confed. Arch., Chap. 6, File No. 157, Page 420, R.B. Duncan, Copyist.

John Goins; Appears on a Register of General Hospital, Farmville, Va.
Date: Feb. 13, 1863
Remarks: Furloughed 30 days to re__ to Regt.
Confed. Arch., Chap. 6, File No. 544, Page 44, Joseph Smolinski, Copyist.

J. Gaines, Pvt. Co. C. 35th NC
Appears on a list of casualties in Ransom’s Division in the battle of Fredericksburg, Va. Dec. 13, 1862, and the fighting previous and subsequent to that affair.
Remarks: wounded severely in head
Series 1, Vol. 21, Page 625, Searonstein, Copyist

John Goins; Appears on a Receipt Roll for clothing:
Date of issue: Sept. 1, 1864, Cooper, Copyist.

Jno Goin; Appears on a Receipt Roll for clothing at Gen. Hosp. for Farmville, VA
Date of issue: Jan. 24, 1865, Gross, Copyist

John Goins, Pvt. Co. C, 35th, Commutation for Rations, absent on sick furlough from
Feb. 18 to Mar. 20, 1863. Thirty (30) days at 33 cents per day. $9.90, signed J.? Jones
(also some writing to faint to read)

Confederate Statement of Service Slip
Bd. Pension Comm., Okla.
Co. C, 35 Reg’t, N.C. Inf.
Not found as above, JOHN W. GOINS, also born as JOHN GOINS, en. Sept. 12, 61 as Pvt., Co. C., 35 N.C. Inf. On Roll Feb. 28, 65 last on file, present. Appears on Roll of Honor, not dated, as wounded at Fredericksburg, date not shown.
No P. of War Record
9-1, 15 F.V.V.
955 J.H.H.
Co. E, Div. J.O.S.?
Not found as per call
No later record found
Signed: Harley

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  1. I can not find James S. Goins burial in New Buzzard cemetery. Was he buried else where?