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Hoke County, NC Early Records

Hoke County, North Carolina


Hoke County is part of the Fayetteville, NC Metropolitan Statistical Area. The county is home to part of the Fort Bragg military reservation.

The county was formed in 1911 from parts of Cumberland County and Robeson County. It was named for Robert F. Hoke, a Confederate general in the American Civil War.



Name: Goins Cemetery
Place Type: Cemetery
Located In: Fort Bragg Military Reservation Township, Hoke County, North Carolina, United States Established: ?
Condition: ?
Latitude: 35.165159835° 09' 54.6"N
Longitude: -79.310863579° 18' 39.1"W

Nearby Cities:
Hog Island (Little River Township 10, Moore County) 2.1 mi. NE
Southern Pines (Moore County) 4.6 mi. W
Vass (Moore County) 6.5 mi. N
Aberdeen (Moore County) 7.1 mi. W
Whispering Pines (Moore County) 7.2 mi. NW
Pinehurst (Moore County) 9.2 mi. W

Nearby Cemeteries:
Mount Hope (Southern Pines, Sand Hill Township 8, Moore County) 5.5 mi. W
Johnson Grove (McNeills Township 7, Moore County) 6.7 mi. NE
Henderson (Greenwood Township 6, Moore County) 8.7 mi. N
Crane Creek (Greenwood Township 6, Moore County) 9.6 mi. N
Silver Springs (Sand Hill Township 8, Moore County) 9.9 mi. SW
Beaulah Hill (Mineral Springs Township 9, Moore County) 11.7 mi. W
Brown (Quewhiffle Township) 11.8 mi. S
Deep Creek (Sand Hill Township 8, Moore County) 12.3 mi. W
Blue (Quewhiffle Township) 12.9 mi. S
McDonalds Chapel (Mineral Springs Township 9, Moore County) 13.3 mi. W
Pierce (Greenwood Township 1, Lee County) 13.5 mi. NE
Taylor Memorial (Sand Hill Township 8, Moore County) 14.3 mi. W

Elevation: 108 m
Histopolis Place ID: 479781703
Updated Jan 15, 2016

Goins-Walden Cemetery at Fort Bragg

This Indian cemetery is located on the reservation and are the ancestors of the Goins and Waldens living in the Moore County and surrounding areas today. It is noted by the Fort Bragg Cultural Resources Department as being an Indian graveyard, on what was once Edmund Goins property near the Silver Run Creek.

L. H. Goins (1849-1921)
D. H. Goins (1829-1899)
P. A. Goins (1807-1898)
Rovenia Goins (1881-1904)
Sarah M. Goins (1842-1905)
Lucy Goins (1820-1902)
Martha A. Walden (1885-1921) wife of E. L. Walden

There are tombrocks with Indian markings and a number of marked graves without inscriptions. The size of the burying ground is approximately one acre and contains nearly fifty graves.

The below pictures were submitted by Will and Jo Anne Goins.

A thank you note sent by Will Goins on December 29, 2007 -
Dr. Linda F Carnes-McNaughton
Curator and Archaeologist
Ft Bragg CRP
Public Works Business Center
Building 3-1333 Ft Bragg, NC 28310

Linda: Thank you so much for your kind assistance in allowing us access to our family graveyard on Ft Bragg (Goins Cemetery). My wife JoAnne and I enjoyed meeting you and we are greatful that you would take the time to accomodate us and allowing us to visit the cemetery. You really went over and above what is normal.

We received the two papers you sent and we are all of us going through them searching for clues. My cousin, Tracy Hutchison has a website where she has put pictures of the cemetery and it also contains all the Goins information we have for our branches of the Goins Family.

Having been in the military myself, I hope that you will share this e-mail with your immediate superior so he/she will realize what a fine job you are doing and how well you represent the US Army and Ft Bragg. I was so pleased to see the care that the cemetery received and how nicely it is maintained.

 An old Marine is greatful to his Nation.

Willard W Goins, jr. formerly Sergeant, USMC


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