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Orange County, NC Early Records

Record Collection by Cindy Young

Durham-Orange Genealogical Society of North Carolina
Division of “Olde” Orange County

Orange County originally included the present day Orange, Chatham, Caswell, Person and Alamance. There were also portions of Durham, Wake, Guilford, Rockingham, Randolph, and Lee.

Wake was formed in 1770 from portions of Orange, Johnston and Cumberland to have a new county that would make it easier for the inhabitants to attend the courts, general musters and other public meetings.

Guilford was formed in 1770 from Orange and Rowan "in order to separate the 'Insurgents' during the government trouble with the regulators." The original portion of Orange that went to Guilford included what in 1785 became the eastern portion of Rockingham.

Chatham was formed from southern Orange in 1771 during the Regulator uprising to encourage its inhabitants in the public duties. The northern boundary was 16 miles south of Hillsboro. Chatham County included territory that in 1779 became the eastern part of Randolph.

The residents in the northern part of Orange began trying for a new county as early as 1770 because they found attendance at the general muster and courts "very burdensome". Finally in 1777, Caswell County was formed with the dividing line between Caswell and Orange running 12 miles north of Hillsboro. Eastern Caswell was organized as Person in 1792.

For more than a decade there were citizens trying to form a new county in the western portion of what was left of Orange. At the time the western portion was largely industrial and the eastern portion largely agricultural. Finally in 1849 Alamance County was formed from the western part of Orange. The dividing line ran 9 miles west of Hillsboro.

Following the Civil War there was one more change in the size of Orange County. Durham had become a center of the tobacco industry. Hillsboro landowners apparently had very little interest in tobacco. Durham was formed from Orange and Wake in 1881. This left Orange a small county of only 398 square miles, its present size.

[In 1907, Lee County was carved from the portion of Chatham south of the Deep River.]
(Source: Orange County - 1752-1952, edited by Hugh Lefler and Paul Wager, published in 1953.)

(Olde Orange County, 1752)
(Sourceof map: Orange County - 1752-1952, edited by Hugh Lefler and Paul Wager, published in 1953.)

Submitted by Elizabeth Bennett Carruth

In the Orange County loose records at the State Archives, I found the following listing.  There doesn't seem to be a good way to cite where it was found, since these documents are kept in folders which you have to check out at the desk, and as far as I could tell are not numbered or labeled.  I guess it would just be "Loose Records for Orange County, State Archives of North Carolina at Raleigh"
Orange County Tax List 1755: A List of Tythables for the year 1755  
Richard Goans  2 whites    - blacks
Moses Ginn  1 white   (listed on 2 different pages)

More records submitted by Cindy Young

Orange County, North Carolina Abstracts of the Minutes of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions of September 1752 – August 1766
By Ruth Herndon Shields

Page 7
Count of Sept. 1753
Deed of gift from James Muse, Sr. to James Muse, Jr. for negroes, hogs, horses, cattle, beds & furniture, etc… Wit: Giles Tillet, Charles Steel, ALEX GOING ? or Young?

Page 64
Court of Feb. 17, 1761
Grand Jury impaneled and sworn-to wit:
Thomas Stagg Benjamin Carter Moses Hollis
Richard Simpson Joseph Atkins Hugh Porter
Jesse Brashear John Hunter Ephraim Gold
Henry Reynolds Wm Willson Phillip Preather
Nathaniel Reynolds ALEXANDER GOING Thomas Willson

Page 90
Court of Aug. 1763
Richard Finch vs ALEXANDER GOING. – T.A.B. (personal quarrels)

Page 94
Court of Nov. 1763
James Lesslye vs ALEXANDER GOING. – Case

Page 102
Court of May 1764
McCaul, Lytle & Co. vs ALEXANDER GOING – T.A.B. (personal quarrels)
Thomas Moore vs JOHN GOING - Case

Page 109
Court of Aug. 1764
Robert Lytle vs ALEXANDER GOING – Case

Page 116
Court of Nov. 1763
George Lumpkin vs WILLIAM GOING - Debt

Page 119
Court of Feb 1765
James Lesslie vs ALEXANDER GOING – Case

Page 126
Court of May 1765
John Williams Esq. vs ALEXANDER GOING – Case
Thomas Moore vs JOHN GOING -Case

Page 127
Court of May 1765
Abner Nash, Esq. vs ALEXANDER GOING – Petition

Page 141
Court of Aug. 1766
John Williams, Esq. vs ALEXANDER GOING – Case

Land Grant Records of North Carolina Vol. I, Orange County 1752-1885
By Pat Shaw Bailey

Page 18
File 628
GOWING, ALEXANDER, Grant 95, Issue Date: 25 July 1760
Book 14, Page 407
248 Acres on North side of Dan River

Orange County, North Carolina Records, Vol. III
Granville Proprietary Land Office
Miscellaneous Records
By William D. Bennett, C.G.

Page 4
GOIN, ALEXANDER warrant 26 Feb. 1755, 640 acres, on both side Hogan’s Creek; includes the 4 mile lick, entered 1 Jan. 1755, issued 15 July 1760.

Page 6
GOWIN, ALEXANDER survey 10 Feb. 1757, 640 acres on both sides Hogan’s Creek; Wm Armstrong & Notley Holis, SCC, entered 1 Jan. 1755.

Page 7
GOWING, ALEXANDER warrant 12 May 1757, 640 acres on north side Dan River, begin at Mayho’s line, entered 26 Apr. 1757, issued 25 July 1760.

Page 7
GOWING, ALEXANDER Survey 15 Jan. 1758, 248 acres on north side of Dan River, joins Mayo; Moses Holles and Enoch Robison, SCC, entered 26 Apr. 1757.

Page 9
Gladden, William survey 18 Dec. 1760, 623 acres on both sides of Moon’s Creek; joins Hugh Dobbin: ALEXANDER GOING, & William Morris, SCC.

Page 11
McMillion, John warrant 19 May 1761, 700 acres on Hogn’s Creek, begin at ALEXANDER GOINGS line, includes his own and Stephen McMillion’s improve-
Ments, executed 17 Aug. 1761, issued 6 Oct. 1761.

Page 13
GOING, JOHN, SENIOR. Warrant 11 Dec. 1762, 700 acres on Moon’s Creek, adjoins Samuel Pool and William Glading.

Page 14
GOING, JOHN, SENIOR. Survey 11 June 1763, 505 acres on Moon’s Creek of Dan River joins Gledden: WILLIAM GOING and William Land, SCC. (2 copies)

Register of Orange County, North Carolina Deeds 1752-1768 & 1793
By Eve B. Weeks

Page 14
Aug. 14 1759
Earl of Granville to ALEXANDER GOWING, 258 acres
Deed of sale, witness: (blank)

Page 16
Feb. 13 1761
Earl of Granville to ALEXANDER GOWING, 600 acres
Deed of sale, witness William Churton

Page 19
Feb. 9, 1762
Moses Hollis to Nortley Hollis, 80 acres
Deed of sale, witness AELXANDER GOING

Page 27
Nov. 8 1763
ALEXANDER GOING to John Woods, 311 ½ acres
Deed of sale, witness James Woods

Page 32
May 15 1764
William Golden to WILLIAM GOWEN, 311 ½ acres
Deed of sale, witness James Bradley

Page 39
Aug. 13 1765
ALEXANDER GOWING to John Thomas, 300 acres
Deed of sale, witness (blank)

Page 42
Aug. 13 1765
William Golden to ALEXANDER GOING, 311 ½ acres
Deed of sale, witness Moses Hollis
Page 45
May 13 1766
ALEXANDER GOING to Roger Adkinson, 248 acres
Deed of sale, witness ALEXANDER GOING

Page 49
May 12 1767
JOSHUA GOING to Henry Bremer, 156 acres
Deed of sale, witness Thomas Horn

Marriages of Orange County, North Carolina 1779-1868
By Brent H. Holcomb

GAWEN, HENRY & Salley Archey, 7 Dec. 1861
William Read, Freeman Howill bm.

GOWAN, JESSE & Salley Bass, 4 Jan 1815
Marvell J. Hays bm.

Burnett, William & ANGELINE GOWEN, 21 Aug. 1858
William Mays, John Rowland bm.

Chavers, Currie & ELIZABETH GOWEN, 21 July 1860
William Mays bm, married 21 July 1860 by Thomas Hayes, Minister.

Howell, Freeman & ELIZA GOWEN, 16 Nov. 1861
Currie Chavres bm, married 17 Nov. 1861 by W.F. Strayhorn, J.P.

Read, William son of Barney & Amey Read to JOSEOPHINE GOWEN, daughter of HENRY & ELIZA GOWEN, colored, married 29 Sept. 1867 by W.S. Strayhorn, J.P.


Orange County, North Carolina Records Vol. II
Deed Books 1 & 2 Abstracts
By Willliam D. Bennett, C.G.

Page 71
Deed Book 2, Page 275
13 March 1780, North Carolina to MOSES GUINN, fifty shillings per hundred acres, 303 acres, on waters of Little R., joins James Murdock, begin at a pine on James Murdock’s line, E 40 ch. E 40 ch. to a black oak, N 55 ch. to a white oak, W 25 ch. to a black jack, N 11 ½ ch. to a stake, W 25 ch. to a post oak, S 66 ½ ch. to first station; signed Rd. Caswell; witness Wm Sheppard; no probate record.

Page 85
Deed Book 2, Page 341
25 October 1782, North Carolina to Robinson Mumford, fifty shillings per hundred acres, 415 acres, on waters of GOWANS CREEK, joins land he purchased from Thomas Harris, also the land of Peter Mallett. Formerly property of Roger Moor, begin at a persimmon on Mallett’s line, E 11 ch. to a post oak, N10W 4 ch. to a post oak, E 15 ch. to a post oak, N 106 ch. to a black oak corner of another trct of Mumford, W 48 ch. to a stake Mallette’s line, his line S 10 E 113 ch. to first station; signed Alexr Martin; witness: J. Glasgow; no probate record.
{Ed. note: see also N.C. Patent Book 49:55}

Page 85
Deed Book 2, Page 341
13 March 1780, North Carolina to James Murdauch, fifty shillings per hundred acres, 100 acres, on waters of North Fork of Little R., joins MOSES GUIN, begin at a red oak, W 59 ch. to a black oak, N 17 ch. to a white oak, E 59 ch. to a black jack, S 17 ch. to first station; signed; Richard Caswell; witness: Wm Sheppard; no probate record.
{Ed. note: see also N.C. Patent Book 32:384}

Page 91
Deed Book 2, Page 367
24 February 1783, Stephen Wilson of Orange to Wm. Ray of same, five hundred pounds, 70 acres, on W side of Little R., bounded by land of Henry E. McCulloh, land now belonging to Wm. Ray, & land formerly JAMES GOINS now Thos. Sutton, begin at a stake, N 55 ch. to a gum on the bank of Little R., down river to a white oak, S 70 W 35 ch. to a pine, S 8 W 20 ch. to a pine, W 2 ch. to first station, granted Stephen Wilson 13 March 1780; signed Stephen Wilson; witness Wm. Johnson; no probate record.

Orange County, North Carolina Records, Vol. III
Deed Book 3 Abstracts
By William D. Bennett, C.G.

Page 56
Deed Book 3, Page 285
30 May 1770, ALEXANDER GOWEN of Orange to John Dismukes of same, fifty six pounds five shillings, 311 ½ acres, on both sides of Moons Cr., granted William Gladden 7 June 1761, Gladden to GOWEN 7 April 1762, (no description); signed ALEXANDER (x) GOWEN: witness John Hamilton, Hugh Armstrong, Ephriam Dismukes; proved July Term 1770 by Armstrong.
{Ed. note: no record of this deed in the surviving deeds from the Granville Land Office.}

Orange County Records Vol. V
Deeds and Surveys 1752-1760
By William D. Bennett, C.G.

Page 115 & Page 121

2 May 1775. Acct of Sales of the Estate of ALEXR GOING decd. Persons purchasing from the estate were:
James Galaspey
Henry Dixon
James Sanders Sen
Robert Terry
Saml Robinson
Jas Sanders Jun
John Cannaday
Thomas Rogers
Total amount: L676.16.4 Henry Dixon D.S.
Orange Co May Co. 1775. The above Acct. of Sales was returned in open Court and Ordered to be Recorded.
Submitted by Elizabeth Bennett Carruth

An Inventory of the Estate of Alex’r. Gowing Dec’d.  which is as follows

A Negroe Fellow Sam, 1 Ditto Bob, a Negroe Woman Luce, 1 Ditto Sary, a Negroe Boy Will, a Negroe Girl Hannah, a Negroe Boy Frank, 5 head of Horses, 29 head of Cattle, 48 head of Hoggs, 12 old Sheep & 5 lambs, 5 Feather Beds & Furniture & about 30 cc new Feathers, 5 Bedsteads & bords, 3 potts, a Dutch Oven, 1 pan, a small Skillet, 2 Dishes, 12 plates, 5 Basons, 9 porringers, 20 spoons, a pr. Spoon moulds, 1 Earthen Dish, 20 Earthen plates, 12 Bowls, 2 Tin potts, 34 Cups & Sawsers, 1 Coffee Pott, 2 Cannisters, 10 Mugs, 1 Quart Tin, 9 Bottles, 2 Jugs, 1 looking Glass, 5 Viols, a small (Gilt) Trunk, 2 Tables, 5 Chairs, 8 Knives, 11 Forks, 1 pair money Scales, 2 Razors, 1 Strop & Hone, 1 Mans Saddle & Bridle & Saddle Bags, Womans Saddle, 1 Rifle Gun, 1 pr (Stalyards), 1 xCut Saw, 1 foot Adze, 2 Drawing Knives, 4 Augers, 1 Chisell, 1 Small Still, 1 old Waggon & Gears, 7 Bells, 5 Axes, 3 Wedges, 10 Hoes, 1 Shear & (Colter), 2 Clovises, 5 plow hoes, 2 pr Shears, 1 (spice) morter & pessell, 1(Inkstand), 1 Linen Wheel, 1 Woollin Wheel, 3 pr Cards, 1 Sayne (seine?), 1 Bar Iron & Heaters, 2 Sifters, 5 (pails), 1 Churn, 22 Geese, 24 Ducks, 21 old Barrels, 2 Curry Combs & 3 Brushes, 1 pr. Candle Snuffers, 5 Books, a large quantity Meat, a parcel old Tobacco, 1 Loom, Slay & Harness, 7550 cc of Tob’o Inspected, a large quantity of Corn, 70 or 80 Barrels, 15 Bushels, Oats, 77 Bushels Wheat. 
            A true Inventory returned by
                                                            Sophia  (her x mark) Going Adm’x.

Orange County, February Court 1775.  The above Inventory was returned in open Court and ordered to be Recorded. 

Transcription of “Acct of Sales of the Estate of Alex’r Going decd. May 2d 1775”
4 Cows & 2 Calves to Daniel Going                                                    10/-/-
3 Cows & Yearlings to Jas. Gulaspey                                                  8/15/-
2 Cows & Calves to Daniel Going                                                       7/10/-
2 Cows & Yearlings to John Kennoday                                               8/14/6
1 Bull & 4 steers to Daniel Going                                                       8/5
2 Cows & Calves to Ditto                                                                    7/5/6
10 head Hogs to Ditto                                                                         4/10/-
1 lot Hogs to Ditto                                                                               14/-
1 lot Ditto to John Going Jun                                                               4/-
5 Hogs to Sophia Going                                                                      3/7/-
18 Sheep to Ditto                                                                                 9/-
                                                            Carried forward    L                -

Next page, 306

Amount brought forward    -

1 Sorrel Horse to Daniel Going                                                          2/10/-
1 black Mare to Sophia Going                                                             3/15/-
1 black Colt to Daniel Going                                                               7/10/-
1 Still to Sophia Going                                                                         12/-/-
1 xCutsaw to Daniel Going                                                                  2/-/-
1 handsaw to James Galaspey                                                              -/15/-
4 plow Hoes to Daniel Going                                                              1/0/6
1 lot old Iron to Ditto                                                                          -/15/-
3 Axes & 1 (Grubing) Hoe to Ditto                                                     -/19/-
2 pole Axes to Ditto                                                                             -/12/-
3 Augers to Ditto 4/   1 (Carp’r) Adze to Ditto 6/6                             -/10/6    
1 lot Iron to James Galaspey                                                               -/3/-
1 plough to Danl. Going 12/   1 old wagon to Ditto 40/-                     2/12/-
5 (Weeding) Hoes to Do. 20/  1 Rifle Gun 92/                                   5/12/-
1 Feather Bed & furniture to Ditto                                                      6/12/-
1  Ditto  &   Ditto      to Ditto                                                              7/8/-
1  Ditto  &   Ditto     to Sophia Going                                                  6/-/-
1  Ditto  &   Ditto     to Ditto                                                               8/15/-
1 Table to Daniel Going                                                                      -/15/-
Feathers & furniture to Ditto                                                               3/10/-
1 Spinning Wheel to Sophia Going                                                     -/4/-
1    Ditto      to     Ditto                                                                        -/4/-
4 Bowls to Daniel Going                                                                     -/7/6
4   Ditto   to  Alex’r. Going                                                                  -/9/-
4   Ditto   to Henry Dixon                                                                   -/8/-
5 pewter Basons to Danl. Going                                                          1/1/6   
5 pewter plates to  Ditto                                                                       -/11/6
5  Ditto   to Sophia Going                                                                    -/7/6
4 Porringers to  Ditto                                                                          -/5/-
4  Ditto   to Jas. Galaspey                                                                    -/6/-
4  Ditto   to Danl. Going                                                                      -/8/-
6 Earthen plates to James Sanders Sen.                                               -/5/-
5   Ditto   to Robert Terry                                                                   -/4/6
2 pewter Dishes to Danl. Going                                                          -/12/-
1 lot tin Ware to   Ditto                                                                       -/2/-
3 Glass Bottles to Saml. Robertson                                                     -/2/6
1 Mug & (Spice) Mortar to Danl. Going                                             -/13/-
1 Mug to James Bradley 1/1   ½ doz.Cups & (saucers) to Ditto 3/6    -/4/7
1 lot pewter Spoons to Danl. Going                                                     -/1/8
1 Dutch Oven 17/6   1 frying pan 7/6   1 Iron pot  8/6                       1/13/6
1 Skittel (skillet?)1/8  1 pot 21/  6 Queen(?) ware plates 6/                 1/8/8
1  Dish & 5 plates 8/   1 doz. Spoons 5/  1 pr sheep shears 2/             -/15/-
1 Stone Pitcher & 1 Glass (Tumbler?) to Jas. Galaspey                      -/2/9
½ doz. Cups & (saucers) to Jas. Sanders (Jun)                                     -/2/6
1 Earthen Mug to John Cannoday                                                       -/-/8

Next page, 307

Amount brought over    -

1 Man’s Saddle to Thomas Rogers                                                      -/19/6
1 Iron Pot  6/6  fishing (Saine)  L6/12  to Danl. Going                       6/18/6
1 Negroe Man named Sam  to Daniel Going                                      90/-/-
1   Do.  Woman   “   Lucy  to  Ditto                                                   55/-/-
1   Do.  Man        “   Bob   to   Ditto                                                   106/-/-
1   Do.  Girl         “   Sarah   to Sophia Going                                     80/-/-
1   Do.  Boy        “    Will    to   Danl. Going                                      67/-/-
1   Do.  Girl        “     Hannah   to Sophia Going                                 50/-/-
1   Do.   Boy       “    Flank    to   Ditto                                                50/-/-
8 old Hogsheads to Daniel Going                                                       -/17/-

                                                                        Total amount      L 676/16/4

                                                                        Henry Dixon  D.S.

Orange County May Co  1775.   The above acct. of Sales was returned in open Court and ordered to be Recorded.  

From  Orange County records at the NC State Archives in Raleigh  July 2012
Inventories Sales & Accounts of Estates, in 24 Volumes :  First Volume (1756-1785) ) p. 305-307   

************************************************* 1790 CHATHAM DISTNAMES ON THIS CENSUS ARE TAKEN FROM COUNTY TAX LISTS

Groin, Alex'r County, NC - 1810 Census, Part 1 1810 G500

GOGEN Fanny M-252 041 172 NdRcd
1810 G520

GOING Isam M-252 041 156 NdRcd

Submitted by Lyle Gibson

No 84 Original

Application of James L. Mayhew and Uriah S. Mayhew for Citizenship


Filed Sept. 8 1896


State of Kansas
Montgomery County

Personally appeared before me the undersigned Notary Public in and for the county and state aforesaid Lucinda Long who being by me first duly sworn says: I was born and raised in old Orange county North Carolina and lived for sometime in Allimanse [sic] County in said state and was while there now over twenty-one years ago well acquainted with one Uncle Billy Goings and Betsy Goins the reputed Great Grand Parents of Uriah S. Mayhew[1] and I know that they were Cherokee Indians and were then universally recognized as such. I also then knew Mose Curtis and Judy Curtis his wife who are reputed to be the great uncle and aunt of said Uriah S. Mayhew and I know them to be Cherokee Indians.[2] I also knew Betsy Mathews and Tommy Mathews to be Cherokee Indians but I do not know what relation they are to this said Uriah S. Mayhew but know they were related to the Goins and Curtis families before mentioned.[3]

I knew these families from my childhood until I came away from there over twenty-one years ago. I now reside in the Cherokee Nation Indian Territory about six miles from Coffeyville Kansas. I was acquainted with Henry Mayhew the father of said Uriah S. Mayhew but he had not at the time of his death established his citizenship in the Cherokee Nation.

Lucinda {her mark} Long

Subsribed & sworn to before me this 6th day of December AD 1889. WM Tibbils Notary Public

State of Kansas Montgomery County ss

James L. Long of lawful age who being by me first duly sworn deposes and says That my age is 71 years. That Lucinda Long whose affidavit is hereto attached is my wife whose age is 62 years. That I was borne and raised at Organge & Alamance Co North Carolina. That I have heard the affidavit of Lucinda Long (my wife) read, and fully coroborate [sic] the statements thereof concerning the people therein named. That myself and Mrs. Long were married more than 24 years ago in North Carolina. That we are residents of the Cherokee Nation and my said wife is a Cherokee by blood. That we nor either of us have any interest in the procurement of citizenship of Uriah S. Mayhew, nor would it in the least ensure to the benefit of either of us in any manner.

I am acquainted with Uriah S. Mayhew and knew his father now deceased whose name was Henry Mayhew[4] and always understood and know that said Henry Mayhew was reputed to be & regarded by those who knew him as a Cherokee Indian and that he was of kin to the Goings, Mathewses [sic] and Curtises but cannot now state what that kinship was all of whome [sic] resided in North Carolina and they were Cherokees by blood. I do remember that Henry Mayhew’s mother was a Curtis and Mrs Curtis mother was a Mathews and that they were North Carolina Cherokees by blood, and further affiant saith not.[5]

James L. {his mark} Long.

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 10th day of December AD 1889 WM Tibbils Notary Public

In the matter of citizenship of Henry Mayhew deceased.
State of Kansas LaBette County ss

Joel Curtis of lawful age being duly sworn on oath says: I am a resident of Baxter Springs Cherokee County, Kansas and have been for 8 years last past. I was borned [sic] at Clinton County, Illinois, my mothers maiden name was Mary Goens she married Henry Curtis about the year 1800.[6] My mother and father (Mary and Henry Curtis) were Cherokee Indians they were born in Orange County North Carolina about the year 1780 AD and they were both with and members of the Cherokee Tribe of Indians then being in said North Carolina. My sister Elizabeth Curtis married Daniel Mayhew in Clinton County State of Illinois in the year 1821.[7] That Elizabeth and Daniel Mayhew had twelve children, nine sons and three daughters, four of which are still living tow sons Daniel Mayhew Jr. and James Mayhew and two daughters Sarah Killian and Elizabeth Pendergrass. That Henry Mayhew now deceased a son of Daniel Mayhew, Sr. has two sons Uriah S. Mayhew and Hasakiah K. Mayhew who live near Chetopa Kansas and James Mayhew has three sons and four daughters as follows William H., Benjamin F. and Charles E. Mayhew. Emaly J. Tayborn, Lucy A. Mayhew, Ella B. Mayhew, and Lula B. Mayhew.

That affiant further says that his mother had two half brothers Joel and Ezekial Mathew. That affiant says that his father Henry Curtis had four sons all of whom are now dead except the affiant that John Curtis deceased brother of the affiant had four sons. One of said sons was named Frank Curtis now deceased who left one son that is now living whose name is Robert Curtis who now lives at Denison, Texas and is an applicant for citizenship in the Indian Territory.
The affiant has one son whose name is Henry H. Curtis who now lives at Baxter Springs Kansas. The affiant further says that his brother John Curtis married a woman whose maiden named was Martha Reed but they called her Patsie for short said Martha Reed ne Martha Curtis was a full blood Cherokee Indian she was born and raised in the State of Tennessee on the Cherokee reservation and when said tribe was moved west of the Mississippi River said Martha Reed with her parents moved to Clinton County, Illinois where she and my brother were married. That said Marth Reed ne Martha Curtis was the grand mother of Robert Curtis who now lives at Denison, Texas as aforesaid.

And futher that affiant sayeth not witness his hand this 9th day of June 1890
Joel Curtis

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 9th day of June 1890 F. M. Smith Notary Public

No 84 Original
Application of Hezekiah Mayhew for Citizenship (3628)
Filed Sept. 8 1896

Hezkiah Mayhew’s application did not contain affidavits.

In the matter of application of Hezakiah Mayhew et al for citizenship in the Cherokee Nation.

Nations’s No 1871

Commission’s No. (left blank)

Your respondent, S. H. Mayes, Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, comes now and demurs the said application, and for the grounds thereof says:

1st. That this Commission has not jurisdiction over the parties or subject matter of this controversy, and no legal right, therefore, to hear and determine the same.

2nd. That the application does not state facts sufficient, if true, to show that the applicant is entitled to citizenship.

Respondent not waiving his aforeside demurrer, but insisting upon the same for anser to said application, says that _________Robert & Polly Goins ______________ through whom the petitioners to derive his right to citizenship in the Cherokee Nation, is not now, and has not been a citizen of the Cherokee nation, since the removal of said Nation, west to the Indian Territory as at present located and defined; that his name does not appear on any of the authenticated rolls of said Nation; that neither he nor any of his ancestors now reside, or ever have resided in the Cherokee Nation and Indian Territory, as citizens thereof.

Having fully answered, your respondent asks to be hence dismissed.

S. H. Mayes, Principal Chief Cherokee Nation.

[1] Based on the oral history and primary documents; marriage; census, register and certificates of freedom, and death records Uriah S. Mayhew was the son of the Reverend Henry Mayhew D.D. and Eliza Hickman. Henry Mayhew’s parents were Daniel Mayhew, Sr. and Elizabeth Curtis. Elizabeth Curtis was the daughter of Henry Curtis, Jr., born circa 1780 in North Carolina and Mary Goins born circa 1780 in North Carolina. Uriah’s maternal grandparents were Fanny Poles a former slave and Paschal Hickman a white slave owner from Burke County, Georgia

[2] Based on oral tradition and census records, members of the Curtis family left Illinois and moved back to North Carolina. Mose and Judy Curtis have been identified and North Carolina census records 1850 to 1870 Alamance County, North Carolina
[3] Additional research is needed to determine the connection of the Goins, Mathews, and Curtis families.

[4] The death of Henry Mayhew have been verified via two death announcements/obituaries; one from Clinton County, Illinois and the other from Chetopa, Labette County, Kansas. He died January 18, 1888

[5] Based on additional information within the Cherokee Application file (testimony of Joel Curtis); the marriage record of William H. Curtis, the wife of Henry Curtis was listed as Mary Goins or Polly Goins. One could infer that Mary Goins-Curtis’ mother, Betsy Goins was married more than once, possibly two times.

[6] To date, no marriage record or transcript has been located.

[7] Clinton County, Illinois was not organized until December 27, 1824 so in all probability, Daniel Mayhew and Elizabeth Curtis were married in Bond County. Additional research of the actual marriage record is needed, however they are enumerated together on the 1850 and 1860 Clinton County, Illinois census. Additionally, Henry Curtis and Daniel Mayhugh are enumerated on the Clinton County census for 1825. Also, Reverend Henry Mayhew, son of Daniel Mayhew and Elizabeth Curtis was born October 11, 1822, (the obituary states Clinton County, Illinois, however Clinton was not formed until 1824 so it must have been the portion of Bond County, that would become Clinton County).


  1. Hope someone can help me with connecting Sophia Going with her family.

    2 May 1775. Acct of Sales of the Estate of ALEXR GOING decd. Persons purchasing from the estate were:

    Thanks, Shirley Ann Bennett

  2. My father is related to Moses Curtis and his wife Judy Curtis. I didn't know they were related tol Billy Goings and Betsy Goins the reputed Great Grand Parents of Uriah S. Mayhew. Thank you for posted the information.

  3. NC Genealogical Society Journal 9(4):224

    Pay account of the United States with Edw. Gowing in 1778 and 1779. Statement signed by Edward Goen that he and Jenkins Goen sold their claims against the United States to Jno. Hall of Caswell Co, NC (Hico) and empowered said John Hall to draw such claims from the Treasurer. Caswell Co, NC, 27 Apr 1791. Wit: Caterhine Brown, Rebeckah Blake.

    Power of Attorney of Edward Goen of Orange Co, NC, 7 Jun 1792, "Late a Soldier of the Continental Line of [NC]" who appoints John Hall of same county and state, attorney, to settle the claims arising from said Goen's sevice as a Private in the 5th Regiment of New Levies under command of Gen. Sumner in 1778 and 1779.

    Certificate of Capt. Robert Temple before Justice of Peace Sam'l High in Wake Co, NC, 20 July 1792, that Edward Going served as a soldier in the nine months service of the State of NC.