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Brunswick County, VA Early Records


Brunswick County was established in 1720 from Prince George County. In 1732 the county received more land from parts of Surry and Isle of Wight counties. The county is named for the former Duchy of Brunswick-Lunenburg in Germany, because one of the titles also carried by Britain's Hanoverian kings was Duke of Brunswick-Lunenburg.
Brunswick County, Virginia Court Minutes – Volume 1 - 1732-1735
Edited by Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr.

May-June Court 1734 – Page 66
456- Upon the motion of James Vaughan Jr. it is ordered that C…? Gowen a boy about Seven Years of Age be bound to him by the Church Wardens.
Brunswick County, Virginia Court Order Books, 1737-1749: An Every-Name Index
By T.L.C. Genealogy

Page numbers in this index correspond to the page numbers in the order books. For example, 3-043 means page 43 in Order Book 3, and 1-407 means page 407 in Order Book 1.
Dates in this order book utilize the old style, Julian Calendar, in which New Year’s Day occurs on March 25. Dates between January 1 and March 25 are written like this in this volume: Fe 1738/9 (where 1738 is the old style year and 1739 is the new style year).

Going, Ann
1-321 – June 1740 Court.
1-353 – September 1740 Court.
1-379 – October 1740 Court

Going, Drury
1-302 – April 1740 Court.

Going, Edward
3-388 – June 1748 Court

Going, Eleanor
1-302 – April 1740 Court.

Going, John
1-254 – July/August 1739 Court.

Going, Michael
2-037 – October 1741 Court.
2-078 – February 1741/2 Court.

Going, Thomas
1-254 – July/August 1739 Court.

Going, William
3-102 – September 1746 Court.
3-202 – June 1747 Court.

Going, William (Planter)
3-204 (2 records) –June 1747 Court

Gowing, Mary
1-302 – April 1740 Court.
Brunswick County, Virginia Deed Books – Volume 2 – 1744-1755, 1764
Abstracted by Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr.

Deed Book 3
223-(444) John Roper of Charles City Co to Edward Going of Brunswick Co. 2 Jun 1748. £5 VA. 100 acres which was part of a 1601 acre patent to sd John Roper dated 2 Aug 1745, on the south side of Mill Creek, joining Simmons. Wit: Thomas Twitty, William Linsey, John(x)Roberts. Proved 2 Jun 1748. St. Clack CC

Brunswick County, Virginia Deed Books – Volume 3 – 1755-1764
Abstracted by Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr.

Deed Book 6
404-(625) “A List of All the Surveys made in the County of Brunswick from June 1760 to June 1761”
Surveyed 40 acres for Christopher Mason on Cattail Creek
Surveyed 118 acres for John Collier Jr. on Cattail Creek
Surveyed 444 acres for Anthony Irby on the branches of Cattail Creek
Surveyed 376 acres for James Gowens on Carters Creek
Surveyed 354 acres for Richard Jones on the south side of Three Creeks
Surveyed 693 acres for Littleberry Robinson on the north side of Fountain’s Creek
Surveyed 104 acres for Major Tiller on the north side of Peehill Creek
Surveyed 176 acres for John Jones on the Fort Toad joining Walton
Surveyed 426 acres for John Holcom on the lower side Mountain Branch.
Drury Stith Surv.

Deed Book 7
701-(367) Walter Kibbles & his wife Sarah of Cumberland Co to William Gwyne of St Andrew Parish in Brunswick Co. 25 Mar 1765. £100 VA. 400 acres as by patent to Thomas Singleton in 1765 who conveyed it to sd Kibbles, joining John Igram, Maclin, Johnson, Hagood. Wit: John Greesham, Ralph Greesham, William(T)Linch, Howell Collier. Proved 25 Mar 1765. Nathaniel Edwards DC
Submitted by Cindy Young

Gowin, James 23 May 1763 Brunswick County
376 acres adjoining the land of Brewer, Perry, Cook &c. and being on Carter’s Creek.
Land office Patents No. 35, 1762-1764 (v. 1 & 2 p. 1-556), p. 137 (Reel 35)

Brunswick County, Virginia Deed Books – Volume 4 1765-1770
Abstracted by Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr.

Deed Book 8
81-(133) Richard Rains of Brunswick Co to Gray Briggs of Dinwiddie Co. 26 Jan 1765. £105. A mortgage for 307 acres which sd Rains purchased from Joseph Peebles; also slaves Lew, Hannah & Lett; Wit: George Claytom, John Bailey, William Woodward, Lewelling Wmson, Joseph Wmson, Robert Gee Jr. Sd Briggs was to pay various sums to the following:
Edward Adams, James Adams, Richard Atkins, Reuben Bennitt, Joseph Blayton, Bunell Claiborne, Francis Coleman, Samuel Coleman, Joshua Cook, Samuel Craft, Thomas Craft, William Duglas, Charles Edwards, H. Garrott, Robert Garrott, Henry Gee, Charles Golestone, Thomas Gowen, Benjamin Harrison, Jr., John Hilton, Judith Jones, Tomas Jones, Solomon King, Richard Lanier, Richard Littlepage, William Lucas, Bernd. Major, Frizell McTier, James Proctor, Joseph Proctor, Robert Proctor, Moses Quarles, Richard Rains, Henry Rawlings, William Rawlings, Josiah Reams, John C. Robinson, Peter Simmons Jr,. Thomas Steagall, John Tankersly, Roger Tillman, Littleberry White, David Wiggons, Joseph Williamson, John Wood
Proved 30 May 1765. N. Edwards DCC

210-(359) James(x)Goin & wife Amy(x) of Meherrin Parish in Brunswick Co to Peter Solomon of sd parish. 22 Sep 1765. £20 VA. 150 acres which is part of the tract where sd James Goin now lives & was patent to him 23 May 1763, on the south side of Meherrin River & on Spring Brance, joining George Renn, Henry Cook, sd James Goin, sd Peter Solomon, John Massey, William Massey. Witnesses omitted. Proved 22 Sep 1766. N. Edwards Jr DCC

293-(505) Robert Gwaltney of Meherin Parish in Brunswick Co to Drury Gowing (Goen) of sd parish. 28 Nov 1766. £5 VA. 50 acres which was part of a patent to Thos Burnett & laid off by John Burrow & conveyed by sd Thomas Burnett to sd Robert Gwaltney, on the south side of Meherin River, joining ad Robert Gwaltneys Spring Branch. Wit: Burrel Sims, Thos(xo)Burnet, Samuel( ) Sexton. Proved 27 Apr 1767. N. Edwards Jr DCC

Deed Book 9
329-(12) William Guynne & his wife Elizabeth of St Andrew Parish in Brunswick Co to Thomas Brooks of sd parish. 21 Sep 1765. £70 VA. 200 acres which was part of a 400 acre tract, joining Ingram, Hagood, Johnson & Maclin, & which had formerly been a patent to Thomas Singleton who…….(Note from Tracy Hutchison- I do not have the next page).

487-(279) “A Poll Taken for Nathanie Edwards Jun’ at an Election of Burgeses for the County of Brunswick the 2nd Day of December 1768.”
Included in the list of names is James Gowing.
Brunswick County, Virginia Deed Books – Volume 5 1770-1775
Abstracted by Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr.

Deed Book 10
7-(8) Nicholas(x)Brewer & his wife Sarah (S) of Meherin Parish in Brunswick Co to William Brewer (son of the sd Nicholas Brewer). 21 Jul 1770. Deed of gift to their son & 5s VA. 200 acres in Meherin Parish which was part of a patent to Nicholas Brewer 5 Jul 1751, joining a branch, George Renn, James Gowing, Carters Creek, John Brewer, Nicholas Brewer Jr. Wilt: Charles Powell, Thomas Brewer, Nicholas Brewer Jr. Proved 27 Aug 1770. Edwd Fisher CC

75-(107) Peter Solomon & his wife Mary of Sussex Co to Lewis Solomon Jr of same. 4 Nov 1769. £10 VA. 150 acres in Meherin Parish & on the south side of Meherin River, bounded as by deed from James Gowen to sd Peter Solomon & is part of the patent to sd James Gowen & is the land where Lewis Solomon the elder now lives. Wit: Lewis ( )Solomon, George Wrenn, David Mason, Penny Hurst. Proved 22 Jan 1770 & again 25 Mar 1771. P. Pelham CC

Deed Book 11, Part 1
511-(201) Drury(x)Goin of Meherring Parish in Brunswick Co to Pheby Smith of sd parish. 11 Jan 1774. £5. 50 acres on the south side of Meherring River, joining Edward Freeman, Wall, Thomas Underwood, Spring Branch. Wit: Edward(x)Freeman, Elizabeth(x)Underwood, John(x)Burnett.
Proved 24 Jan 1774. Peter Pelham Jr CC

Brunswick County, Virginia Will Books – Volume 2
Will Books 4 and 5 (in part) 1761-1780
Abstracted by Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr.

Will Book 4, Pt 1
143-(193) Account 1773 for the estate of Jno Underwood dec’d by James & Betty Solomon. Named:
David Adams
Jno Ballard
Peter Brooks
Sarah Brooks
Clack Courtney
Crawford & Co
Jno Doby
Nathl Edwards
Wm Edwards & Co
James Goen
Richard Hay Jr
Richard Massey
Thomas Massey
William Massey
Jno Peeblees
Noted was the sheriff of Mecklenburg. Audited by David Mason, Alexr Watson. Returned to Court 28 Feb 1774.

141-(191) Will of Thomas(x)Underwood - 18 Oct 1773 – 24 Jan 1774
“very sick and Weak in Body”
To my wife Elizabeth – all my estate during her lifetime or widowhood & afterward then the sd land to my son[s] William & Sammons Underwood; William’s to join the lower line of Tomlin’s Run, Harrison, Second Branch, Drury Going, & all above that branch to belong to my son Sammonds.
Ex. Friend Richard Hay, my wife
Wit. Edward(x)Freeman, Richard(x)Mason, Avey(x)Mason
Probate indicates that sd Elizabeth Underwood refused to qualify, that sd Richard Hay qualified with David Sills & Richard Mason his securities.

Brunswick County, Virginia Deed Books – Volume 6 1776-1787
Abstracted by Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr.

Deed Book 13
507-(347) Peter Lee Jr & his wife Elizabeth of Duplin Co North Carolina to Drury Going of Brunswick Co. 4 Feb 1779. £26s15 VA. 223 acres on the north side of Fountains Creek, joining Ridly, Goodrich, Forgason, Branscob, Allin. Wit: William Goodrich, John Camp, Briggs Goodrich, John Forgason. Proved 26 Jul 1779 & again 23 Aug 1779. P. Pelham Jr CC

Deed Book 14
597-(8) William Wren & his wife Mary(x) of Meherrin Parish in Brunswick Co to Henry Mangum of same. 21 Feb 1780. £7000 VA. 371 acres, joining Carter’s Creek, Massey, Solomon, Going, William Robinson, Littleberry Robinson, William Peebles, John collier. Wit: Briggs Goodrich, William Robinson, John Camp, John Woodroof. Proved 27 Mar 1780. Peter Pelham Jr CC

Brunswick County, Virginia Deed Books – Volume 3 1780-1795
Abstracted by Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr.

6-(108) Will of Henry(x)Adams – 15 May 1780 – 23 Oct 1780
“sick and weak”
To my wife Elizabeth – give to her 1 feather bed “whereon she now lies with the furniture thereof,” 1 bay horse; lend to her all my other estate during her widowhood; after her widowhood, my land & all my other goods to be sold & the money divided among all my children begotten by my wife Eliza-beth.
Ex. My sife Elizabeth Adams, Reubin Adams
Wit. Richard Woodroof, James(x)Harris, Elizabeth(x)Blalack
Probate indicates that the sd excrs qualified with James Going & Richar Woodroof their securities.
The Personal Property Tax List For The Year 1787 For Brunswick County, Virginia
By Netti Schreiner-Yantis and Florene Love

1787 – List “B”
Going, James – Charged with Tax Littleberry Robertson
Brunswick County, Virginia Deed Books – Volume 4 1795-1804
Abstracted by Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr.

Will Book 6
167-(265) Account 1777-1784 for the estate of John Maclin Sr dec’d by Frederick Maclin excr.
Amoung the named is William Gowner
Returned to Court 28 Apr 1800 by Frederick Maclin acting excr.

349-(547) Account 1799-1803 for Heart Rains dec’d by Nathl Rains admr.
Amoung the named is James Gowing


Drury Going was living in Greensville County, Virginia, on 12 March 1782 the court credited him with the value of a gun impressed for the public use (during the Revolution) [Orders 1781-9, 13-14].

Frederick Going was a "free man of Color" who stated that he was about seventy-eight years old on 21 March 1838 when he appeared in Lawrence County, Alabama court to apply for a pension for services in the militia during the Revolution. He stated that he was born on the Meherrin River in the part of Brunswick County, Virginia, from which Greensville was formed after the war, and he was about sixteen years old when drafted. He was in Illinois on 2 December 1842 when Daniel Hay wrote a letter enquiring about the status of his application [M805-362, frames 14-24].


  1. In the colonial period, a "planter" was a term given to a prominent person within the county who yielded political power.

    1. Well, this info on these doc. are amazing. allegedly my ancestor come from these areas aforementioned in VA/NC border counties & communities. One of my GG Grandfathers supposedly hails from these area. His name was "John Henry Coleman Guy" born to Lucinda "Puss" Guy#2 born abt.1835. Lucinda "Puss"Guy is the daughter of of what appears to be Willis Guy b. abt 1790 &a same surname woman named Lucinda Guy#1 b. abt. 1795 So, one might infer Lucinda#1& Willis Guy are related. Well, Lucinda"Puss" Guy #2 bore three off-springs 1. Jane Guy b 1857, Alice Guy b 1858, John Henry Coleman Guy. b 1859 but did not name their father. Lucinda "Puss" Guy later married Ephraim Maclin & had one son Alexander Maclin b. abt 1871. My mother "Consuella Gayle Moore" is one of John Henry Coleman Guy's many grand daughters born to Alice Saluda Guy- married(Moore).